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The Midwest States Center (MSC) is dedicated to a vision of an increasingly educated public which is engaged in civic life and the democratic process. We exist to build and strengthen the infrastructure to support and advance a democratic movement for economic, social, racial and environmental justice.
Executive Director's Update
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Executive Director
Becky Glass
In the first three months of 2007, Iowa Citizen Action Network (ICAN) took the lead in a successful effort to introduce, move, and pass Election Day Registration. A significant expansion of the voting franchise, EDR was signed into the law by new governor Chet Culver on March 12, and is now in effect for the 2008 election cycle.  Lead sponsors of the bill in both houses were members of the Midwest Progressive Elected Officials Network who were appointed committee chairs when Democratic majorities took control in both houses of the Iowa legislature after last fall’s elections.  ICAN is now leading a path-breaking organizing project to shift the dominant discourse around the 2007 presidential caucuses and the presidential race to one grounded in progressive principles and values. This project is designed to not only affect the discourse in Iowa, but to reverberate in other states in the Midwest region and beyond. The Midwest States Center's role

Now in its second year of operation, TakeAction MN has come onto the scene with a flourish.  In its first year, TakeAction-endorsed candidates won in 54 of 59 state races in the 2006 elections, helping to elect strong progressives in 14 of the 15 most competitive legislative races in the state.  As a result, the MN House flipped majorities and a number of progressives are now in leadership positions.  This year TakeAction took the lead in shepherding a very comprehensive election reform agenda, much of which has passed both houses of the legislature, and has managed to steer the dialogue around health care reform in an increasingly progressive direction. The election reform work in MN has been greatly enhanced by support from the newly elected Secretary of State, whose candidacy was endorsed by TakeAction and who is a new member of the Midwest Progressive Elected Officials Network. The Midwest States Center's role

Last fall in ND, NDPeople.org, a new 501 (c)(4) media project, played an important role in bringing progressives into office in six races in Minot, where its predecessor the ND Progressive Coalition had been working for three years. Progressive candidates gained six state senate seats and seven state house seats.  Progressive elected officials in ND make no bones about the impact NDPeople.Org had on their races, as evidenced by the following note from a newly elected state senator to one of his donors:  “NDPeople.Org … works to frame the agenda and fill critical voids in the North Dakota political landscape. Week after week they inform, alert and organize actions for a growing North Dakota progressive voice…they help people understand the choice is between what works for us versus tax cuts for millionaires…. Last fall NDPeople.Org's radio ads challenged North Dakota legislative leadership on issues that matter to people. They reframed the issues of oil tax breaks, leadership, income and opportunity….. Their work was instrumental in my Senate victory…” The Midwest States Center's role

This spring, Citizen Action of Wisconsin created an umbrella effort under which a wide range of groups organizing for health care reform are working to craft one approach they can all support in the face of what is shaping up to be tough opposition from the corporate interests who are making record profits in the health insurance and medical marketing fields. This key WI organization is also launching several new leadership-training projects and developing civic engagement plans for the 2008 election cycle. Without missing a beat, the board of directors is conducting a national search and transition to a new executive director who will be assuming leadership from an outgoing team of longtime team of co-directors who have moved into other key roles in the progressive infrastructure in the state. The Midwest States Center's role

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