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Loop 303 North of I-10
Loop 303 North of I-10
Loop 303 North of I-10
Loop 303 North of I-10
Loop 303 North of I-10
Loop 303 North of I-10
Background Valley Freeway Closures & Restrictions

Loop 303 is an important component of the Regional Transportation Plan � a blueprint for Valleywide transportation improvements through 2025.  Plans call for Loop 303 to traverse more than 40 miles of the West Valley � ultimately extending from the proposed State Route 801 (the future I-10 reliever freeway) a few miles south of Interstate 10 in Goodyear to the Interstate 17 (Black Canyon Freeway) near Lone Mountain Road, 2 miles south of the State Route 74 (Carefree Highway).  More . . .


Project Map
Loop 303 Project Map Happy Valley Parkway to I17 Grand Avenue to I17 I10 to Grand Avenue SR801 to I10
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Project Timeline
Project Timeline
The timeline represents the required steps in the development of a roadway or roadway improvement. In addition to establishing a funding source, there is a series of required planning and environmental studies before a roadway is constructed.  More . . .

ADOT continually plans for enhancements to the roadway once it is built and in use for maximum efficiency and safety. Various studies identify these enhancements and may influence additional planning, design and construction. Studies for Loop 303 include corridor projects north of I-10 and south of I-10.
On The Move Our Valley Freeway System is part of the 2004 voter-approved Regional Transportation Plan. We are working hard with our transit partners to implement the voters’ vision and are committed to quality, safety, open communication with our neighbors, and minimal inconvenience to the traveling public.