Power-Ups (Talismans) and Inventory Items

Bats have a nasty tendency of getting in your face when you're trying to get a bead on deadlier creatures. Take care of them quickly if you know what's good for you.

Baytor's Tip: Ignore 'em. They hardly ever attack you. Just be careful if you're shooting off the Napalm Launcher when they're around.
While not the deadliest of creatures, these little fiends can be quite hazardous if they mob you, which is their preferred mode of attack. Baytor's Tip: Irritating as hell. When you hear their tell-tale squeak, drop to floor, and be on the look-out. Almost any weapon will kill them, the Tommy Gun is the best defense against them, the shotgun comes in a close second
Don't be fooled-spiders are dangerous enemies. The little red ones pack a poison that will blur your vision. The larger green ones can blind you completely for a short time. The poison is cumulative, so the more they bite, the worse the side effects.

Baytor's Tip: The red ones are the ones you really have to watch out for, since it hard to aim at anything if they bite you. The green ones will dim your view, but you can still fight. The Tommy Gun and Shotgun are your best defense
Bone Eel
Though somewhat timid, bone eels will dart at you the moment you turn your back. They make up in ferocity what they lack in fortitude.

Baytor's Tip: Try to take care of them from a distance, or you'll find yourself being nipped to death. They are faster than you are in the water, and are therefore a little bit dangerous. I prefer to use the Tommy Gun to take them out.
Hell Hand
The corpses that the minions of Tchernobog use to make zombies aren't always in the best of shape. Sometimes, only a limb is salvageable. Usually, the Cabal's surgeons can fashion various bits and pieces into a serviceable undead soldier, but certain leftover parts can be effective all on their own. If one of these horrors gets hold of you, you've got to push it off before you can kill it.

Baytor's Tip: If they start choking you, quickly hit the space bar to get them off. Again, I found the Tommy Gun and Shotgun to be the most effective.
Little Caleb
(Plasma Pak only) Break a mirror in the Plasma Pak episode, and be prepared to meet a few of these shotgun toting miniatures of yourself.

Baytor's Tip: One of favorite nuisance enemies. Lil' Caleb will come a gunning for you, so take care of him quickly. As with the other nuisances, use the Tommy Gun or Shotgun if you can.
Chrysalid Pod
(Plasma Pak only) These many-tentacled vegetable patches have trapped many an unwary advesary. They spit a vile fluid that is sticky and very difficult to get off.

Baytor's Tip: Not too much of a danger, but you just as well use some type of Explosive weapon to take care of the main plant and its tentacles.
Fire Pods
(Plasma Pak only) These abominations have roots that go down to the bowels of the earth. They spew lava and can do serious damage. Be very careful not to become fertilizer.

Baytor's Tip: Probably the most dangerous of all the nuisance enemies, since it can set you on fire. Don't feel bad about using the Napalm Launcher on it.

These annoying gits can't harm you. In fact, they tend to run away from you screaming like a little girl. Also, if they're around, the other enemies will often ignore you to slash these guys to bits. In addition to providing a distraction for your opposition, they often provide useful powerups, and occassionally a needed key. So pull out your pitchfork, and gib away.
These guys don't do anything. And I don't mean that they don't do anything useful. No, they just stand there trapped in that damn invisible box, and are just begging to be pitchforked. They are occassionally useful in jumping over high barriers, so look around a bit before you do what everyone wants to do to these annoying creatures.
These hardy undead menaces move more swiftly than you might expect. Take them out before they get close or you'll taste their rusty axe blades. Also, just because they're down doesn't mean they're dead-make sure they're down for the count before you move on.

Baytor's Tip: Probably the only real enemy that you can pitchfork, which you probably should do whenever you can to save ammo. Also the only enemy that I recommend using the Aerosol Can on. Use dynamite, the Napalm Launcher, or the Flare Gun alt-fire to take out large Groups.
Bloated Butchers
Slower and more deliberate than their axe-wielding comrades, are much tougher to kill. You'll have to dish out a lot of abuse before they go down. Beware of the foul goo they vomit at you, for it is both corrosive and unpleasant smelling.

Baytor's Tip: I tend to lob some dynamite at them. The Napalm Launcher and the alt-fire of the Flare Gun are also useful. Jarmo informs me that the aerosol can works well on them, since they burn really easily. And never underestimate the power of the alt-fire of the aerosol can.
Tchernobog's human soldiers are accurate and deadly. Wielding shotguns these robed menaces give you a good fight. They may also lob dynamite at you from time to time, so listen for the telltale hiss and be ready to dive for cover.

Baytor's Tip: Killing Cultists isn't too hard, just beware of their shotgun at close range. One of the all time favorite ways to kill them is with the Flare Gun, just make sure they can't get to you before you die. Unloading both barrels of the Shotgun at close range should take them down. The alt-fire of the flare gun, the regular fire of the Napalm Launcher, and dynamite work well in taking out large groups. The Alt-fire of the dynamite bundle works well against Cultist hiding around a corner. Tommy Guns are great for battling them from a distance. And the Life Leech is just a plain scream to use against them. Don't let them get into any pool of water you plan on using, or you're fish food. Use Remote Detonators to try to blast them out of the water.
These Tommy Gun packin' keepers of the dark faith want to spill your precious life blood. Keep your ears tuned for the deadly sounds of dynamite as they sometimes offer explosives instead.

Baytor's Tip: The Tommy Gun can really take a lot out of you, if you're not careful; but they're just like the Cultists breathen when it comes to killing 'em.
(Plasma Pak only) These blue-robed Tesla Cannon wielding cultists have been through special 'training' to make them very mean. Their armor protects them from electrical damage.

Baytor's Tip: Don't try to use the Tesla Cannon on these guys, because it'll take a while to kill them. And be very leery of their Tesla Cannon. Otherwise, they're just like the other Cultists.
(Plasma Pak only) These cultists-in-traning lob dynamite at you. Keep your ears tuned for the deadly hiss of an incoming bundle.

Baytor's Tip: These guys are a little tougher than a normal cultist, but the dynamite they lob is generally pretty easy to dodge. See Cultist listing on how to take care of them.
Your first encounter with a gargoyle will teach you to keep an eye turned skyward. They are as tough to kill as they are vicious. They hurl sharp bones at you from afar or swoop in to rake at you with their talons.

Baytor's Tip: The Napalm Launcher is ideal in taking them out at a distance, while the alt-fire of the Shotgun works best at close range. The alt-fire of the Flare Gun is also fairly effective against them from a distance.
Hell Hound
These fire-breathing mastiffs are swift and deadly. If they get close to you, their powerful jaws will make quick work of you, so keep your distance. . . if you can.

Baytor's Tip: The Hell Hounds are probably the most dangerous enemy in the game, since they can set you on fire. Learn how to strafe while backing up to avoid the worst of the flaming attack. The Tesla Cannon works beautifully on these things, although the Tommy Gun can work in a pinch. Explosives are somewhat effective, but will often plop the Hell Hound into your lap; so be careful when using any type of explosives. Also, Jarmo tells me that water will kill them; so if there's a body of water nearby, try to lure or knock them in.
Gill Beast
If you have to face a gill beast in the water, you're in big trouble. While slow and ponderous above water, in their element they are vicious adversaries.

Baytor's Tip: If you can, lure them out of the water; then you can kill them with just about any weapon you choose. You can toss a remote detonators into the water, and try to blow them up. Otherwise, try to take them out at a distance with the Napalm Launcher. Or use the alt-fire of the Shotgun if they're in close--try not to yet them get close to you when you're under water.
These restless phantoms harvest the souls of their victims with vicious scythes. Because they exist more in the land of the dead than the world of the living, they are only vulnerable when attacking. Watch for them to solidify before striking or your ammo and effort will be wasted.

Baytor's Tip: Let them materialize next to you, and unload both barrels of the shotgun into it. Repeat until dead. Most other weapons are next to useless against it, although you can use a Tommy Gun if you out of Shotgun shells.
Cheogh/Stone Gargoyle
Cheogh rules over all gargoyles, but he has long yearned to hold higher rank in Tchernobog's army. His jealousy toward the Chosen was never kept secret. Now that you have been cast from Tchernobog's graces, envy has boiled into sheer abiding hatred. He will be anxious to meet you again and express his feelings for you.

Stone gargoyles are nigh invulnerable. Bullets bounce off their brittle hides and flames find little purchase. You'll have to be resourceful to survive an encounter with one of these monstrosities.

Baytor's Tip: Rapid fire weapons work best, with the Tesla Cannon being the absolute best choice. The Tommy Gun will work, but isn't nearly as effective. Also, crouch when you fight them, as they will rarely be able to hit you
Shial/Giant Spider
The spider demon Shial makes her lair deep within the earth in the frozen North. Surrounded by her arachnid spawn, she skulks through darkness, feeding on those hapless souls who stumble into her cavernous labyrinth or are brought there by her loyal children. Those who fall victim to her learn of true agony as she digests them alive.

Baytor's Tip: Remember, descretion is the better part of valor. Most of the time, you can get by her without fighting (remember to jump to avoid getting bit by her spawn), or you can use the Napalm Cannon or TNT to blow her off the side of cliff. If you must fight her, I like to use the Napalm Cannon or TNT, since it takes care of a lot of the spiders that she spawns. And, if you're lucky enough to see her before she sees you. Lob a bunch of remote detonators at her, and try to kill her in one big explosion. The Tesla Cannon is very effective against her, but you'll have to watch out for all the little spiders.
Named for the mythical guardian of the gates of Hell, this two-headed firebreathing demon abides in a dark, sulfurous den, hidden to the world of mortals. Ferocious and nigh invulnerable, Cerberus is the deadliest adversary you will face aside from Tchernobog himself. Remember that you must destroy both heads in order to defeat him.

Baytor's Tip: Don't stay in one place for too long. Pick a couple of spots to shoot at it from, and run between the two. Alt-fire of the Voodoo Doll if you have regular edition, and direct hits with the Napalm Launcher work best. The Tesla Cannon does a fair job, but fire weapons are next to useles.
His name is spoken only in whispers, for it is said that his interest is easily roused. Those who peer fully into his smoldering gaze are condemned to madness and death. You must find him before his powers become complete if you are to stand a chance. Even then, defeating him will require all your strength and ingenuity.

Baytor's Tip: Same as with Cerberus, don't stay in one spot too long. Hit him with explosive weapons, rapid-fire weapons, and anything you got left. He's actually not too tough, and a bit of a disappointment as a final boss.
(Plasma Pak only) These red-robed Chosen-in-training have started their transformation into what you once were.... The Chosen. Killing them is only the first step, as they transform into the powerful Beast, whose stomp can open up a world of pain.

Baytor's Tip: The Priests are extremely tough when you compare them to the other Cultis, but it shouldn't prove too difficult to defeat them. Unfortunately, they transform into the super-tough Beast. I don't know how to beat him yet, but someone recommended using the Shotgun on him. Just before he stomps, open up on him with the Shotgun. Here, timing is the key.

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