Alien vs. Predator (2004)

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Reviews Counted: 132 Fresh: 29  Rotten:103 Average Rating: 4.1/10
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 51 mins
Theatrical Release: Aug 13, 2004 Wide
Box Office: $80,218,314
When audiences caught a glimpse of an alien skull mounted in the trophy cabinet of a Predator in the 1990 film PREDATOR 2, it seemed a franchise was about to be born. Sure enough, comic book artists immediately seized on the possibilities suggested by the brief scene, and a number of skirmishes... [More]

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Took a premise rife with potential and created perhaps the most boring story possible to accomodate the two sci-fi races. [More]
The movie had an opportunity to raise some broader philosophical questions about the nature of evil. Does it coil deep within us or come at us with a retractable spear? Anyway, it passed on that. [More]
I am very happy to report that Alien Vs. Predator is not a complete disaster. [More]
After a garbled and jumpy opening this settles into a rather enjoyable action movie. [More]
Some movies are meant to have "R" ratings. This is one of them. [More]
"Ten Little Indians" meets "The Monster Mash" [More]
[It's] a sour footnote to both franchises. [More]
And you thought movies couldn�t get better than Freddy vs. Jason. [More]
The once-promising project was doomed to disaster, going back to the very moment Paul W.S. Anderson was awarded directing and screenwriting duties. [More]
Expensive claptrap. [More]
A transparent attempt to jumpstart two run-down franchises. [More]
Anderson is terrible at giving us our bearings; and he's the only franchise director who fails to generate even a drop of empathy for screaming people who have aliens erupting from their chests. [More]
Joining two previously independent monsters in one film signals the same desperation a sitcom producer feels when he sends his cast to Hawaii for an hour-long "special." [More]
According to the production notes on the official website, over 40 ideas were hurled around the offices of Fox. Out of 40 other ideas, this is the one they chose? [More]
For a matchup between two of the most fearsome creatures in moviemaking history, this movie is surprisingly tame. [More]
King of the video game movies, director Paul W.S. Anderson continues to meet and resist expectations. [More]
First, Van Helsing. Now, this. What's next - Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft? [More]
AVP isn't very satisfying as a monster match-up, in that both the Aliens and the Predators are horde concepts rather than individualized creatures. [More]
Anderson clearly relished making this wonderful, utterly silly film; his heart shows in every drip of slime. [More]
Perfunctory battle sequences, cardboard characters, and uncreative scare 'ems. [More]
21 - 40 (sorted by critic A-Z)

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