Title: Speed Racer

Manufacturer: Namco

Year: 1995

Hardware: (Sound specifications are according to the Namco Museum)

Namco System FL Hardware

Main Processor: i960KB (32-bit, 20 MHz)

Sound Hardware: Mitsubishi M377xx microcontroller based; Namco Custom C352



This is a chase view driving game based on the Japanese cartoon from the 1960's. It appears to be using the old sprite zooming
2-D acceleration instead of polygons that other games from 1995 were using. Information & media regarding the anime series
can be found either at
Yamcha's Cartoon Wherehouse or at Mike Markowski's Anime Page. It seems like there is a combat
element in this game. An image of the
PCB can be seen thanks to http://www.ngy1.1st.ne.jp/~momochi/untiku_a.htm.


Emulation Status

Emulator: MAME

Playable: No

Sound: No

Note: R. Belmont & Olivier Galibert are working on fully emulating the i960KB. R. Belmont is trying to get sound working by writing trojans for full emulation of the sound hardware.



Screenshots from R. Belmont's WIP Emporium

speedracer-05.png (3004 bytes) speedracer-06.png (7106 bytes)

speedracer-07.png (22765 bytes) speedracer-08.png (27574 bytes)

Screenshots courtesy of Reno

speedracer-02.jpg (25485 bytes) speedracer-03.jpg (28028 bytes)

speedracer-01.jpg (25108 bytes) speedracer-04.jpg (24505 bytes)

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