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Feel The Welcome

Coming soon: Thombeau's Trousseau.

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In Their Own Words

These ladies have great stories to tell, and totally dish the dirt.
Their books are great fun. We recommend them all!

Alexander McQueen

When it comes to shoes, he knows what women want.

Midcentury Modern

Gloria Talbot

Polling Place

Catching up on recent polling activity: 59% of voters love Nicole Kidman, so we won't feel too bad about featuring her once in a while! In the previous survey, voters were pretty evenly split between loving Madonna, or being indifferent to her charms. Two voters (or the same voter twice!) are apparently seething with hatred for her, and to them we recommend a hearty dose of Kylie Minogue.

We were also happy to learn that the majority of our voters use Firefox. For those who are still using Internet Explorer, we recommend investigating Firefox for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their cool name and logo. As for those who use a different browser altogether, we can only say that we are not impressed by your willful obscurity.

Though Fabulon is not a political forum, and never shall be, our latest poll is timely and relevant for a change. It's featured on the right side of the page. Please refrain from posting political comments here, however; this is not the appropriate arena. We're just curious about our fellow Fabulonians!

Thanks for voting. Please continue to do so!

Ice & Snow

[via dark roasted blend]

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Good lord, what has happened to her?
We thought it was Shirley Q. Liquor!

Below is the actual Ms. Liquor, for comparison.

"How ya durrin'?"

Women, Know Your Limits

[via 4chan]

Pink Lady

Or, possibly, pink tranny.

A Fabulonian Ambassador

Of course.


...And Yards of Fabric

Helen Hayes and Lillian Hellman


The Ritchie Family

That's right.

The Lady In Red wrapped-up and ready to go!


by Mirka Lugosi

Loretta Young


Chaise lounge and matching speakers from Cedri Martini.


Go here to see some dark and disturbing dolls.

Ready For The Floor

Hot Chip

This is odd. We like it.

Glimmer Glamour




Just horsing around.

Who's That Lady?

And what exactly is she doing?

You tell us.

Lookin' For A New Love

Jody Watley, bitches!

Holly Woodlawn

...Shaved her legs, and then he was a she...

[image via hilly blue]

Armani Privé

Spring 2008

Jazz Hands for Jesus!

Not a girl, not yet an Urkel.

Such A Shame

"I just washed my mantilla and can't do a thing with it!"

The Proust Brothers

Marcel and Robert. Or is it Niles and Frasier?

Miss Ruth Buzzi

[courtesy of the incomparable hilly blue!]

Partial Eclipse

In Living Color

[fotos: matteo bertolio]

Hey, Honey

...Shaved her legs and then he was a she...

Attitude Is Everything

We have no idea who this is, but obviously we approve.

Ann Blyth

Working It

Aurora Van Davenport and Lypsinka


[fotos: paolo roversi]


Igor Stavinsky

Marcel Duchamp

Truman Capote

Photos by Irving Penn, 1948

The Aloof

Fabulous. Fosse.

What Are YOU Looking At?

Lair of the White Worm

Lair of the White Worm is one of Ken Russell's loopiest films, and also one of his most popular. Never pretending to be anything more than a B-movie, it's a hoot, and full of many moments that make the entire endeavor worthwhile. What the film basically boils down to is: (1) phallic imagery and (2) Amanda Donohoe, who hisses lines like "Poor little virgins, masturbating in the dark." Need we say more?

The Geisha Way


Rob Halford

Heavy metal homo.

Ebony & Ivory

Enough is enough!

Hats That Make A Statement

And that statement is: "I'm wearing a hat!"


Spring 2008

It's A Look

"See anything you like?"

[foto: Paco Peregrín]

We Rule!

Thanks to our generous contributors, we are now master of our domain! That's right, we will soon be found at! It may take a few days for the change to be fully in effect, so we just thought we'd let you know.


Bon Appétit!

We shamelessly "borrowed" this post from The Other Andrew, who will shamelessly be our next guest editor later this month. Hopefully, this will whet your appetites!

(So, is it $2 or 25 cents???)

Glamour OD

It happens.

[foto: matteo bertolio]

Gael Garcia Bernal

We love him. End of story.

Must-See TV

This slow-motion train-wreck defies description...and yet one can't stop watching. What in the name of Bea Arthur?!


Come Play With Us

Click here for more.


Love her. She dares you.

We Are So Totally THERE!

Hot hot heat.

Carolyn Jones

That's "Morticia" to you!

Prada Madness

Operative word: Madness.

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

"Hmm...that's a really good question!"

"During football practice."

"That depends on what you mean by 'virginity'."

"On my lunch break. Oh! Did I just say that?"

"If we don't get a freakin' computer soon, I will lose my mind!"

Too Cool For School

We Swear By It!

Click image to read our helpful hints.

Sensible Shoes

Lucy On Fabulon

"Good evening, I'm Lucille Ball. I'm fabulous, and I think I deserve a hand."

"Very funny."

"Get those cheap nails away from me or I'll have Viv on your ass in no time!"

"This is no way to run a drag show!"

"That's more like it!"

"Now off with you!"

"Thank you. I owe it all to Vita-meata-vegamin!"

Hold That Thought!

Just Wondering

Hey, pretty lady, what's that on your head?

Billy Tipton

Not until jazz musician Billy Tipton's death, at age 74, was it revealed that he was, in fact, biologically female.

See an interesting video here.


Spring 2008