February 1, 2008

New Guillemots -

New Guillemots - "Kriss Kross"

Guillemots will make ya ... hit this link and fork over your email addy for a free MP3 of the adventurously titled "Kriss Kross," from the band's forthcoming album Red. The troupe's over-the-top pop won us over a couple years ago, for its emotion and its ambition and its lack of disposable '90s hip hop references (still safe here: note the two "s"s in "Kriss"), so new stuff is good news. This tune, which isn't the first single (that'd be "Get Over It," streaming for a snip at MySpace), starts with some menacing fuzz bass, sirens, and a modal, violin-and-typewriter (both of which they play at shows, btw) melody -- like a criminal drama theme song, almost -- before breaking into Fyfe Dangerfield's trademark exuberance. It krisses and krosses from dark to light, and although it settles into a sort of mundane, major-keyed ride out, it's a satisfying LP peek.

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These guys rule. Glad to hear they have new stuff coming out. Amazing first album.

Posted by: Sean Jean at February 1, 2008 7:01 PM
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