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David Siminoff

General Partner
Office: Menlo Park
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Place of birth: Stanford, California

B.A. English and the equivalent of Math/Computer Science, Stanford University, with honors
M.F.A., USC Film School
M.B.A., Stanford University Graduate School of Business

David joined Venrock in 2007.  His entrepreneurial, operational and investment knowledge and experience makes him an invaluable asset to the entrepreneur.   He founded and later sold EastNet, a syndicate barter company, enabling television stations in Eastern Europe to trade American TV programs for advertising time from major brands.  David spent nearly a decade in investment research analysis and portfolio management at Capital Research, making early investments in Yahoo!, AOL, Amazon and eBay. He later funded and co-founded 4INFO, a leading mobile search service. Most recently, he served as chairman, president and CEO of Spark Networks, a provider of on-line personal services and the parent company to JDate.

David currently serves on the boards of 4INFO, Green Dimes and Spark Networks.

“The internet is a beautiful ‘literary’ math equation: At every node or click, a multiplication happens. Sites which make the world a little better <read: faster, cleaner, clearer…>, multiply 1.0000001 x 1.0000001. Those who make it worse multiply a lot of 0.999999s. When you string a near infinite number of transactions together, you get asymptotes to infinity and zero. The world under the low friction of a global internet is a small, intimately connected village and helping visionary entrepreneurs write the literature of those connections is my mission at Venrock.”

"Siminoff is an artsy guy in a suit who puts the literature of what sites do above anything else, even though he's trained as a finance guy. He was a great advisor for us as we scaled - he has a really clear vision for what's coming in the world. Entrepreneurs are clearly at the top of his pyramid."
Chris DeWolfe, founder, MySpace

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