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Bedele Brewery
Harar Brewery
Meta Abo Brewery

  • Bedele Brewery

    Bedele Brewery is located 483 km from Addis Ababa in South Western Ethiopia, in Ilubabor, SNNP Administrative Region. The construction of the factory started in June 1988 and production began in November 1993. Total area of land allotted for the establishment of the factory is 250,000 sq.m. of which 37,968 sq.m. is covered by different buildings and the rest is open space, which can be used for future expansion. The Brewery was designed to produce 250,000hl. of beer which can be sold as a bottled or draught beer. In 1995/96 budget year it produced 253,198.4hl. but there is a possibility of reaching to 300,000hl. per year with little investment. Bedele has been transformed into a share company with 163.86 million Birr paid in share capital on December 31, 1998. The company has 163,859 ordinary shares with par value of Birr 1000 each fully owned by the government. It was established through a technical agreement between the government of Ethiopia and the former Czechoslovak Republic. Most of the Brewery's plant and equipment are from Czechoslovakia.

    The main raw materials of the factory are malt, sugar and hops. Malt and sugar are locally available. The factory is self-sufficient in water. It gets power from the national greed. It has a stand-by generator to be used when there is power interruption.

  • Harar Brewery

    Harar Brewery is located in the outskirts of the historic town of Harar in eastern Ethiopia. The brewery is well known for the popular taste of its beer and the diversity of its products. Harar Brewery is the only Ethiopian brewery that sales abroad.Most of the machinery and equipment in the brewery are from the Czech Republic. It occupies a total area of 103,407 m2. Land is available for future expansion. Genela spring, from which Harar beer is brewed, is within the factory's compound and supplementary water supply has been made available from the Finkile deep-well and Alemaya Pump Station. The installed capacity of the brewery is 200,000 hl per annum. Under normal conditions, the daily capacity is four brewing cycles, each consisting of 200 hl. With slight changes in the brewing-house, the daily capacity could be raised to five cycles.

    In the bottling section, the general production rate reaches 20,000 bottles per hour. Recently, the factory replaced its old labeling machines with a new machinery suitable for front and back labeling, neck labeling, foiling and date printing. There is also a new keg filling plant for draught beer, with washing and filling stations.

    Harar Beer is sold almost everywhere in the country. In the early years of its operation, the brewery exported large quantities of beer to the USA, Canada and Djibouti. This was interrupted in early 1990s, but has now been revived adding the Netherlands to the list of export markets. The sales activity is carried out partly by the brewery itself and partly by sales agents. The direct sales by the brewery covers some 46% of the total volume. Branch offices in Dire Dawa, Shashemene and Addis Ababa promote the sales activity.

    Before the establishment of Assela Maltery, the brewery used to import malt from abroad. Nowadays malt is imported in small quantities for blending purposes only. In general, the brewery imports all chemicals for treatment and sanitation purposes. Hop is imported mostly from Germany.

    The repair and maintenance of all machinery and vehicles are carried out by the brewery's maintenance division. All machinery are in good condition. Downtime is minimal. Electricity is supplied from the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation. Two transformers with a capacity of 1,250 KVA each are installed in the Brewery's premises. Supplementary water is pumped from a place called Finkile, 33 km from the premises, which is jointly used with Hamaressa Edible Oil Factory.

  • Meta Abo Brewery

    Meta Abo Brewery is located in the town of Sebata, 27 km from Addis Ababa. The brewery was established in 1963 by the Ethiopian Government and Ethiopian private nationals as a share company with a starting capital base of 2 million Birr. Initially, the production capacity of the brewery was 50,000 hl. per annum. In 1970 the first expansion program took place, and the annual production capacity was raised to 120,000 hl. Later on, in 1980, the second expansion program was carried out. As a result of this program, the attainable production capacity reached 350,000 hl. Meta has been transformed into a share company with 83.28 million Birr paid in share capital as at December 31, 1998. The company has 83,284 ordinary shares with a par value of Birr 1000.00 each fully owned by the government.

    It is the only brewery which gets water from a big reserve of soft spring water (locally known as holy water of St. Abo). The spring water meets the international brew standard to be used without any treatment. The brewery produces bottled and draught beer. Bottled beer is supplied to all markets in the country, while draught beer is supplied to the city of Addis Ababa and the towns located within 120 km from Addis Ababa. The brewery has a liaison office and distribution center in Addis Ababa. The total land holding of the brewery is 369,000 m2 of which 25,000 m2 is a built-up area. A car park, recreation and horticultural farms occupy the major part of the brewery's premises.

    In 1998, Meta Abo Brewery produced and sold 365,000 hl. of bottled and draught beer worth Birr 195 million. In the same year, it made a profit of Birr 39.74 million.The brewery supplies 55% of its product to distributors and 45% to retailers. Distribution outside Addis Ababa is made through agents. The brewery distributes draught and bottled beer to Addis Ababa using its own truck fleet.The brewery's major raw materials are malt, hop extract, hop powder, and other chemicals. Except the hop extract, powder and chemicals that are imported from abroad, the major raw material, malt, is obtained from Assala Malt Factory at a distance of 200 km from the brewery. Bottles, corks and crates are obtained from factories located in Addis Ababa

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