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Discography - v 2.0, 18th Jan '02
Discography at Eyesore - very nice, has lots of graphics


New Route Interview - Spring '89 by Peter Shershin
New Route Interview - Nov/Dec '90 by Glen Michael Prejean
Progressive Alternative Interview - January '91 by Stephanie Barto
4AD Press Release - September '92
Volume #6 Interview - March '93 by Cathi Unsworth
Raygun Interview - March '93 by Bob Gulla
Buzz #87 Article - April '93 by Aidin Vaziri
Interview in Phoenix New Times - May '93 by Fred Mills
Alternative Press Interview - June '93 by Jon Wiederhorn
A review/history of UVS in Consumable - March '95 by John Walker
Alternative Press Review - April '99 by Dave Segal
Kurt Ralske Interview/Article - June '99 by Andrew Scott


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Kurt Ralske's post-UVS activity

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Miau-Miau International Reviews/MP3's/Movies of Kurt Ralske's new work

Japanese CD Booklet Notes for UVS: UVS For our Japanese friends
Japanese CD Booklet Notes for Joy: 1967-1990

Kibster's Dreams Beyond Images related to UVS and Kurt Ralske

Ultra Vivid Scene @ GAPD 3 photos of Kurt Ralske circa 1992

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