I dont know much about G.C.Murphy's.  I found out about them while searching for other discount store chains. They were a chain of variety stores but also operated department stores under the name Murphy's Mart.   If you have more information about the stores and the company, send me an e-mail!
G. C. Murphy Company was founded with a single variety store opened by George Clinton Murphy in McKeesport, PA in 1906. Murphy was a cousin of John G. McCrorey and had been an executive with McCrory's before branching out on his on. It is reported that Murphy died in 1910, having previously sold his store to kinsman John Sephus Mack (1880-1940), and his partner Walter C. Shaw.

Retaining the G.C.Murphy name, the company expanded throughout the Allegheny region of Pennsylvania and into surrounding states during the 1910s and 1920s. The company was operating 140 stores when they made the first purchase of a competing chain, with the acquisition of 20 Tottle Stores. Steady growth continued through the 1930s and 1940s, and the company was operating 218 stores when their most significant expansion came with the purchase of 71 Morris 5 & 10 stores in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. In the early 1950s Murphy's opened their first shopping center stores, beginning an era of operating in an ever-growing number of suburban shopping centers. In 1959 Murphy purchased southern variety store operator Morgan and Lindey, whose stores retained that name until 1977.

In the mid-1960s Murphy's began experimenting with larger format discount stores, named Murphy's Mart. In 1977 they opened the 100th Murphy's Mart in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, which was one store in a package of locations Murphy's had acquired from Neiser Brothers. In that year also Murphy's began their first serious retrenchment, closing a number of unprofitable locations. In 1985 Ames purchased the G.C.Murphy Company, then operating 118 Murphy's Marts and 263 G.C.Murphy variety stores. In August 1989, the remaining 131 G.C.Murphy stores (other units had been closed) were sold to McCrory, which was in the business of operating an ever growing number of old line variety store chains, despite financial problems of their own. In February 2002 McCrory abruptly closed all of their remaining locations, including two remaining G.C.Murphy stores, one each in Richmond and Pittsburgh, bringing an end to 96 years of retailing history...
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