Undapakru, shortest actor

Thursday, December 06, 2007
13:39 IST

Malayalam actor Ajaykumar, more popular as Unda Pakru, whose nickname was later abbreviated to Pakru, has made an entry into the Guinness Book of Records for being the shortest actor to play a full length character in a film. Pakru (2' 10" tall), played the lead role in Vinayan’s Malayalam film, 'Albhuta Dweep'. The same movie was also released in Tamil.

Pakru started his career as a mimicry artist and later moved to films. He now also acts in television serials.
He rose to fame with 'Albutha Dweep', starring him as dwarf prince Gajendra of the kingdom Vamanapuri on a fantasy island, where the men were cursed to be dwarves and women were of normal size.

The movie starred around 300 dwarves. He was also presented with the 2006 State Award for his performance in this film.

Pakru married Gayatri Mohan, 5 feet in height, in March, 2006.

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