Mike Lukas
To paraphrase the appraisal once offered of a particularly colorful singer-songwriter, Mike Lukas is an enormously entertaining, fun bunch of guys. By that, we mean that Lukas--a tall, rangy figure with a shaven dome who cuts a striking figure onstage--operates his stand-up act as his own one-man sketch/improv troupe, often deftly weaving in and out of various characters & voices, including pieces where inanimate objects not only speak, but mess with his head. Heck, sometimes he’ll punctuate this peppy, fast-moving, shape-shifting extravaganza with sound effects, no less. For example, if you’re lucky, you may get to hear him render a mighty bongo-drum jam--with no such instrument onstage. Of course, this multi-faceted, multiple-personality approach to his comedy is far from startling when you factor in that he’s long been affiliated with The Second City, the legendary sketch/improv group that’s served as a regular pipeline for “Saturday Night Live” cast members, but you’ll find Second City alum in all kinds of films, TV shows and plays. Lukas worked for a number of years on Second City stages in Chicago and in the national touring company, and more recently an opening cast member in a new Las Vegas production. That training and experience has landed him a number of acting roles, most recently--and perhaps, intriguingly--one for the FX network's recently cancelled “The Orlando Jones Show,” in which he portrays a homophobic neo-Nazi who tries too hard to hate. Lukas hosted and co-wrote A&E's 'The Straight Dope,' and he rocked out as the bartender in Liz Phair's MTV video 'Jealousy.' His other TV credits include multiple per...

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