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Quicklinks / Friends

  • - The Official GIMP website, go here for your releases and a number of handy tutorials.
  • Gimp-fr - a French page dedicated to Gimp with lots of documentation.
  • Gimp w praktyce is a new Polish website with HOWTOs for most Gimp features and galleries.
  • Magyar Gimp - a Hungarian Gimp resource started by a GUG member.
  • GIMP Talk - a young site featuring forums and tutorials dealing with the Gimp
  • allows German users discuss Gimp-related topics and offers additional information like a list of Gimp books.
  • Gimp in Russian - a great page for Russian Gimp users, featuring a discussion forum, tutorials in Russian and much more.
  • Linuxartist claims to be a resource for creative people using Linux. They aren't always up-to-date though and didn't respond on comments. :-(
  • Linuxgraphic - 2D, 3D and movie editing under Linux in French.
  • PfaEdit is a font editing package for UNIX supporting TrueType, Postscript and bitmap fonts.
  • MacGIMP - a page about Gimp on the Macintosh platform.
  • TUX is an excellent futuristic Open Source comic.
  • A little comment to all linked pages: it would be rather cool if webmasters would provide their link buttons!
The Gimp User Group takes no responsibility for the content of linked pages!

Welcome to the Gimp User Group!

Welcome to the, by far, largest collection of Gimp arts and tutorials anywhere on the internet! Right now our galleries contain 3117 pictures, 220 textures, and we have 2815 members! Further, we offer 18 Script-Fu scripts.

Feel like contributing to the Gimp society? Join the gug mailing list by mailing and enlighten us on the things we do wrong.

The mailinglist is closed to nonsubscribers to get rid of spam. If you have problem with subscribing, simply mail!

If you want a gallery send an e-mail with a suggestion for a login name and a password to

The GUG team.


  • 10-May-2007 User DB failure

    There was a problem with our user data base. Most of the user information such as names and desriptions was overwritten. Please, log in and update your user data. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • 12-February-2007 GIMP Help Files

    There has been some confusion over installing releases of the GIMP User Manual, the GUM tarball offered on is not suitable for use on windows, it doesn't contain any prebuilt help files. Windows users should instead visit the GIMP-win site and download the corresponding help installer.
    To find out more about the GIMP User manual, and even contribute to the project, visit:

  • 06-February-2007 Postprocessing Photographed Book Pages

    Our new tutorial on how to postprocess photographed text pages is not only for spies. Check it out here!

  • 20-January-2007 Sign up

    The sign up procedure is now automatic. Select a user name and become a member instantly. Happy New Year, by the way! :-)

  • 30-September-2006 Forum changes

    In order to get rid of spam, the forum is now read-only for non-members. Please, register if you want to post by mailing us.

  • 14-July-2006 Contest results

    Our contest is over. See the results.

  • 3-July-2006 New Tutorial

    We've got a new tutorial on website templates.

  • ... More news in the news section.
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