Drakuun (currently being published in English by Dark Horse Comics) is yet another of Johji Manabe's vast space-opera epics, following such series as Outlanders and Caravan Kidd. Drakuun chronicles the adventures of the dragon princess Karula, whose kingdom, Ledomiam, rebels against the evil Romunilian Empire and its foul leader, Gustav.
Drakuun is made up of five six-issue arcs, the fourth of which is currently in progress. The arcs to date have been subtitled by Dark Horse thus:

1. Rise of the Dragon Princess
2. The Revenge of Gustav
3. Shadow of the Warlock
4. The Hidden War

Rise of the Dragon Princess has been collected in trade-paperback form, as will the subsequent volumes.

Manabe's hallmarks are unbeatable sword-babes, layer upon layer of intrigue, incredible attention to detail, a never-ending supply of bizarre alien races, and huge, sweeping plots that amply demonstrate Manabe's status as an almost unparalleled storyteller.
Dark Horse has also recently reprinted the entirety of Caravan Kidd and roughly half of Outlanders. Any work of Johji Manabe's is sure to be great and can be highly reccommended.

The Characters of Drakuun
The Characters of Drakuun (Page II)
The Characters of Drakuun (Page III)
Caravan Kidd

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