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Monday,20 November , 2006 at 16:37 UTC

Ryzom : Important Information by Marjo
As you will no doubt know, Ryzom has been going through a transition over the last few months. This transition is continuing into the new year and changes are starting to happen today.

The first news is that while the game WILL continue to run and be supported, Nevrax (as a corporate entity) will be going into receivership next month. We emphasize again that the game will continue to run and be supported as this is not the beginning of the end - just the end of the beginning.

As you all, we love our game and we want to see Atys and its homins continue to evolve. We are not alone in this feeling as from the shadows a company has emerged and are currently preparing a plan to take on Ryzom. We can't tell you more at the moment since it is being discussed but we will keep you informed when we get hard facts. We can assure you that much is happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime, Ryzom goes on. Your CSRs will continue to help you and to take care of everything, while our devs will continue to work on their current schedule: the next step is to patch the ATS with a few new things. So basically, while these negotiations are ongoing, everything else is business as usual.

As we don't want to cheat on you, while Nevrax is going through this transition period, the following actions have just been taken today around 3pm GMT regarding the billing system:
  • All existing subscribed accounts created before 3pm GMT will be turned into free account with 1 month of free access.
  • It will not be possible to pay to subscribe to a full Ryzom account anymore.
  • You will still be able to create a Free Trial account, but at the moment there will be no possibility to upgrade your account and go to mainland. As a result we've removed the level cap for the Free Trial to give players in the Ruins of Silan much more to achieve in the meantime.

As things develop you can expect a return to the usual more conventional account options soon.

*Crosses fingers*

Posted by ruhen at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 18:59 UTC

Hope all goes well... and very curious to know what exactly is happening :/


Posted by katriell at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 19:13 UTC

Does this mean Ryzom is being acquired by a different company? :/ I worry about what sort of "changes" may occur.


Posted by geezas at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 20:29 UTC

Weird to give away a free month when there is a cash flow problem ?


Posted by omsop at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 20:42 UTC

not weird at all, for example, if a new company was going to take over Ryzom, then it really wouldnt be fair for Nevrax to take on new subscribers for lets say 12 month, this way Nevrax would get the Dapper and the new company has to host and develop for ppl that have not paid them, but has paid someone else.


Posted by laymans at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 00:49 UTC

Receivership, at least in America, means that the company is placed in the hands of a court appointed "trusted entity".  It may be that in France you cannot receive money or pay money while in receivership.

Anyone else know more about what receivership entails in France?

Heavy Gunman / Master Gardner


Posted by emptyish at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 20:59 UTC

What exactly does "receivership" imply?


Posted by clyne at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 21:31 UTC

uh-oh the worst of my cousin's fears are coming true, another company has beaten us to Nevrax and Ryzom ^.^'

Um.. interesting developments.

Best of luck.

Posted by coldgin at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 21:53 UTC

For the present, I hope the transition goes smoothly for of luck

For the future, I hope the new company treats the game with the same respect and attitude you have done, and that Ryzom gets the success it deserves.


Cost change??

Posted by itharu at Monday,20 November , 2006 at 23:02 UTC

I am wondering what this means to the current costs of the game in the future, I am all for paying for it (infact was in the process of doing so), but new management usually leads to new costs of some sort.

New player,billed

Posted by colbey at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 00:13 UTC

Well i can say i am mildly confused on several points.

I subscribed lastnight,falling into the pre-3pm GMT group.Ero i can attain the mainlands i would assume.

I was billed and im being told,here,that the game is free and subscribers get a free month.

Now, if the game is free then a free month seems moot,unless it is going to be tacked on to the end of the free period. Clarify this please.

If the game has going into recievership,why was i billed ? if they cut off for people being charged was set for the time posted,should there nto have been say a weeks warning so everyone could have jumped ship ?? (J/K)

Will there be an option for people who do NOT wish to continue the game under a new company,yet have been charged,to request a refund for the most recent billing cycle?

As a new player who was really pleased with the game, this is a complete shock and a slap to the face of ones personal judgement abilities :)

long term paid subscriptions?

Posted by gretchen at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 00:31 UTC

Not really clear here what this means based on what was posted for people like myself who did the long term subscription options.  I have like 11 months in advance paid for, is this to say I have a free month then I have to pay again to this new company?

check account management

Posted by kaetemi at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 00:57 UTC

Check your Account Management. It just seems to be a free month added to our accounts, not our current subscription killed off and replaced with a free month account.

Long Term Paid Subscriptions

Posted by laymans at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 00:58 UTC

How I'm reading is that for as long as the receivership lasts, no one has to pay - including people on the mainland. 

Whether you get credited for what you've paid depends on two possibilities:

1) If Nevrax goes under and no one takes Ryzom and if after the sale of the company there is monies left over after paying the company's debts, then they'll begin discussing how to split up the remainer amongst the customers. (of course this is all null and voice if France has better consumer protection laws than the US.)

2) If Nevrax or Ryzom is aquired by another company that company can pro-rate what you have left and give you a credit for future bills if they are generous and good willed. Or if the 11 months have passed then the issue may be null and void.

New players?

Posted by mystyrys at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 01:52 UTC

So... as a brand new player who just created her first char today, but after the 3pm GMT deadline, I am now stuck in the newbie tutorial area indefinitely?

Oh dear...

Posted by pahya at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 04:45 UTC

This is terrible news...

and if this new ownership happens to be SoE I, among others I am sure, will quit so fast your head will spin.


Posted by motan at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 06:43 UTC

Sorry to see Nevrax go under. You guys created an amazing game. Chapeau.

well what does it mean

Posted by hyarume at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 09:12 UTC

i dont get it

Who / What / The Future

Posted by kirzen at Tuesday,21 November , 2006 at 14:45 UTC

If I understand this properly, it means that the parent company we've come to love is going under, and has entered recievership (Which in North America, is basically bankruptcy protection with the help of a receiver. This usually happens when a company owes money to a lending institution like a bank. If you can't pay your bills the bank you owe money to can force-manage you to try and get you back into the black). This usually means cutting costs, trimming the fact. In a restaurant for instance, this can mean forcing the owners to buy cheaper ingredients, fire unnecessary employees, etc etc. For Ryzom, this might mean canning the good staff. If you can your honest personable staff. I will walk, and a lot of other people will too, we're here -because- of the great staff and community, sabotage those, and we're done, kapice? This might also mean that the receivers can force them to sell out to another company to cut their losses so they can pay their debts from the proceeds of selling Ryzom.

I'll tell you right now if Blizzard or SoE buys you. We're done... I'm here because you care, if you hand what I care so deeply about to someone who honestly doesn't give a shit, we'll be done, and honestly, Blizzard and SoE are big companies that really, truly, completely couldn't give a shit about anything other than the bottom line.

So... we'll see what comes of this, shall we?


Posted by briel at Wednesday,22 November , 2006 at 08:19 UTC

A couple of other possibilities:

1.  Bethesda.. the same people who bought the rights to the Fallout franchise, known best for the Elder Scrolls games, including the beloved Morrowind.  Ryzom would appeal to them.  It has the right flavour, not just a bunch of elves and dwarves fighting with swords against a bunch of predictable demons and bears.  And they don't have an online presence... yet.

2.  Bioware.. they recently announced the opening of a new studio for an MMO to be developed in the future.  Thing is, that future could be years away and it would definitely be in their interest to acquire an existing game to launch this new venture.  Ryzom would also be their kind of game.  They are responsible (with Black Isle and the now defunct Interplay) for Torment and a series of other AD&D games.  They're smart and have a sense of humour.

I would trust either of these two to treat Ryzom with respect and care.  If I had to state a preference, I'd say Bethesda.  They follow their own music and when they do it right, the result is spectacular.


Posted by polaris5 at Wednesday,22 November , 2006 at 16:36 UTC

ya hopefully it isnt SOE. i HATE soe and refuse to play any game they control. they've turned their backs on too many customers cause they listen to "focus groups".

Uh Oh

Posted by harleyd at Wednesday,22 November , 2006 at 22:29 UTC

I love Ryzom as it is, if it'd go to SoE or Friggin' Blizzard they'll prolly ruin the game >.<
Nevrax FTW ^^

truth be told

Posted by gonebad at Wednesday,06 December , 2006 at 23:11 UTC

     i just got the free Ryzom but i hate too see it go under. From what i see they are a great company and I already love them.  i could think that if they have money trouble they would get a partner to help and get half the procedes this way they could keep an eye on what the new company is doing while helping all of us already in the game. but don't forget this is the opinion of a noob so don't be harsh on reply.
             P.S. i don't take economics so don't know too much about business.

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