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C O M I N G   A T T R A C T I O N S

1  A new children's book,


    is coming from Harper Collins in 2008.

2  In the works for adults:


    a comic novel in the style of James Thurber.



Some characters from The Thurber Murder


Crosby, an intelligent dog

His master, Chester Braithwaite,
investigating the murder of...

...Chester's detestable cousin,
Evangeline Braithwaite Smelt.



The year is 1929, the stock market is going insane, and everyone except our hero Chester Braithwaite is striking it rich. When the noodly word MURDER appears in his bowl of alphabet soup, Chester eagerly begins an investigation into the death of his cousin Evangeline Smelt. Accompanied by his faithful dog Crosby, he interrogates one witness after another, but somehow all his interviews go awry.

(To read two chapters of this great masterpiece, click on "The Thurber Murder" at the bottom of this page, or click here.)



  Chester's suspects include:


Poor speck-haunted Mrs. Dalhausie

Excitable grammarian Felicity Newelpost

Smoldering temptress Loretta Crankcase

Gruesome twins Alice and Dorothea Smelt

The Reverend Virgil Dirge

And the Prince of Wales in a cameo role



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Coming Events!

Wednesday, March 7:

One of the Pen-Marlowe series of readings.

Mystery writers Barbara Neely, Susan Conant and Jane Langton will read from their new books. Wine bar opens at 5:30, readings begin at 6:15 in the Hotel Marlowe, 25 Edwin Land Boulevard, Cambridge.   Telephone: 617-868-8000

Wednesday, April 18, 7:30pm:

A conversation with senior minister Stephen Kendrick

Where:  The First Church in Boston, 66 Marlboro Street.
Telephone: 617-267-6730



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