A brilliant Dreamfall resource, and why no Wiki?

This site is awesome - go check it out. It’s already on my list of ’sites to keep bookmarked for when we eventually start working on that sequel’. Excellent work, Jelena.

Now, I know there’s a TLJ Wiki (and I wish it’d been around three years ago; it would have made my life a lot easier), but is there a Dreamfall Wiki as well? There’s a Wikipedia entry, and while it’s interesting, it’s limited in scope–

–aaand this is what I get for posting without doing any kind of research (my favourite kind of posting). The TLJ Wiki now has a Dreamfall section, but it’s a bit underdeveloped. Any volunteers? I know our community is filled with excellent researchers and writers, and I know that it would help us immensely in the future to have this kind of resource available. Fame & fortune awaits. Or at least some regular attention from my blog.

By the way, look out for the first Dreamfall ‘post-mortem’ post this Pee-eM. Yes, it’s finally here (wheee!), and the next week or two will see a whole bunch of related posts.

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 yuriko

    Great Ragnar!
    I’m looking forward to the Dreamfall post-mortem soon!

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Belmyrddyn

    POST MORTEM!!!!!!! I’ve been reading this blog for months just for a taste!

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 stone

    Waiting for Post Mortem:) Could it be realy today?:)

  4. Gravatar Icon 4 Coren

    I would help writing the Wiki, but my knowledge of the Dreamfall world is too limited ;.;

    Also, post-mortem, \o/

  5. Gravatar Icon 5 Ciaran

    Finally the Post Mortem! I can now see how wrong I was in all my ideas about Dreamfall and what it meant! :p Applicability doesn’t really count when you’re talking to the creator of a story.

  6. Gravatar Icon 6 toremygg

    There’s a couple of reasons why there’s not much Dreamfall stuff in the Wiki.
    1. The natives are less than restless. Some are in fact a bit fed up, and not wanting to contribute all that much. So it’s taking time.
    2. We haven’t played it seven times like we have TLJ. The TLJ part we could write off the top of our heads. The Dreamfall part we’re having to (the Balance preserve us!) research.
    3. It’s been summer. Hot. Not writing territory.
    4. We had a ban on Dreamfall related material till August, so as to avoid putting too many spoilers in the wiki before people could reasonably be expected to have played Dreamfall.

    We do now have 92 articles created for or updated with Dreamfall content. Getting there, slowly and steadily. :)

  7. Gravatar Icon 7 toremygg

    OK, I know that’s more than a couple. The list grew as I typed. Rest assured that we will get it in good time before the sequel… (At least, if the last gap was anything to go by.

    I’d apologize for the double posting, but some people claim I apologize too much. So I won’t.

    PS: Is it raining this bad your side of the mountains, Ragnar? Or is it just Bergen being its usual self again?

  8. Gravatar Icon 8 Mono

    By the way, look out for the first Dreamfall ‘post-mortem’ post this Pee-eM.

    The prophecies were true!

  9. Gravatar Icon 9 NLO

    Oh my gawd!
    The Post-Mortem!
    Someones (monos? :P ) prophecies were indeed true!!!
    :D :D :D

    It’ll be posted EXACTLY when I’m done learning HISTORY!! :D :D . . .. . .. …
    …. um…. yeah…… rrrright……


    That site is awsome. It must’ve taken ages to make it. Awsome job. :-)
    The screenshots and comparisons there are quite peculiar too…..

    And I love DF-realted posts so; More DF posts after the PM? Bring it on :D

  10. Gravatar Icon 10 Jo Berry

    Also, given the way we’re adding Dreamfall content to the wiki, there’s a lot of crossover into TLJ topics that might not be marked as Dreamfall articles.

    For example, Charlie’s article is divided into his TLJ and DF information, and isn’t marked as being under Dreamfall. We already have articles for the big concepts and existing characters, so it’s largely a matter of showing how things have changed. The best route is to search for the article you want, rather than browse by category - unless you’re looking for inventory items.

  11. Gravatar Icon 11 NLO

    Did I missunderstand you or did your “this Pee-eM” actually mean this afternoon?
    *hopes for the latter*

  12. Gravatar Icon 12 toremygg

    I think the Pee-eM stretches all the way to midnight, Nils…

  13. Gravatar Icon 13 stone

    And of course it depends on his time zone:)

  14. Gravatar Icon 14 Funnybird


  15. Gravatar Icon 15 mandos9

    Well it is only natural that TLG has a more extended database than Dreamfall, it has been around for years. And it lasted more. And the world of TLG was richer.It was also a better game.And the loyal fans of TLG are more creative from those of Dreamfall.For obvious reasons.

  16. Gravatar Icon 16 NLO

    “I think the Pee-eM stretches all the way to midnight, Nils…”
    Yeah; I’ve kinda got that now.
    I *hate* how he uses words to get out of something easily ;)
    “And of course it depends on his time zone”
    I’m in the same time zone thank god :P

    5 more hours……. I bet he’ll post the post-mortem at about a couple of minutes before midnight :P

  17. Gravatar Icon 17 toremygg

    Hey, mandos9, are you saying DF made med less creative? (I didn’t think that was humanly possible…)

    Nils, I guess 23.59 is a good guess. :P I’m not staying up, so it’ll have to be before the bugfixing starts tomorrow…

  18. Gravatar Icon 18 Jo Berry

    Ah well. So the waiting begins.

    *goes to look up amusing words in her rhyming dictionary*

  19. Gravatar Icon 19 Milad


    i can’t wait any more!
    post-mortem please!

  20. Gravatar Icon 20 _skip

    Hello all,
    Took time to do some googlin /readin’
    But I can’t find out what “post-mortem” exactly is.
    Please tell me !

  21. Gravatar Icon 21 stone

    A sum-up for Dreamfall (not the best name for it thou ;) ) and some news for future hopefully

  22. Gravatar Icon 22 stone

    O sorry, you mean in general. In direct translation it is ‘after death’, and usualny is conected with autopsy of dead body

  23. Gravatar Icon 23 _skip

    Thx Stone,

    I just finished DF tlj a few hours ago, and I still feel so… sad!!!
    I didn’t even think it was possible to get so emotionally involved in a video game.
    Let’s hope for good news concerning a possible the sequel then…

  24. Gravatar Icon 24 NLO

    “O sorry, you mean in general. In direct translation it is ‘after death’, and usualny is conected with autopsy of dead body”


    “…usualny is conected with autopsy of dead body…”

    Didn’t know that …..rofl…..
    Then that name REALLY doen’t fit… :P

    OK; I’m done with history….

    *thinking if he should stay up till midnight*
    (in the worse case scenario….which is kinda the most probable too ;) )

    Well… I got latin to learn -> Numbers from 0-1000 ….yeah… I could do that….

    Let’s seeeeee………

    *unus, -a, -um
    duo, -ae, -o
    tres, tria,


    damn; this is killing me :P

  25. Gravatar Icon 25 toremygg

    In this case I guess it’s the “dissecting” part of post-mortem that’s the important one.

  26. Gravatar Icon 26 NLO

    19 undeviginti
    20 viginti
    30 triginta
    40 quadraginta

    sorry…. I’m bored; and latin numbers are too….

    Please don’t wait till midnight to post Ragnar….. …Not that my pleading will help… Oh well; School is in the afternoon tomorrow :P ……
    Actually; ….I’ve just decided to wait till I’ve learned latin, and, if no PM has been posted yet…well…. too bad for me :P

    …won’t spam anymore… promise (maybe only once more ;) )

  27. Gravatar Icon 27 wandrew

    Yes, sorry Raggers: my graduate supervisor thought I should be spending at least as much time on my thesis as I was on the wiki. I’m trying to see my research as similar to the wiki, but it’s not quite working… :(

  28. Gravatar Icon 28 Miral

    “Raggers”? How *dare* thou blaspheme the name of the almighty Tornquist?!?

    (Yes, I’m joking. See: ;))

  29. Gravatar Icon 29 Torley

    I’m looking forward to the Dreamfall post-mortem too!

    On an incidental note, I’ve recently switched my blog to WordPress, and clearly recognize that Ragnar’s blog uses the standard Kubrick theme! While a decent starting point, I don’t feel the layout really conveys the artistry that Ragnar just oozes through his pores.

  30. Gravatar Icon 30 DrYak

    Let us guess… Are you considering the possibility that the next TLJ/DreamFall installment will be strongly community oriented ? With strong Wiki influence on the scenario ?

    You were already touting the advantage of episodic release in term of community feed-back. Now you praise wikis.
    Maybe we’ll end up with a next game that has a “Thank you to the community” written in the credits.

  31. Gravatar Icon 31 Sade Lyrate

    Oh, dear deities…
    Talk about gratification! :)
    Some of the people at the forums already know of my most recent obsessive, mad crush, but once it abates, I’ve already promised to get back to TLJ-universe…
    So hopefully my site’ll be of help in the future, if only for fans to get their facts straight.

    This is probably any fan’s dream, you know. Getting noticed by the creator/s of their adoration’s object. Thank you. :)

  32. Gravatar Icon 32 发电机

    I’m perplexed at Kathy being a target when on the list of top people to go after, I doubt she’d be in the first 50 pages (not discrediting her work, she’s brilliant, and gentle, but not the first I’d think would have to deal with this

  33. Gravatar Icon 33 Elton Michael

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