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Subspecies: Three young students studying the folklore of Transylvania undercover and ancient clan of vampires ruled by the sadistic, monstrous Radu.
Subspecies II Bloodstone: Radus fledgling Michelle flees from his castle with the holy relic.
Subspecies III Bloodlust: Radu kidnaps Michelle back to the castle he shares with his sorceress mother and teaches her to master her vampire powers.
Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm: The vampire Radu returns to Bucharest in pursuit of his headstrong fledgling Michelle.
Vampire Journals: A 19th Century vampire on a quest to destroy the vampires of his bloodline comes to modern day Bucharest to battle the vampire master Ash.

First Time Ever!!! The amazing Subspecies Box Set import from Australia (all regions DVD, NTSC). This set includes Subspecies #1-4 plus Vampire Journals. All with the original vidoezones" and behind the scenes material as released originally on VHS. Amazing DVD quality and available in the U.S. ONLY on this site!

Funny how things work out: awhile back (before I launched the mighty I ordered myself both the "Puppet Master" & "Trancers" collections from Charles Band's Full Moon direct (and loved 'em both, by the way.) Well, turns out those orders resulted in me getting an unexpected copy of the "Subspecies: Epic collection" box set in the mail one day... even though I hadn't ordered it! (gotta love it when computers mix up shipping labels.) Well, the fine folks @ Full Moon told me to keep the non-ordered set and review it on the site (bless their hearts), so I did, and I am!

I've never been particularly drawn to vampires - they've always just seemed more than a tad lame and weak-assed, in my opinion ("Blade" films aside, of course.) The "Subspecies" series, while definitely b-riffic, do manage to give an edge of bad-assitude to its vampires, making them much more than slick-haired douchebags that vant to suck your blahd... Radu is the self-styled king of the vampires who finds himself infatuated with the lovely Michelle and his love for her pines away across 4 films in this collection (the 5th is a spin-off, with a douche bag-esque vampire named "Ash" - too bad another similarily-named character can't introduce him to his boomstick!)

Charlie Band's touches are all over these films - wrote, produced, release (and I'm sure gave some directorial notes to the actual director) and the films definitely have the smell of Full Moon about them (which I mean in only the most positive of ways.) B-movies through and through, each entertains in its own right and furthers the "Subspecies" tale one more step beyond the last one... until finally being beaten over the head by a shovel with the stinky "Vampire Journals" (entertaining, but in a so-bad-it's-good kinda way.)

Fun stuff, well worth a day's time to watch back to back!

Fullscreen transfer for each film are pretty solid, with any unsightly elements likely being part of the original master prints (as opposed to the DVD transfers.)

Dolby stereo mixes do a good job of delivering all the shrieks and grunts of the mighty Radu!

  • VideoZone behind-the-scenes featurettes

    Closing Thoughts
    Grand, sweeping adventures through vampiric b-movies + decent extras = very comprehensive collection worth your time & money!


  • // posted Wednesday, August 1, 2007

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