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What is Glam Rock?
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T.Rex, David Bowie, Roxy Music
Slade, Sweet, Mud, Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Gary Glitter, The Glitter Band, Hello, Barry Blue, Kristine Sparkle, Jigsaw
Mott The Hoople, Alvin Stardust, Roy Wood (Wizzard & E.L.O.)
Suzi Quatro, Fox, Lynsey DePaul, Dana Gillespie, Bobbie McGee, Zenda Jacks, Lulu, Pan's People
Sparks, Cockney Rebel, Queen, BeBop DeLuxe
Bryan Ferry, Eno, Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay, Rik Kenton, Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, Thunder Thighs, Steve Harley, Noosha Fox, David Johansen, Larry Lurex
Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Lou Reed, John Cale, Iggy & The Stooges, Jobriath, Fancy, Bette Midler, Kiss, Angel, Brownsville Station, The Runaways, Pandora, Wayne County, Blondie, Todd Rundgren, Milk'N'Cookies
Golden Earring, Bonnie St. Claire, Catapult, Kayak, Heart, Giorgio Moroder, Peter Maffay, Abba, The Frenchies, Burning
Skyhooks, Sherbet, William Shakespeare, Rabbit, Supernaut, Hush, Space Waltz
Sadistic Mika Band, Sweeney Todd, John Kongos
Bay City Rollers, Kenny, Arrows, David Essex, The Osmonds, Pilot, Flintlock, Slik, Racey, Rosetta Stone, Ricky Wilde, The Wombles
Chris Spedding, Sharks, Jeff Beck, Heavy Metal Kids, Hawkwind, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Cozy Powell, Rod Stewart & The Faces, Geordie, Blackfoot Sue, Atomic Rooster, Maggie Bell, Bad Company, The Strawbs, Steeleye Span
Chicory Tip, Mr. Big, Elton John, Spiders From Mars, The Rubettes, Showaddywaddy, Leo Sayer, 10'cc, Sailor
Son Of A Gun, Harley Quinne, Iron Virgin, Hector, Silverhead, Starbuck, The Jook, Jet, Big John's Rock & Roll Circus, Stavely Makepeace, Bearded Lady, Brett Smiley, Erasmus Chorum, Peter Straker, Shabby Tiger, Merlin, Buster, Bilbo Baggins and many more
The Rocky Horror Show, Tim Curry, Little Nell, Phantom Of The Paradise, Rock Follies, Top Of The Pops, Lift Off, Supersonic, Josie & The Pussycats, Andy Bown, Mick Robertson, Velvet Goldmine, Hedwig
Amanda Lear, Labelle, Grace Jones, Sarah Brightman, Dee D. Jackson, Amii Stewart, Divine, Adam & The Ants, Bauhaus, Cuddly Toys, Mystery Girls, Poison, Quiet Riot, Hanoi Rocks, Transvision Vamp, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, The Polecats, Roman Holliday, Joan Jett, Marilyn Manson, Suede, Placebo
Let’s make it clear from the start that what we are talking about here is ‘real’ glam rock, the phenomenon that started in Britain at the beginning of the seventies and lasted throughout most of that decade, we’re not concerned here with the American Glam Metal craze of the 80’s, or even the glam revivalists of the 90’s.

There are a number of websites, books, etc. about the Glam Rock phenomena of the seventies, and, aside from a select group of key artists, most seem agreed that, unlike almost every other genre of music,  the ‘glam factor’ could not be put down to a certain style of music, a certain look, or even a certain fan base, it just seems to be a case of who was around at the right time, had the right connections, and, in most cases retrospectively, fitted in most with the movement.

The ‘key’ glam rock artists about whom there is no argument were T.Rex, David Bowie and Roxy Music.  Other artists who are almost universally included under the glam rock banner include Sweet, Slade, Hello. Gary Glitter, The Glitter Band, Mud, Suzi Quatro, plus a few select US acts such as New York Dolls, Alice Cooper and Jobriath.  From here the ground becomes more murky with everyone from The Wombles to The Rolling Stones coming under the banner.

What I aim to do here is not to provide full biographies or reviews of the artists (in most cases there are excellent sites already covering those bases), but rather to provide a starting point, with links to many sites covering the individual artists.  The pics on this site are, by and large, scanned from my personal record and magazine collection, with a few 'borrowed' from other sources (if I happen to have used any images which you know to be copyrighted please let me know and they will be removed).

This site aims to present all the angles, but at the end of the day glam is what you want it to be.  Stick some Bowie on the decks, sprinkle some glitter on your cheeks, sit back and enjoy!

Glam Rock Bear
Glam Rock Bear
Marc Bolan
SWEET's Brian Connolly
Gary Glitter
Roy Wood
David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Lou Reed

Slowly working my way through the site updating links, adding new ones and deleting dead ones, as well as the usual minor updates to many pages.

There's also a couple of new pages:
GLAM INTERNATIONAL STYLE currently covering Japan (Sadistic Mika Band), Canada (Sweeney Todd) and South Africa (John Kongos, Rabbitt)

GLAM COVERS A list of cover versions of tracks originally recorded by glam artists.

At long last have added my brief write-ups on Queen and Be-Bop DeLuxe to the
as well as my PERSONAL MEMOIR OF FREDDIE MERCURY, the only glam star I can claim to have known personally.


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