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How much will it cost?
06 Feb 2008

How much will it cost?

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Subscribing will cost you £15 (email) or £25 (post - UK only) or £40 (post - rest of the world). This does not commit you to taking part in the next Fringe but means that you will be sent information which will help you make an informed decision about participation and then continue to keep you up-to-date with all the important Fringe-related information, plus allow you access to the password-locked Performers Services area of edfringe.com.


The fees and deadline dates for entry into the Fringe 2008 programme are as follows: 

Early deadline (discounted rate) MONDAY 31 March (for online submission only)

  • £246 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£289.05) per entry

Final deadline  WEDNESDAY 16 APRIL (for online and paper submissions)

  • £328 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£385.40) per entry

Single night show fees based on audience capacity

  • <100 audience members - £60 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£70.50) per entry 
  • <250 audience members - £100 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£117.50) per entry
  • <500 audience members - £164 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£192.70) per entry
  • 500+ audience members - £328 plus VAT @ 17.5% (£385.40) per entry

The Copy Form will be available from the Performer Services area at the end of Feburary 2008


The programme is the single most important piece of print on the Fringe. Displays advertisements can be purchased in this publication (in addition to your 40 words of copy). 

Rates for adverts placed in the section of your choice (e.g. Comedy, Dance & Physical Theatre):

  • Quarter page vertical £1,092 (£1,283.10 inc. VAT)
  • Eighth page horizontal £650 (£763.75 inc. VAT)

Rates for general placement ads:

  • Quarter page vertical £950 (1,116.25 inc. VAT)
  • Eighth page horizontal £554 (£650.95 inc. VAT)


More information and booking form can be found on the Performer Services area. 


We charge 6% (plus 17.5% VAT) commission on all tickets sold through the Fringe Box Office.


As well as Fringe Office fees you need to pay for your venue. The cost of a venue can vary enormously so it is difficult for us to give you a figure to work to. Once you have downloaded the venue list, Spaces, you can of course call the managers for a more precise idea of cost.

As a very rough estimate for a middle range venue with average facilities you might pay in the region of £100 per 100 seats per day.


You will need to find a place to stay which can be quite pricey. Often the cheapest option is to rent privately-owned student-type accommodation, which can cost anything from £40 - £120 per person per week. Hotels and B&B's tend to be out of most people's price range as August is one of the most expensive months for a room, even so they are often fully booked by April / May. You can now search a database of available accommodation in the Performer Services area.



You will need to take into account publicity costs, print costs, transport costs, the cost of any specialist equipment, technicians, leafleters etc.

Will I make a fortune?
Honestly? Probably not. You will not only face competition for an audience from around 1,800 different Fringe shows but also from the Edinburgh International, Film, Book and Jazz Festivals, plus the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. So although many people travel to what is generically known as the 'Edinburgh Festival' there are many things to distract them from buying a ticket for your show. In addition, the costs of hiring a venue, travel, accommodation, publicity material, etc mount up quickly.

However, financial gain isn't the number one reason to come to Edinburgh. Most performers come to the Fringe as an asset for their future careers. The Fringe is well-known for springboarding people's careers, providing numerous opportunities for networking, and 'fast-track' learning some tricks of the trade from other performers from all across the globe.

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How much will it cost?
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