My Morning Jacket, Pajo Cover Misfits on Comp

Even though they both tend to involve candy, it's hard to think of a more different pair of holidays than Halloween and Valentine's Day. And yet, Louisville, KY-centric sorta label Louisville Is for Lovers has created a common thread between them by expanding its catalogue from V-Day comps to include an H-day Misfits cover compilation called Louisville Babylon 2007.

The "2007" in the compilation's name comes from the fact that LIFL has actually done this before, an unlucky 13 years ago to be exact. Louisville Babylon 1994 included Misfits covers by Rodan, Falling Forward, Crain (featuring Matmos half/Pitchfork contributor Drew Daniel on vocals), Hula Hoop (Rachel Grimes' pre-Rachel's band), and Slo-pok (featuring Silver Jew Cassie Marrett on bass).

Louisville Babylon 2007, on the other hand, features contributions from My Morning Jacket, Dave Pajo, Wax Fang, and the Slow Break, among plenty of others. Naturally, it comes in a number edition of 666, and it is available for purchase right here, right now.

LIFL has also reissued the 1994 edition of the comp, which is available either by itself or packaged in a limited edition with 2007.

Louisville Babylon 2007:

01 Black Kerouac: "Night of the Living Dead"
02 The Slow Break: "Attitude"
03 My Morning Jacket: "Hollywood Babylon"
04 Ronnie Mack: "Horror Hotel"
05 Ponty's Camper: "Astro Zombies"
06 Chemic: "Return of the Fly"
07 Tamara Dearing: "Hybrid Moments"
08 One Small Step: "20 Eyes"
09 Dave Pajo: "Angelfuck"
10 Wax Fang: "Halloween"
11 The Gallery Singers: "Cough/Cool"
12 Gaj Mustafa Cell: "We Bite!"
13 Ultra Pulverize: "Where Eagles Dare"

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