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February 06, 2008

Lieberman No Longer a Super Delegate

     Thanks to Zell Miller, there is a rule to deal with Joe Lieberman.

      Lieberman's endorsement of Republican John McCain disqualifies him as a super-delegate to the Democratic National Convention under what is informally known as the Zell Miller rule, according to Democratic State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo.

     Miller, then a Democratic senator from Georgia, not only endorsed Republican George Bush four years ago, but he delivered a vitriolic attack on Democrat John Kerry at the Republican National Convention.

     The Democrats responded with a rule disqualifying any Democrat who crosses the aisle from being a super delegate. Lieberman will not be replaced, DiNardo said.

     Lieberman lost the Democratic nomination in 2006 and was re-elected as a petitioning candidate. He remains a registered Democrat and a member of the Senate Democratic caucus, but he declared himself an "Independent Democrat."

     Connecticut has 12 super delegates: six Democratic National Committee members, one Democratic senator, four Democratic members of congress and one "unpledged add on" to be selected. Super delegates are not bound by a state's primary results.

     Barack Obama's victory in the state's primary Tuesday will give him 26 pledged delegates, while Hillary Clinton will have 22.

     For those of you keeping score at home, five of the supers are supporting Obama, one is with Clinton and five are neutral.

     -- Mark Pazniokas


Thank God for the Miller Rule. Lieberman is a disgrace and I fully regret voting for him. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Shame on him and shame on me for believing he would still be an effective leader representing those in CT who returned him to Washington. It looks like a pat on the back and a wink of the eye as usual in DC. McCain supported Lieberman's "independent" bid to be re-elected to the Senate and now old Joe returned the favor and did the same for McCain. Business as usual......

good to hear.

Maybe McCain will choose Lieberman as his running mate - maybe THEN I can vote for McCain


I agree that if endorsed a republican he should be a "Super Delegate" Which by the way is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

At least there is a progressive movment of Bi-partisanship forming. That should be commended.

Principles over partisanship and the pursuit of power?

He had to know what he sacrificed when he made his choice.

Zell Miller, I think, would approve.

OH, Ya!!! Sweet justice. Now he can run along and be McCain's running mate!!

Lieberman should be drummed out of the party as soon as the Dems become the majority without him.

What a disgrace he is to Connecticut.

Why not Ned Lamont?

So, does anyone know if this rule extends downward to other elections? What does the rule say about LA Sen. Mary Landrieu's endorsement of Joe Lieberman after Ned Lamont won the Senate primary? Shouldn't she be disqualified from being a super-delegate as well?

This could have happened to a "better" person than Jo-mentum Lieberman. Smokin' Joe cut himself adrift from the Democratic Party in 2006 when he lost the CT Primary to Ned Lamont, and then proceeded to create the "Independent Democratic Party of Joe Lieberman in Connecticut". This actin was furhte rexacerbated by huge influxes of campaign money from directives from Karl Rove. But wait, it gets worse.

I'll wage insider info Jo-Mentum has been a part of the Republican Party, kinda of like a Closet Gay person if I might stretch the analogy abit, for a very LONG time. This goes back to the 2004 Democratic Primay where is key function was to taunt Howard Dean and to siphon off funds and conduit party intelligence to the other side. How or why Jo-mentum could stay in the race so long when his showing was miserable is beyond me, but there he stayed.

Maybe his role gets stranger if one looks back to 2000. Surely Al Gore did a number on himself and the recent legacy of Bill Clinton's exploits with one female intern did not help sway the "values" voters. Jo-Mentum was there once again and given his currying up (which has now been demonstrated) to IAPAC suggests a very strong tie to the Neo-Cons who were running the show behind the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign. Moreover, review the "debate" between Lieberman and Cheney - it was a lovefest not an airing of policy differences.

Where does this lead us in 2008?

Well, I'll suggest readers review remarks by Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill to Lieberman's candidacy against Ned Lamont. Recall Bill Clinton's remark: "Either way (a Lamont vicotry or a Lieberman vicotry) Democrats win." Either this was extremely naive (not a trait from the Clinton MO) or the Clintons would prefer to keep close ties to Jo-Mentum and help encourage the "centrist" Democrat to secure his seat in the Senate.

Lieberman is a pathetic figure of current American politics. His shameless pandering and being forced to repay all of those chits loaned by Rove and crew from years gone by have finally come to roost at his doorstep. Frankly, I'm surprised the DNC has asked him to clear out his desk and go sit on the curb - nest to the panhandlers in DC who really need the money.

Since he was NOT elected as a Democrat [and does NOT represent us CT Dems], I'm not sure the Miller rule applies. He never should have been considered to be a super delegate for the Dem party anyway!!

This is an excellent step #1. Now, let's concentrate on step #2: Gain enough Senate seats in 2008 and remove him from his committee chairmanship. We (and Conn) don't need him and his disloyalty on our team anymore. I still find it incredulous that he was once considered Vice Presidential material.

Lieberman = embarrassing
what happened to the guy who was the vp candidate in 2000?

Please remember that "anti-war" candidate Obama endorsed Lieberman in the Democratic primary. He has not severed ties with Lieberman, one of his political mentors.

Stop believing. Start educating yourselves.

Joe left the Party when he lost the Democratic Primary to Ned.

bipartisanship = Dems do what the Repubs want until the Repubs are back in power and they no longer need the Dems to get what they want and can shut them out.

Anyone who calls for bi-partisanship on these terms is either extremely partisan or a fool.

Good! Now Reid needs to boot his butt off the committees that he sits on as a "Democrat".

Hey Marilyn, Al Gore also had Holy Joe as his RUNNING MATE so don't try to take down Obama with that lame swipe. Ned Lamont wasn't campaigning for Hillary in the primary now was he?

uh, why is someone who hold office a delegate? that seems wrong.

lieberman is a republican and a zionist...i hope he gets voted out of office when he has to face re-election. he is the scariest politician outside bu$hco!

Isn't the "one Democratic senator" Chris Dodd? Isn't Lieberman a member of the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party? Wasn't he already stripped of his super delegate status, essentially the moment he lost the Democratic primary for senate in Connecticut?

It's about time ... what was he anyway? When he lost the support of the Democrats, he ran on his own party. WHY? because he did not want to lose such a lucrative 'job' with all the benefits.

What I REALLY want to know: before this happened, had Lieberman indicated whether he was leaning toward Obama or toward Hillary? (AP has been confidentially interviewing the supers on that Q, and there's got to be a leak!) I'm betting he was leaning Hillary's way (despite the "mentor" thing, which has been overblown -- every new Senator is assigned someone senior to show them the ropes, and who wouldn't want the former veep candidate to be his?) -- but I'd like to know for sure.

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