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New York Times, August 4, 2002
"FRUGAL TRAVELER; Choosing A Slow Pace In Japan"

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Pictures Gallery

Japanese train
Shinkansen and other trains all over Japan by region, pictures of most train types in Japan

Tokyo streets
Imperial palace, Shibuya, Asakusa... interesting scenes in this unique metropolis

Basic Info About Train Travel In Japan

Trains in Japanese Railways
Shinkansen/ Limited Express/ Local Trains...

Tickets and Costs
Japan Rail Pass (Discount pass for overseas travelers) / Reservation...

Fare between major cities

Time Distance Map -- See how long does it take from one city to another.
Shinkansen, Limited express / local trains

Limited Express Trains Map
Where to change trains, frequency, and train name.

Scenic Guide of Train Travel

Introduction/ Recommendable Scenic Lines Map

Some Examples of Actual Planning

Tokyo - Kyoto/ Tokyo - Hokkaido/ Tokyo - Narita Airport

Japan Rail Pass travel plan

Seishun 18 kippu planning example

Railways In Tokyo

Tickets and costs/ Useful Rail Pass

How To Get Around By Local Trains
The cheapest way to get around Japan!!

'Seishun 18 Kippu' (Seasonal discount pass of local trains.)

Overnight local trains/ Traveling during daytime
Info in detail and timetables.

Train Frequency Map -- Check the frequency of local trains here.

Travel Information outside Railways

Other transports
Intercity bus /Air /Ferry /Car

Budget Accommodation/ Foods

Detailed factors of Japanese Railways

What is the feature of Japanese Railway system?

History of Japanese Railway network

Japanese Railways statistics

History and fact You will know the basics of the world famous high speed rail here.
Passenger number statistics, train schedule


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