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Invasion Of Time DVD Extras Passed
DVD and Video
February 7, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman
The British Board of Film Classification today passed more than 32 minutes of extra features for the release of the six-part Fourth Doctor story The Invasion of Time, giving them a U rating.

Among them are five deleted scenes: one from episode five and four from episode six.

There will also be two mini-documentaries: The Elusive David Agnew and The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey.

'David Agnew' was a pseudonym for producer Graham Williams and script editorAnthony Read.

This site reported last month that a release of The Invasion of Time was in the pipeline. A date for it has yet to be announced.
Invisible Enemy & K9 on DVD
DVD and Video
February 7, 2008  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
Further information about the DVD extras of the forthcoming release of The Brain of Morbius has today been revealed on the BBFC website. Along with a documentary, "Getting a Head", and features such as "Designs on Karn", "A Letter to Robert Holmes" and "Set Tour", the disc contains a trailer for the forthcoming releases of 1977's The Invisible Enemy - which saw the first appearance of the robot dog K9 in Doctor Who - and the 1981 spin-off K9 and Company, which stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

It is not yet clear whether or not this joint trailer indicates that the two stories will be released together in a double pack.
Torchwood 2.4 Overnight ratings
February 7, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures give Episode Four, Meat, an audience of 2.9 million viewers, which was a 11.2% share of the total television audience.

The programme was again the highest rated on BBC2 for the day, ahead of The Weakest Link which got 2.6 million viewers.

The programme is repeated in an edited version on BBC2 in England and Wales on Thursday evening. It is available to UK viewers for the next seven days via the BBC iPlayer.

Fans are treated to a Torchwood double bill next Wednesday with Episode Five, Adam being shown on BBC2 at 9pm, and Episode 6, Reset making its debut on BBC3 at 9.50pm.
News Round-Up (Updated)
February 6, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman

David Tennant reveals some of his forthcoming work schedule in the February 9-15 edition of Radio Times. In a feature about the listings magazine's annual party for its cover stars, he says he will have all of May off and start rehearsing Hamlet for the RSC in June. (NB: Tennant is also appearing in Love's Labour's Lost in October and November, although he doesn't make reference to that in the feature.)

He appears in Hamlet from July until January 9, 2009 and says he will be back in Cardiff on January 10 to commence next year's Doctor Who specials, adding: "After that, I really don't know. Nothing has been decided . . . honestly!"

Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Simm are all pictured at the bash.

Sophie Aldred was interviewed by BBC Norfolk while making a guest appearance in the area.

In the lengthy feature, she tells how she tried - unsuccessfully - to persuade Christopher Eccleston to attend conventions. The interview is also in three parts in an audio format. In addition, it includes video interviews with Terry Molloy and Elisabeth Sladen, as they are referred to in the piece, although these may not be playable by overseas visitors to the BBC site.

Meanwhile, BBC South East Today ran an interview with Tommy Knight, who plays Luke in The Sarah Jane Adventures.


Radio Times also reveals that the February 15 edition of EastEnders will feature the storyline in which the characters Stacey and Bradley visit a Doctor Who exhibition in London. The location filming for this was reported by this site in December. (Information elsewhere suggests that the February 14 edition may also include this storyline.)

The teaser for the following week's Radio Times (February 16-22) mentions the character Martha Jones joining the Torchwood team, suggesting there will be a feature about it in that edition. Her debut Torchwood episode will be shown on BBC3 on February 13 at 9.50pm. It will, presumably, be shown on BBC2 on February 20 as part of the series' run on that channel.

The February 13 edition of Late Junction on BBC Radio 3, to be broadcast from 11.15pm to 1am, will include music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and is believed to be a feature about 50 years of the workshop, including its realisation of the Doctor Who theme. UPDATE (February 7): Although the February 13 edition will indeed include music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop archive, it has been announced that it will be the February 12 edition that will mark 50 years of the workshop with, among other items, a look at the Doctor Who theme. The show will be broadcast in its usual slot, from 11.15pm to 1am.

(With thanks to Tony Clark)
Brain Of Morbius DVD On Its Way (Updated)
DVD and Video
February 6, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman
The Fourth Doctor story The Brain of Morbius is to be released on DVD in the UK.

The British Board of Film Classification today passed three episodes of the 1976 four-part story, giving them a PG rating.

They were passed without any cuts ordered. Consumer advice given for episodes one and two was that each had "scary scenes".

The fourth episode will, undoubtedly, be passed shortly.

A release date for the DVD has yet to be announced.

UPDATE (February 7): Episode four of The Brain of Morbius was today passed uncut with a PG rating by the BBFC, with the consumer advice that it contained "mild fantasy violence and horror".

(With thanks to Tony Clark)
Torchwood 2.2 Final Ratings
February 6, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
BARB has released final ratings for the week ending 27th January, giving Episode Two of Torchwood, Sleeper an official rating of 3.78 million viewers.

The programme was once more the highest rated on BBC2 for the week. Episode One still stands as the second highest rated programme on the channel for the year, with episode two currently at 5th place.
BBC2 Top Programmes (we 27 Jan 2008)

1 TORCHWOOD (WED 2103) - 3.78
4 MASTERCHEF (MON 2030) - 3.25
5 MASTERCHEF (THU 2001) - 3.23
6 THE WEAKEST LINK (TUE 1714) - 2.75
7 MASTERCHEF (WED 2033) - 2.72
9 THE WEAKEST LINK (THU 1714) - 2.65
10 THE WEAKEST LINK (WED 1714) - 2.62
11 MASTERCHEF (TUE 2031) - 2.61
12 THE WEAKEST LINK (FRI 1715) - 2.57
13 THE WEAKEST LINK (MON 1714) - 2.54
14 AN ISLAND PARISH (TUE 2001) - 2.52
15 THE BEST OF TOP GEAR (SUN 2000) - 2.41
16 HAVE I GOT OLD NEWS FOR YOU (SAT 2103) - 2.37
17 THE NATURAL WORLD (FRI 2001) - 2.33
19 EGGHEADS (FRI 1800) - 2.26
20 EGGHEADS (MON 1759) - 2.18

source BARB
Sarah Jane - Series Two Confirmed
Special Events
February 6, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
The BBC has issued a Press release confirming that The Sarah Jane Adventures will return for a second series.

The first series, shown on BBC1 and CBBC achieved high ratings and audience appreciation figures. The programme is the highest rated show ever shown on CBBC.

The Guardian reports the recommissioning of the series in the context of the announcement coming on the same day as the cancellation of CBBC's 30-year-old children's drama Grange Hill. The paper suggests that The Sarah Jane Adventures is one of several dramas being used by CBBC to replace the long-running programme.

Thanks to GracieLizzy and Lizo
Doctor Who Magazine 392
February 6, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
The latest Doctor Who Magazine is available across the United Kingdom from Thursday 7 February 2008.

The magazine confirms a couple of previously unreleased episode titles for Series Four.
Episode Two, which was partly filmed in Rome last year, will be The Fires of Pompeii. The previously unplaced Midnight will be Episode Ten. Episode 6, which is still unnamed will be written by Stephen Greenhorn.

The magazine also reveals that the March DVD release of Voyage of the Damned will include both the Children in Need Special Time Crash and the Christmas edition of Doctor Who Confidential.
Press Release

Actress Freema Agyman talks exclusively in DWM 392 about her visit to Torchwood and meeting the Sontarans in the forthcoming series of Doctor Who…

Freema laughs as she recalls her first encounter with the squat race of aliens: "When I first saw the guys in prosthetics I couldn’t stop giggling – I found them really cute and quite funny! Er, that’s probably not the desired reaction, is it? Russell (T Davies, Executive Producer) sent me a text saying, 'It’ll be the first time you’ve towered over a baddie' Ha ha! And I did. I felt quite tall."

Also in this month’s feature-packed issue: writer Stephen Greenhorn talks about his forthcoming Series Four episode; director Graham Harper braves questions from Out of the TARDIS Tin; the the Team Team view the voyeurs in Vengeance on Varos; The Fact of Fiction examines the murky truth behind Warriors of the Deep; there’s werewolves and weirdness in the full colour comic strip, Part 2 of Universal Monsters; Russell T Davies pays tribute to a very special lady in Production Notes; Neil Harris stresses the importance of location, location, location in You Are Not Alone; discover if Duncan James minds being interviewed on tape in Who on Earth is…; Sapphire and Steel answer your questions on Voyage of the Damned in the last ever edition of the Matrix Data Bank; plus all the latest Series Four news, previews, reviews, exclusive photos, competitions – and find out if the Doctor can bring some Valentine’s Day joy to Bradley and Stacey from EastEnders!
SJA on SABC2 South Africa
February 5, 2008  •  Posted By Benjamin F Elliott
SABC2 in South Africa has picked up The Sarah Jane Adventures. The 10 half-hour episodes from Series 1 air weekly beginning this Saturday at 3:30PM Central African Time (CAT).
Sci Fi confirms April debut for Who and SJA
February 4, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
The Sci Fi Channel has confirmed earlier reports that both Doctor Who Series Four and The Sarah Jane Adventures will begin airing on the channel in April. The channel's news service, Sci Fi Wire, has the confirmation, and Sci Fi's full press release is below.

(Thanks to "GracieLizzy" of the Doctor Who Forum.)

NEW YORK - February 4, 2008 - SCI FI Channel has acquired the fourth season of People's Choice Award-nominated Doctor Who and the phenomenally popular series' new spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures from BBC Worldwide America. Both series are slated to premier on SCI FI in April 2008.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is written and produced by the same creative team behind Doctor Who, including multi-award winning writer Russell T. Davies. Having traveled the universe with The Doctor, Sarah Jane is used to alien encounters. Accompanied by her new young friends Maria, Luke and Clyde, she becomes embroiled in an offbeat world of mystery and danger.

In season four of Doctor Who, David Tennant reprises his role as the tenth Timelord. For his latest adventures he is joined by a brand new companion, Donna Noble, played by award-winning actress Catherine Tate (The Catherine Tate Show, BBC AMERICA) who appeared as 'the runaway bride' in the previous season. 'Martha Jones,' played by Freema Agyeman, the Doctor's most recent companion, who had a dramatic role last season's finale, makes a triumphant return in the middle of season four.

"We are excited to have Doctor Who back on SCI FI for its 4th season," said Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel. "It's an exciting franchise that continues to reinvent itself for new generations of viewers. The youthful appeal of The Sarah Jane Adventures will no doubt attract even younger new viewers."

Candace Carlisle, EVP Sales and Co-productions, BBC Worldwide Americas commented, "The imagination of Russell and the rest of the production team in Cardiff who have produced these two incredible shows is outstanding. We are so pleased that the loyal fans of the SCI FI Channel will be able to meet a whole new range of characters and aliens that are intrinsically linked to the Doctor's history. Both 'Sarah Jane Adventures' and the new season of 'Doctor Who' are jam packed with some of the most creative storylines ever produced by the BBC's brilliant team."

The third season of the new Doctor Who averaged 1.3 million weekly viewers on SCI FI.

The deals were brokered by Lisa Hofer, Vice President of Co-Production & Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas. Executive Producers for The Sarah Jane Adventures are Russell T Davies, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. The series producer is Matthew Bouch. Doctor Who season four is produced by Phil Collinson; Executive Producers are Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies. Doctor Who season four is a BBC production in association with CBC.

SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( ) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 93 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.

BBC Worldwide Americas incorporates the U.S., Canadian and Latin American arms of BBC Worldwide, a commercial and wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Miami, BBC Worldwide Americas has five core businesses: Channels, TV Sales, Content & Production, Home Entertainment and Digital Media. Profit from BBC Worldwide is returned to the BBC public service.
Voyage of the Damned DVD News
DVD and Video
February 4, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus has received the DVD cover for the UK release of the 2007 Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned.

The DVD is due to be released on the 10th March 2008
Kevin Stoney
February 4, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman
The highly acclaimed actor Kevin Stoney has died at the age of 86.

He made striking contributions to Doctor Who, playing the villains Mavic Chen in the epic story The Daleks' Master Plan (1965-66) and Tobias Vaughn in The Invasion pictured (1968).

So impressive was Stoney's portrayal of Chen that the Daily Express named the character Villain of the Year.

His final contribution to the series came in 1975, when he played Tyrum in Revenge of the Cybermen.

Stoney also appeared in many other well-known series over the years, including I, Claudius, The Tomorrow People, Bergerac, All Creatures Great and Small and Blake's 7, which was created by Terry Nation.

There is a short obituary on Rogues and Vagabonds.

(With thanks to Tony Clark)
News bits and bobs
February 3, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
A few Torchwood items and a number of slightly offbeat entries this time.


The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) reviews Torchwood's "Sleeper".

UK SF Book News has a feature on the Torchwood comic in Titan Magazine's Torchwood Magazine.

And the Daily Record briefly reviews John Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes".

Odd Who News

Philip Glenister tells the Western Mail that he watches The Sarah Jane Adventures, though he doesn't quite remember the program's name correctly:
Today, his favourite TV includes unexpected fare such as The Sarah Jane Mysteries -- but that’s because of his two young daughters by his actress wife Beth Goddard; the family lives in East Sheen, Surrey, where fame hasn’t gone to his head, and where he enjoys a "normal suburban existence".

"Yes, The Sarah Jane Mysteries, it’s one of those series you think might not work -- it's an off-shoot of Doctor Who -- but my girls adore it," he says. "The girls are just getting into Doctor Who now. We never let them watch it before, because we thought they’d wake up with nightmares."
Recent issues of two American magazines aimed at "fan culture" highlight Doctor Who and Torchwood actresses. Geek Monthly puts the return of Billie Piper to Doctor Who at #7 in its "Son of the BIG List: Our yearly roundup of Stuff That Rules", and has an interview with Eve Myles. And Wizard lists Freema Agyeman at #16 in its list of the "Sexiest Women of TV".

Wales on Sunday quotes Coleen McLoughlin, the girlfriend of English football (soccer) player Wayne Rooney, as saying that she'd love to be the next Doctor Who companion.

And io9 pronounces that Kroll, the giant octopus from the 1978 Doctor Who story The Power of Kroll, is the tallest of all giant monsters, looking down on puny creatures like Godzilla and the monster from Cloverfield.

(Thanks to Larry Carter, and to "PolyG" and "Alia" of the Doctor Who Forum.)
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
February 2, 2008  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for February 2, 2008 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Spirituality and Doctor Who
Special Events
February 2, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
A conference on Spirituality and Doctor Who will be held at Wilson Carlile Campus in Sheffield, Yorkshire on Saturday, April 19. According to the day's organizers, "Christian themes and images in Doctor Who - both classic and new - will be explored. But there will also be a respectful look at other shades and faiths in Doctor Who, including ecological and Buddhist themes in the Jon Pertwee era, mystic parables in the Peter Davison era and the optimistic atheism of current Doctor Who creator Russell T Davies." Barry Letts, producer of Doctor Who from 1970 to 1975, is one of the confirmed guests for the event. There is a press release here, and online sign-up is available here.
Press round-up
February 1, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doctor Who

The South Wales Evening Post reports that Doctor Who is filming at a disused library in Swansea. This filming is for Steven Moffat's two-part story, which involves a mysterious abandoned library.

The estate of Terry Nation, the writer who created the Daleks, has vetoed a humorous clip featuring a Dalek from being included on the forthcoming "Five Doctors" DVD. The clip, from a 1983 edition of BBC Breakfast, featured a Dalek being interviewed by astrologer Russell Grant, to the amusement of Peter Davison and Patrick Troughton. However, the Nation estate has forbidden the use of the clip, fearing that it detracts from the Daleks' threatening image. The Sun and Metro both carry the story.


Burn Gorman talks to iF Magazine about his character Owen Harper. "I hope that in series two he's a changed man," says Gorman.

The Daily Mirror published a detailed preview of "To the Last Man" before it aired in the UK on Wednesday, and Digital Spy has a review.

Digital Spy also has an article about the Torchwood interactive adventure hosted on

The South Wales Echo has a story on Torchwood's ratings success.


The Arran Banner, the newspaper of the Scottish Isle of Arran, has found a 16-year-old David Tennant in its archives. Young Tennant was on Arran 20 years ago filming a short play for the children's series Dramarama. The article is accompanied by a small picture.

Christopher Eccleston was one of three judges for BBC Four's Pioneer World Cinema Award 2008. The award was given to the dark Spanish-language fantasy "Pan's Labyrinth"; Variety and Digital Spy have the story.

Another award panel, this one for the Red Planet Prize (awarded by Tony Jordan's Red Planet Pictures for new writing talent in the UK), was composed of Jordan, Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner, Doctor Who actor and writer Mark Gatiss and polymath Stephen Fry (who appeared in the Doctor Who webcast "Death Comes to Time" and was scheduled to write a script for Doctor Who Series Two before scheduling commitments forced him to withdraw). The Stage covers the award.

New Car Net recalls Third Doctor Jon Pertwee's road safety public service film with the unforgettable slogan "Splink". (If you don't know what "Splink" means, there's an old story with video on the BBC News site.)

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has rejected two complaints about risqué advertisements for Billie Piper's ITV2 series "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". The ASA ruled that the poster, which featured Piper wearing a bra and panties, was "not dissimilar to that which children would be exposed to in other advertising, for example for lingerie and designer fragrances." The ruling can be read here; Brand Republic has a story (but requires free registration to read it).

The Daily Mail finds it newsworthy to have a photographer follow Billie Piper and her husband Laurence Fox while they're grocery shopping and walking the dog.

Digital Spy has a story culled from John Barrowman's recently published autobiography "Anything Goes", in which Barrowman compares working with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. In the book, Barrowman writes: "I found the set to be a lighter one with David than it had been with Christopher in the lead role. I think David is a happier person, whereas I found Chris to be a bit angsty." (Digital Spy miscorrects "angsty" to "angry".)

There are reviews of "Anything Goes" at Country Life magazine and the Daily Telegraph.

TV Guide has published the second half of its interview with James Marsters; there's less about his Torchwood role here, but Marsters speaks about other roles he's playing.

Leftist Internet magazine Spiked has cited Ofcom's investigation into complaints about Catherine Tate's Christmas special as an example of "institutionalized prudishness", and notes that the 28 people who complained about the special represent 0.0004375% of the program's audience.

And This Is Hampshire has an interview with comedian Toby Hadoke, creator of "Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf".

(Thanks to Andrew Brookes, Sean Elliott and Ben Rawson-Jones.)
Torchwood - Appreciation Index
February 1, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
Episode three of Torchwood, To the Last Man, scored an Appreciation Index figure of 85, once more putting it in the excellent category. It was the BBC's second highest figure for the day.

The edited repeat was watched by 1.1 million viewers, according to overnight figures, a 4.8% share of the total audience. Torchwood Declassified also got 1.1 million viewers. These figures are slightly higher than the actual overnights as they include Scotland and Northern Ireland where Torchwood was not shown.
Sarah Jane coming to America
February 1, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
In an interview with Russell T. Davies, the Los Angeles Times mentions in passing that The Sarah Jane Adventures will be broadcast in the United States on the Sci Fi Channel beginning in April.

The article also states that Doctor Who's next season will begin on Sci Fi in April. The BBC has not announced a broadcast date for Series Four in the UK, but the program will air in Britain before any international broadcasts.

In the Los Angeles Times interview, Davies also talks about the success of Doctor Who, his attitude towards sexuality on Torchwood and past projects such as Bob and Rose.

He also notes that he deliberately keeps organized fandom at arm's length: "I think we're an unusual science-fiction franchise in taking a very big step back from fandom and having nothing to do with them. . . . Every program on the BBC has a message board on the website. I forbid it to happen on 'Doctor Who.' I'm sorry to say this, all the science fiction producers making stuff in America, they are way too engaged with their fandom. They all need to step back."
Phil Collinson becomes Head of Drama, Manchester
February 1, 2008  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
The BBC have announced that Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson will be moving to BBC Manchester to assume the role of Head of Drama. He is expected to begin his new job after the completion of Doctor Who's fourth series.

Peter Salmon, Chief Creative Officer of BBC Vision Productions, said: "Phil Collinson is a terrific addition to a brilliant top team working on in-house drama throughout the UK. His signing reflects renewed ambition and confidence here at the end of a stunning spell of output. BBC Drama Production is at the top of its game and Phil brings yet more experience and flair to in-house programme making. His arrival also marks the BBC's renewed commitment to Northern drama talent, at a time when its base in the North West of England is to be strengthened considerably throughout. BBC Drama Production will play a major role at the new BBC centre at mediacity:uk through Phil and his team."

Russell T Davies said: "Phil has been the secret hero of Doctor Who for the past four years, and we'll miss him more than I can say – but the most exciting thing about this new job is that so many more producers, writers and actors will get to work with him. I envy them!"

Full details may be found in the BBC's press release, and the news is also covered by the Guardian and The Stage.
New Trailer To Hit Big Screen
General TV Series News
January 31, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman
A new 90-second trailer for Series Four will start showing at cinemas across the UK from February 1, it has been reported.

According to Digital Spy, it will run at Empire, Odeon and Cineworld venues.

Naomi Gibney, the head of marketing at BBC Vision, is quoted as saying: "This is a great opportunity for the BBC to reach new audiences with an exciting preview of the new series of Doctor Who."

Trailers for Voyage Of The Damned were shown at cinemas in December.

UPDATE: The BBC Press Office has now put online more details concerning the trailer. It says the deal is part of a BBC test with Carlton Screen Advertising to showcase BBC content. It covers 837 Odeon screens, 736 Cineworld screens and 142 Empire screens. The trailer will be shown before some of the most anticipated new releases, including Cloverfield, Juno, John Rambo and There Will Be Blood.
Torchwood 2.3 Ratings
January 31, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures give Episode Three, To The Last Man, an audience of 3.2 million viewers, which was a 13% share of the total television audience.

The programme was the highest rated on BBC2 for the day, comfortably ahead of Masterchef which got 2.6 million viewers.

The programme is repeated in an edited version on BBC2 Thursday evening and is available to UK viewers for the next seven days via the BBC iPlayer.

(NB: Torchwood is not repeated on BBC Two Scotland or on BBC Two Northern Ireland, nor is Torchwood Declassified, which follows the repeats elsewhere, shown on either of those channels. With thanks to Jeanette Napier for pointing this out.)
Australian Dalek Auction for Charity
January 30, 2008  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Inmates at the Woodford Correctional Centre have created a full size, ride-in Dalek to be auctioned off. Proceeds are going to support the Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane. The inmates were helped by Mike Burrell, Trade Instructor from Woodford Correctional Centre.

"It took six months of occasional time when we were in between production" says Burrell. "It was made mostly out of ply but there are a lot of technical difficulties. Ply's flat and most of the Dalek is round and lumpy so it was difficult. It was set up to help them with their skills and technical abilities." The dimensions of the Dalek are 1.6m high, 1.3m front to back, and 0.8m wide. It's on wheels for easy transportation and can fit through a standard sized door.

ABC Brisbane reporter Brooke Carrigan was allowed an inside look at the finished product. "I'm inside the Dalek. And then you look up and it's got this voice-altering mechanism" Carrigan explains. "I can push and pull all these things and if you lift your feet up, we've actually been cruising through the children's hospital here, up and down the hallways".

Tegan Jones, Director of Fundraising and Development at Royal Children's Hospital, encourages fans to log onto E-bay to see the finished product. The auction closes on Friday, February 8th.

Thank you to Luke Bartolo and ABC Brisbane for the information.
BBFC passes "Voyage" and "Five Doctors"
DVD and Video
January 30, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
The British Board of Film Classification, the UK regulatory agency for film and video, has passed "Voyage of the Damned" for DVD release and rated it PG. The Christmas special was passed without cuts; the BBFC's consumer advice is that the special "contains moderate threat and scary scenes".

The 25th Anniversary Edition of "The Five Doctors" has also been passed and rated PG. The previous DVD of "The Five Doctors" was rated U.

UK release of "The Five Doctors - 25th Anniversary Edition" is scheduled for March 3. "Voyage of the Damned" is scheduled for release on March 10.
Doctor Who Adventures 49
January 30, 2008  •  Posted By John Bowman
The new edition of Doctor Who Adventures - published in the UK on January 31 - is running a competition to create a monster for its comic strip.

The winner will appear with their creation in an exclusive comic strip in a future issue.

Editor Moray Laing said: "We can't wait to see loads of new monsters! From the letters and drawings we get, we know how much Doctor Who Adventures readers enjoy drawing pictures of the many creatures that appear in the series.

"But with this great new comp, readers get the chance to create their very own - plus the winner will appear in an exclusive comic strip story along with their yucky monster!"

Also in issue number 49:

News: The winner of the life-size Dalek competition is revealed
Fact file: The Fifth Doctor
Tales from the TARDIS: Debbie Chazen (Foon van Hoff in Voyage of the Damned) reveals her favourite scene from the Christmas special
Activity: Learn how to stomp like a Judoon and make your own special Judoon scanner
Comic strip: Part two of Hot Metal
Secrets: How the Doctor jumped through a mirror on a horse
Doctor's Data: The Futurekind
Exclusive posters: Martha and the Scarecrows, the Fifth and Tenth Doctors, and Morvin and Foon

Doctor Who Adventures issue 49 comes with a free monster pencil and eraser set featuring the Daleks and the Weeping Angels.
Torchwood - Final Ratings
January 30, 2008  •  Posted By Marcus
Figures released by BARB show that the first episode of Series Two, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, achieved an official rating of 4.22 million viewers.

Final ratings are more accurate than the initial overnights and include those who record the programme and watch it within a week.

The programme was the most watched on BBC2 for the week, beating the second placed Wonderland by a million viewers. So far the episode is the second most watched programme on the channel for the year.
BBC 2 Top Twenty (w/e 20th Jan 2008)

1 TORCHWOOD (WED 2102) 4.22
3 MASTERCHEF (THU 2001) 3.15
4 MASTERCHEF (MON 2027) 3.05
5 MASTERCHEF (WED 2032) 2.83
7 THE WEAKEST LINK (WED 1715) 2.63
8 SNOOKER (SUN 2001) 2.62
9 AN ISLAND PARISH (TUE 2001) 2.58
10 MASTERCHEF (TUE 2031) 2.58
11 THE WEAKEST LINK (THU 1716) 2.58
12 THE WEAKEST LINK (FRI 1715) 2.55
13 THE WEAKEST LINK (MON 1713) 2.55
14 THE WEAKEST LINK (TUE 1715) 2.48
16 QI (FRI 2202) 2.40
18 HORIZON (TUE 2101) 2.20
19 EGGHEADS (MON 1758) 2.13
20 FILM: SIGNS (2002) (MON 2057) 2.12
22 EGGHEADS (FRI 1800) 2.01
23 THE NATURAL WORLD (FRI 2001) 2.01
24 EGGHEADS (WED 1800) 2.00
26 SNOOKER (SUN 1359) 1.93
27 EGGHEADS (THU 1801) 1.91
28 EGGHEADS (TUE 1800) 1.90
29 EXTREME PILGRIM (FRI 2102) 1.68
30 THE NATURAL WORLD (SUN 1810) 1.67

source BARB
More news clips
January 29, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doctor Who

Doctor Who had been nominated for the The South Bank Show Awards, but lost to Channel 4's Iraq War drama "The Mark of Cain". BBC News has the story.

The Doctor Who episode "Gridlock" has been nominated for the Epiphany Prize, an award given by the conservative Christian media organization Movieguide. The Epiphany Prizes "seek to create a deeper spiritual awareness in mankind and increase man's love and understanding of God" and are awarded to "popular, entertaining movies and television programs which are wholesome, uplifting, inspirational, redemptive, and moral." "Gridlock" is up against the TV movies "Lost Holiday: The Jim & Suzanne Shemwell Story", "Saving Sarah Cain" and "The Valley of Light", and an episode of the animated Christian children's series "Friends and Heroes". Variety has a story about the nomination.

The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports that Billie Piper has been welcomed into her husband Laurence Fox's family, according to his cousin Emilia Fox.

And Colin Baker is endorsing a new Department of Transport scheme for anyone over 60 or disabled to have free bus travel during off-peak hours, reports the Bucks Free Press.


BostonNOW reviews the Torchwood first season DVD (calling the series "thoroughly entertaining").

The Daily Record has more excerpts from John Barrowman's autobiography, "Anything Goes", including Barrowman discussing his casting as Jack Harkness.

Doctor Who and Torchwood writer Helen Raynor speaks to the South Wales Echo about her work on the series. She tells the newspaper, "Sometimes I can get a bit precious about my work but that's healthy, the minute you get complacent about your work you're dead in the water."

The Herald has a rather tongue-in-cheek preview of "To the Last Man", which will air in the UK on Wednesday and in the US on February 9.

And last, Guardian Unlimited discusses the Torchwood alternate reality game, which is available (to UK users only) here.

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Press round-up
January 28, 2008  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doktor Wer?

The Sun reports that BBC Worldwide has sold the first two series of Doctor Who to Germany's ProSieben. The voices of the Ninth Doctor and Rose will be dubbed into German by Frank Roth and Maren Rainer, respectively.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Despite Elisabeth Sladen's statement to SFX that a second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures has been commissioned, Digital Spy quotes a BBC source saying that no decision has yet been made.

Meanwhile, SFX has updated their report, suggesting that the "24 episodes" may represent two series being filmed back-to-back.


There are still more reviews of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" from the American press: the Chicago Sun-Times (which calls Torchwood "pretty, witty and gay"), The Sun-Ledger (New Jersey), the Orlando Sentinel, Sci Fi Weekly and all have largely positive reviews. (Earlier season reviews from the Associated Press and Newsday are also being reprinted in newspapers across the US.)

Eve Myles told Sci Fi Wire that the second series of Torchwood contains both action and romance. And Sci Fi Weekly has a John Barrowman interview, portions of which have already appeared in Sci Fi Wire.

Naoko Mori tells the Daily Record (Glasgow) what she loves and hates, and tells The Independent (London) about her week in media.

Finally, the Daily Record also has excerpts from John Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes".

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Fanzine Update
January 28, 2008  •  Posted By Mike Doran
TSV, the fanzine of the New Zealand Doctor Who fan club celebrates 75 issues and 20 years of publication with an issue wrapped in full colour artwork by Alistair Hughes. Paul Scoones takes us through the making of the first issue in 1987. Jon Preddle delves in the history of Doctor Who broadcasting in Singapore, Chris Skerrow continues his journey through the BBC Past Doctor Adventures, and Edwin Patterson gives us a collector's guide to buying Who merchandise online. Meanwhile, Series 3 is reviewed by the TSV Review Panel while Adam McGechan (and friends!) makes a case for the series 3 story arc not being about Mr Saxon at all, but is actually based on the Hartnell adventure The Chase. 100 pages, colour cover, 20 years. To purchase a copy visit The NZDWFC / TSV Webpage.

The latest issues of the Doctor Who Information Network's fanzine Enlightenment include issue 143, which looks at Doctor Who spin-offs with reviews of the first season of the Sarah Jane Adventures and the 10 commandments of making good Doctor Who spin-offs, plus reviews of Time Crash and Voyage of the Damned, a tribute to Verity Lambert, a survival guide for fan wives and more. Issue 142 looks travels back to 1977 with an assessment of a golden year in the classic series, reviews of The Robots of Death and Horror of Fang Rock, a look back at Philip Hinchcliffe, a review of the 1978 Dr Who annual and more! Both issues are available from the DWIN website.