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The Automatic play The Viper Room

The Automatic added their names to the revered list when they played a packed out triumphant gig on the eve of the Warped tour in the U.S.

Watch it here!

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It's getting hot out here...

I can understand why Phoenix was named after a creature that keeps burning up. more >


What we've been up to since last blog innit !


Hello! As you may have heard, Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:Milo) has joined the band. We were planning this news for today but it somehow got out a bit early. But here you go, from the horses mouth, this is the new line-up. Since returning to the UK from our American tour this summer weve been focusing on a second album, there's about 20 tracks demoed, half of which were written with Paul aswell. Its been a very exciting 6 weeks so far and were gona start the real album recordings very soon! Lastly it's pretty important to mention that Paul isn't a direct replacement for Pennie. He's playing his guitar on most tracks, there are some vocal moments from him too. I guess that was kinda obvious really but i had read a few things on the web suggesting he was going to to be the new keyboard player. There will be plenty of keyboards on the new record though, worry not. Were sharing the electronic duties between us, open to anyone and everyone! Its sounding huge. Were very much looking forward to touring again next year and the future in general. Expect photos and studio vids next week!! KYEP...

Frost xx