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WiFi User Instructions


Go to Pere Marquette Park (Third St. & Kilbourn Ave., see map) or Cathedral Square Park (520 E. Wells St., see map) with a wireless device. The wireless device can be a laptop, notebook, personal digital assistant or cell phone type device. These devices are required to include a wireless PC-Card (802.11b at 2.4Ghz) component and an Internet browser. 
Note: Newer operating systems, like Windows XP or Mac OSX, are designed to automatically recognize a wireless network signal. Use the instructions below to configure your wireless adapter, if your laptop has been previously configured for another wireless network or if you are using an older operating system.

To configure your wireless adapter:

Windows OS: Right-click on My Network Places/Network Neighborhood. Go to Properties. Double-click Wireless Adapter. (Or, simply click on your vendor icon for the wireless adapter in the lower right-hand tool bar.) 
Then, follow these five steps:

  1. The SSID should be set to "MILWIFI" (all capital letters).
  2. A DHCP address will be allocated automatically.
  3. The 'wireless encryption privacy ' WEP' option should be set to "off ".
  4. The network type option should be set to "infrastructure" not "ad hoc" (peer-to-peer).
  5. Restart (re-boot) the computer. This is not a requirement with the Windows XP system. You can now open a web browser 

Mac OS: Click on System Preferences from the Apple menu. Double-click the Network logo. Under Show Menu:

  1. Select Airport. Close window.
  2. Open Internet connect. Turn on Airport.
  3. At Network menu, select MILWIFI. You can now open a web browser.

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) page will appear. Read and agree to this procedure. You are now surfing Milwaukee's FREE WiFi Network!

Please note that certain ports are blocked, therefore some activities such as MP3 and Microsoft Outlook will not execute unless a secure VPN connection is used. Also, it is recommended that users download and install the driver and software application associated with the vendor wireless PC-Card they are using.

  • Please send comments or suggestions to: milwifi@milwaukee.gov
  • Please dispatch issues to: support@ethostream.com, 414-223-0473 (voice) or to 414-278-0757 (fax)  
  • See a map of Milwaukee Free WiFi Network hotzones
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