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VIDEO: Every U.S household owes about $400,000.... AUDIO: The Next Great Depression - Part 3 ... GLOBAL CRASH ALERT: (02/06) 'Creative Destruction’ – The Madness of the Global Economy | The Great Credit Rating Scandal | Bankers Gone Bonkers | The Boom Was a Bust for Ordinary People | The Coming Collapse of International Credit Ratings | Fitch Discloses Its Fatally Flawed Rating Model | Greenback Has Lost 30% in Past 7 Years | (02/02) The Double Whammy | Credit crisis threatening Iceland's entire banking system | Money Party to Citizens - Drop Dead! | Where did all our deposits go? | Wall Street Embraces Big Government to Stave Off U.S. Recession | Global stocks knocked by credit fears | Headlines Of The Great Stock Market Crash Of 1929 | Economic stimulus Is A Major Scam | How oil burst the American bubble | (01/31) Davos, Debt & Systemic Failure | The Great Fiscal Stimulus Package ... Of 1929 | The Great Credit Unwind of 2008 | Bank Reserves Go Negative | Economic Stimulus Concerns By Ron Paul | Europe leaders warned against 'artificial' cures | FBI investigates sub-prime crisis, some of the world's largest banks | Secret bank rescues to be allowed | Bond insurers out of cash, need 130B taxpayer bailout | (01/27) Fed helpless in its own crisis | How to Sink America | You should be wary of this market rebound | US slides into dangerous 1930s 'liquidity trap' | Developing economies face reckoning as U.S. stumbles | Dollar's Golden Era Is Ending, Warns Soros | Behind the next bubble | Banks 'face a further $300bn sub-prime hit' | Davos Forum: Fed May Have Lost Control | Frailty of U.S. Finances Has Japanese Agonizing | ... previous headlines


For Good and Evil

Review: Taxation' s critical role in the demise of some of the world's great civilizations (new link)

#4 at Amazon - The Revolution: A Manifesto | Review
Texas Congressman Ron Paul files for GOP presidential bid - many links | (01/24) Ron Paul Unveils a REAL Economic Stimulus Plan | It's Time to Watch The Vote Counters

How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Taxpayers Expense | Review: The New Billionaire-Criminal Class | (01/16-19) AUDIO

The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
(book review) | (2007) Economic Illiteracy and Rational Voters

The Web Of Debt

Parents Will Be Tempted To Read "Born To Buy" As A Kind Of Contemporary Horror Story

Against Harmful Effects Of Marketing To Children | (12/15/07) Born to Shop: How Marketers Brainwash Babies

MONETARY REFORM ESSENTIALS: The Principle of Sound Money | The financial enigma resolved — the money myth exploded | AUDIO: War and Inflation | What has government done to our money? | Government Meddling With Money | 350 Years of Economic Theory in 50 Minutes (von mises insititute) | Modern Money Mechanics By Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago - or when banks tell the truth | Want To Fight for Freedom? Learn Economics! | Government Money Deserves a "Swift" Abolition | The Myth of the Gold Supply Deficit | The Gold Standard is Required to Preserve Liberty | Video: Fiat Empire ... more

Book Review | (09/11) AUDIO

(11/22) Alan Greenspan, Homewrecker
``Bubble Man: Alan Greenspan and the Missing 7 Trillion Dollars

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(2007) The Gold Price-Fixing Conspiracy | (06/2007) GATA will demand truth about U.S. gold reserves | (10/2007) Citigroup acknowledges central bank scheme to suppress gold | (11/2007) Credit Suisse: Central bank sales 'masked' gold market deficit | Credit Suisse gold report heightens suspicion about central banks | Gold is the new global currency | (01/2008) When governments print money, buy gold | (01/2008) Wall Street Journal: The world melts for gold | (01/2008) Feds accused of gold-price manipulation | (01/30) GATA's advertisement in The Wall Street Journal

Destructive Economics -- “The borrower is the slave to the lender." -- King Solomon

(2008) Headlines Of The Great Stock Market Crash Of 1929

(2008) Worries That the Good Times Were Mostly a Mirage | Why There's No Real Economic Bail-Out Money | How Real Was the Prosperity?

(2008) Ron Paul Unveils a REAL Economic Stimulus Plan

(2008) How free is the "free market?" | Don't Blame Subprime Lenders!

2008) The High Priestess Of US Monetarism Indicts The Fed

(2008) Money control doesn't work

(2008) The Political and Economic Agenda for a Real Gold Standard By Ron Paul

(2008) Louis T. McFadden's Speech In the House of Representatives 10 June 1932

(2008) America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks | An Act to restore the Constitutional power to create Money to the Congress of the United States | Credit expansion, economic inequality, and stagnant wages

(2008) The British Financial Wafare

(2008) The Church of Keynes | Ownership of money and the induction of value to money | The Economic Lessons of Bethlehem | The Case Against Austrian Economics (really?) | Hayek on the Paradox of Saving

(2008) When Debt comes calling | Tax Rip-Offs and a Remedy for Reckless Central Banking

(2008) The Nature of Money - A Dialogue between Socrates and his student Amphytrion

(2008) Fiat Currency: Destroyer of Labor - Destroyer of Capital

(2007) The 5 Myths About The Gold Standard By Ron Paul

(2007) The Ugly Side of Microlending... trapped in a maze of debt

(2007) Atlas Shrugged: the novel explained

(2007) The fallacy of money mania

(2007) Choice In Currency By Hayek | Moany Explained - PowerPoint Presentation | Action Within the World

(2007) Are Friends to Blame for Your Debt? | Young doctors in debt | The Consumer Paradox: Scientists Find that Low Self-Esteem and Materialism Goes Hand in Hand | Eat, drink and be miserable: the true cost of our addiction to shopping | Fall in high street shoppers threatens gloomy Christmas for retailers | Born to Shop: How Marketers Brainwash Babies | Japanese Extreme Consumerism

(2007) What would it take to send the U.S. economy—and New York’s—into free fall? A doomsday primer

(2007) Cycles of History, Boom and Bust

(2007) U.S Taxpayers on the hook for $59 trillion

(2007) 100 years after the 1907 credit crunch | Goldman Sachs: Traitors And Con Artists

(2007) The US Economy: Greenspan and Bernanke Have a Lot to Answer For | It's Time For The Banks To Face The Hangman

(2007) The Alarming Parallels Between 1929 and 2007 - Before the Committee on Financial Services | Mired in debt: 21st Century serfdom

(2007) Marco Polo on Money - China's Great Depression

(2007) A Fairy Tale of the Austrian Movement | The Rule of Planned Money | Mises as Radical

(2007) The age of disaster capitalism | REVIEW: On Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"

(2007) The Credit Crunch That Never Was, Is Over

(2007) A perpetual 'war on gold'? | Citigroup acknowledges central bank scheme to suppress gold

(2007) Is Mass Killing Necessary for Economic Growth? | Meeting of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fraud

(2007) How gold was money -- how gold could be money again | In gold we trust

(2007) The End Of A 300 Year Ponzi Scheme

(2007) 600 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N in unfunded liabilities at all levels of the global economy

(2007) Country's top decisions made in secret by Fed

(2007) Free trade cannot be forced | Mises as Radical

(2007) Global Economic Exploitation | Economic Cannibalism

(2007) Anatomy of the Bank Run

(2007) Silver and Gold in Medieval Europe - The Russian Silver Trade - The Silver Crisis of 1465

(2007) Why is America falling apart? Ask Ayn Rand

(2007) True Believers in the Theology of Capitalism

(2007) Zimbabwe meltdown: Inflation nears 1.5 million percent

(2007) Main Causes of the Great Depression | The Fall of the Weimar Republic | The Principle of Sound Money

(2007) The Neurobiology of Mass Delusion (2005)

(2007) Economic Illiteracy and Rational Voters

Paper Money and Tyranny By Ron Paul (2003)

(2007) The Distribution of Wealth | What is distributism? (how fallacies spread) | he Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises | Are Profits Purely Random?

(2007) [GATA] Scientists find economic process for creating gold from base metals

2007)IMF concern over secretive activities of the multibillion-dollar sovereign investment funds

(2007) How currency devaluation destroys wealth

(2007) Sell Dreams on credit, you'll make a fortune on the interest

(2007) [GATA] Supreme Court lifts anti-trust liability for banks' stock manipulation

(2007) 'Piggybacking' roils credit industry

(2007) Liability $516,348 per U.S. household | US debt could trigger dollar collapse, UN warns | Greenspan: The massive U.S. trade deficit "cannot continue to increase forever | BIS warns of Great Depression dangers from credit spree

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Decentralization Of Power Is Key -- “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way” -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

(02/01-02) Political Stimulus | Regulation or Deregulation

George Orwell: Politics and the English Language

(2008) Fastest Growing Corporate Crime in America: Hidden Fees - $215 billion a year

(2008) Why we are still arguing about Darwin

(2008) Myth and Truth About Libertarianism

(2008) The Bilderberg Group - Rulers of the World

(2007) The myth of a risk-free life | Should the State Regulate Envy?

(2008) Plenty of oil left in the global tank - oil peak story invented in 1920's

(2008) Globalization Was Good Then, Not Now | Eat, drink and be miserable: the true cost of our addiction to shopping

(2007) America’s Armageddonites | Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates

(2007) Environmentalism Without Government

(2007) It's As Ridiculous As If They'd Given Goebbels One in 1938; Al Gore's Peace

(2007) The Humanitarian with the Guillotine | The Majesty of the Law

(2007) 10 planks of Commie manifesto, and their implementation notes

(2007) The Big Lie: 'Iran Is a Threat'

(2007) Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer

(2007) Abolish all copyright! | Real and fake anarchism

(2007) The rule of law without the state | Why Does Socialism Cause Pollution? | Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution | The Ethics and Economics of Private Property | Environmental Preservation: A Matter of Property | Environmentalism Without Government

(2007) Rethinking the Constitution, Completely | Does IQ Determine the Wealth of Nations?

(2007) The Trouble With Democracy | Democracy in retreat around the world | Democracy vs. Freedom | Democracy, the Worst Form of Government Ever Tried | National democracy or ten percent?

(2007) 750,000 a year killed by Chinese pollution (stock market fake boom)

(2007) Al Gore’s Carbon Crusade: The Money and Connections Behind It

(2007) Militarism – America's State Religion

(2007) The problem is that many citizens do not understand SELF-government - Thomas Jefferson

(2007) Why Government Can't Make Decisions Rationally

(2007) The Sciences of Human Action - The Principle of Methodological Individualism | Liberty versus Democracy

(2007) Coming to America: The benefits of open immigration

(2007) How war was turned into a brand: Political chaos means Israel is booming like it's 1999 | World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals

(2007) Must history always repeat itself?

(2007) Making the Federal Minimum Wage a Living Wage | |Minimum Wage Laws: Economics versus Ideology

(2007) The Myth of the Rational Voter

(2007) You Receive What They Believe You Deserve

(2007) Global Warming: The Great Delusion (2001) | (2007) Could global warming cause war?

(2007) War Is Terrorism

(2007) Democracy is for the rich (why democracies fail)

(03/05-07) The Illusion Of The Opposites - The Future Is Calling

(2007) The Price of Empire... It's our freedom

(2007) Global drug war reveals itself as a failure

(2007) A monstrous war crime: 650,000+ civilians dead in Iraq

(2007) How long can Britain's biggest arms company run a secret service

(2007) Delusional Democracy (website)

(2007) The Self-Destructive Logic of War

(2007) Kucinich: "Time to face facts" in war on drugs | The War on Drugs' War on Minorities | The Drug War as a Socialist Enterprise

(2007) Making Kids Worthless: Social Security's Contribution to the Fertility Crisis

(2007) Scientists fear they've oversold global warming, some experts fear predictions 'have created a monster' | Penguins and global warming | Global warming to last for 1,000 years | Resisting Global Warming Panic | The public won't pay for global warming legislation | Glaciers are growing around the world?| ... more

(2007) Bloated CEO salaries – subsidized by taxpayers

(2007) Coercion As Cure: A Critical History Of Psychiatry By Thomas Szasz | Psychiatry and Big Pharma | Psychiatry: An Industry of Death | VIDEO: Psychiatry exposed as a fraud without scientific basis | The Selling of Depression | How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow Into Depressive Disorder

(2007) 'Lost' Swedish aid millions are the tip of the iceberg

(2007) [GATA] How U.S. trade deficit fuels bubbles, rewards rich, and screws poor

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The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

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The Fourth Turning: Just after the millennium, America will enter a new era that will culminate with a crisis comparable to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II

(2006) Born to Steal: When the Mafia Hit Wall Street

(2006) The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies

(2006) The Demise of the Dollar

(2006) Empire of Debt : The Rise Of An Epic Financial Crisis

(2006) Greenspan's Fraud : How Two Decades of His Policies Have Undermined the Global Economy

(2005) How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos

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(2008) VIDEO: Why We Fight (exposing the Military Industrial Complex)

(2008) VIDEO: Gary Null - Evidence that AIDS is a disease created by prescription drugs and malnutrition

(2008) VIDEOS Ron Paul - The American Power Structure (1988) | Ron Paul Gold Rush Revolution

(2008) VIDEO: The Next Big U.S. Bubble: Janszen on CNBC

(2008) VIDEO: Cramer on Financials - There is too much fiction going on here | Jim Cramer: Recession and Collapse

(2008) AUDIO: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense

(2008) AUDIOS: Various Libertarian Topic - Freedom/Sound Money

(2008) VIDEOs: Canadian Connie Fogal on the corporate north american union | Canadian Action Party

(2008) VIDEOs: The Century of the Self | The Power of Nightmares - BBC documentary | There You Go Again: Orwell Comes to America - Deceiving Images

(2007) VIDEO: Central banks long have been rigging gold market, Paul declares

(2008) VIDEO: Who Killed the Electric Car?

(2007) VIDEO: Preaching on the Fed and Bankers, National Debt

(2007) VIDEO: The Gold Standard Conference (Ron Paul - 1993)

(2007) VIDEO: Jim Cramer on Market Manipulation - Jim Cramer gushes over Ron Paul on CNBC's 'Mad Money'

(2007) VIDEO: Ayn Rand on the GOP (1961) | Ron Paul comments on Objectivism, Rand, and Greenspan's "Gold and Economic Freedom"

(2007) GOA: USA is living beyond its means

(2007) Ron Paul Schools Ben Bernanke Again | Greenspan supports Goldstandard | Ron Paul Brickfilm

(2007) VIDEO: The 911 News Special You Never Saw

(2007) VIDEO: Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life

(11/01-04) VIDEO: Coming Financial Collapse of America (19990's)

(2007) Ron Paul on CNN - PART 1 11/2

(2007) VIDEO: The Declaration of Independence

(2007) VIDEO: The NWO End Game by Alex Jones | VIDEO: Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America

(2007) Alan Greenspan Confronted by Angry Mob

(2007) VIDEOS: Dow Jones Illusion | People And Power: Death of the Dollar

(2007) VIDEO: Money and Capitalism | VIDEO: World Economic Update

(2007) VIDEO: Global Elies, Globalism Exposed by E. Griffin

(2007) VIDEO: Ron Paul Addresses Banking Hearing on Moral Hazard

(2007) VIDEO: Zeitgeist, The Movie - Official Release

(2007) Congressman Ron Paul On Fox News W/ Cavuto

(2007) VIDEOS: Is it the return of the great depression of 1929 for US? | U.S. Senate Committe on Housing Bubble

(2007) Timeless Wisdom & Warnings from the Inventors of America

(2007) VIDEO: Monopoly Men (1999)

(2007) VIDEOS: Keiser on France 24, Max Keiser discusses CDO scam, Gold | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

(2007) VIDEO: Is it return of the Great Depression of 1929 for US?
(2007) VIDEO: Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century - VERY SCARY

(2007) AUDIO: America's Financial Reckoning Day

(2007) VIDEO: Maxed Out

(2007) VIDEO: Our Housing Economy Right Now

(2007) VIDEO: No More Manipulation

(2007) VIDEO: The International Bankers by Ed Griffin

(2007) The Money Trap - How the banks lure you into debt (BBC 2006)

(2007) VIDEO: During depression, average house price plunged 90+%

(2007) BBC review: The Power of Nightmares | VIDEO: The Power of Nightmares

(2007) VIDEO: Economist Bjorn Lomborg: Global warming is not a priority

(2007) VIDEO: Depleted Uranium - The Invisible War By Canal+

(2007) VIDEO: The Money Trap - How the banks lure you into debt

(2007) VIDEO: If Americans Knew - Documentary Trailer

AUDIO: "Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom"

(2007) VIDEO: John Kerry: WTC Building 7 Was Controlled Demolition

(2007) VIDEO: Naked Short Selling - Stockgate

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(02/06) The Scapegoat Is Being Readied By HT
(02/06) Involuntary Thrift By Michael J. Panzner
(02/06) Fitch Discloses Its Fatally Flawed Rating Model | Debt Trap Mass Exodus By Mish
(02/06) Tthinking about the Presidency By Fred Cederholm
(02/06) California Budget Woes: Balance the Budget by Gambling and Letting Inmates Out! By Dr HB
(02/06) The ‘Super’ Primary Is Over But The Race Continues; Is It Still 'Too Close To Call?' By D. Schechter
(02/02) Petro-dollars in images - Americans: Wake Up By Jame Jaeger
(02/02) As The Economic Crisis Deepens, Fed Cuts Rates AGAIN And Stocks Fall By D. Schechter
(02/02) The Wave Is Finally Hitting The Beach By Ben Jones
(02/02) Is Capitalism Essential to a Positive Singularity? By Jame Jaeger
(02/02) Riding in the Short Bus of Housing By Dr HB
(02/02) Plenty More Nightmares to Come By Michael J. Panzner
(01/31) Did Fred Hassan use smoke-and-mirrors to “turn around” both Pharmacia and Schering-Plough? By Peter Rost
(01/31) From Credit to Money, Part I By A. Ash
(01/31) What Caused the Housing Crash? Two Words: Crushing Debt By AS
(01/31) 60 Minutes Legitimizes Walking Away by Mish
(01/31) Green Machine by John Rubino
(01/31) The State of the Union, The State of a Broken Record, The State of Despair By D. Schehcter
(01/31) Thinking about rogues By Fred Cederholm
(01/31) Defending a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy - The Independent Institute
(01/31) Sending in Your Home Keys Just Got Easier By Dr HB
(01/31) A Housing Bust In California By Ben Jones
(01/31) Keynesian Chickens Coming Home by Nelson Hultberg
(01/27) The Business Cycle by James Jaeger
(01/27) Commercial Real Estate Crash Underway By Mish
(01/27) Why the Stimulus Package Hurts Housing and Sneaking in a Raise for Loan Caps By Dr HB
(01/24) Global Junkification By SB Kayser
(01/24) A Housing Led Recession By AS
(01/24) California Dreaming and Double-Speak Housing BY Dr HB
(01/24) Faith In The Fed: The Last Bubble To Pop By Mish
(01/19) Why Ron Paul Will Be The Next U.S. President by James Jaeger
(01/19) Stimulate This By D. Schechter
(01/19) The Smear Campaign on Ron Paul by Nelson Hultberg
(01/19) Exposed, Reviled and Punished By Michael J. Panzner
(01/19) Fiscal "Stimulus" Doomed To Fail By Mish
(01/19) Housing Crisis? How About Buying a House You Can Afford! By AS
(01/19) Breaking Down the National Housing Neurosis By Dr HB
(01/19) As The Bond Insurers Collapse, Wall Street Debt Junkies Will Follow By NY HB
(01/19) Family-democracy By Joost van Steenis
(01/16) Credit Card Time Bomb Is Ticking Away By Mish
(01/16) Alert: Breaking phase ahead for the global financial system in 2008 by Leap2020
(01/16) False Prophets of Housing By Dr HB
(01/16) Thinking about trends By Fred Cederholm
(01/13) Why Iran Is Still In The Cross-Hairs By Ellen Brown
(01/13) Junior Gold Miners Pulling Out of the Station By Greg Silverman
(01/13) Tracking The Crisis By D. Schechter
(01/13) False Bottoms in Action. $300,000 Off in 1 Year! By Dr HB
(01/13) A Letter to Governor Dodge - Part 1 | Part 2 By David Jensen
(01/13) Financial freedom community - Internet's first get-out-of-debt community
(01/09) Massive Inventory Decrease in Southern California. Is This the Fabled Bottom? By Dr HB
(01/09) Taking A Dive Worse Than Anyone Thought By Ben Jones
(01/09) Recession is a Reality By Mish
(01/09) 'The Urgency Of Now:' Our Politicians Are Still In Denial By D. Schechter
(01/09) Corporate Tax Scams by Financemedia
(01/09) Thinking about audits By Fred Cederholm
(01/09) Housing Pot Pourri Around The Wold By Mish
(01/06) Real Homes of Genius: Today we Salute you Downey. $270,000 off Peak! By Dr HB
(01/06) Concept of Pay Raise For Some Federal Judges Is Revolting! By Barbara Ann Jackson

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GATA, World Bear, Credit Bubbles And The World Crash

(02/03-06) 'Creative Destruction’ – The Madness of the Global Economy | U.S. recession could be worse than recent downturns

(02/03-06) Wildcat banking in the virtual frontier | Central Banking Has a History of Always Failing to Stabilize Markets | Unemployment, Misery, and the Fed | The Coming Collapse of International Credit Ratings | Greenback Has Lost 30% in Past 7 Years, Becomes “Bernanke Peso”

(02/03-06) Spanish economic slowdown deepens, recession feared
(02/03-06) I won't be made a scapegoat - €5bn rogue trader breaks silence | Papers Show Wachovia Knew of Thefts
(02/03-06) Europe stabilises after Asian stocks plunge

(02/03-06) Why Americans are going broke | Americans Prepare to Live Within Their Means | Debt Trap Mass Exodus

(02/03-06) Iran 'secret weapon' against US likely to fail - Oil Bourse | Iran's oil bourse could topple the dollar
(02/03-06) Chinese named World Bank chief economist | ICBC Deposes Citigroup as Chinese Banks Rule in New World Order
(02/03-06) Recession is here - economists | Credit gloom drives up cost of debt risk
(02/03-06) CDO Market Is Almost Frozen, JPMorgan, Merrill Say
(02/03-06) A sequel to "The Double Whammy of Geopolitical Global Gold Games"
(02/03-06) [GATA] Is the gold price really being manipulated? | The real lesson of Societe Generale | Fed manipulates all markets with repurchase agreements

(02/03-06) Boom in the Doom
(02/03-06) Stocks slip after Fed comments: Official suggests no more interest-rate cuts
(02/03-06) Fitch Discloses Its Fatally Flawed Rating Model | Moody’s offers to change debt rating system
(02/03-06) The Fed isn't fooling anyone
(02/03-06) Our Solid Economy - Cartoon
(02/03-06) Auto Loan Defaults Newest Financial Meltdown
(02/03-06) The Great Credit Rating Scandal | What if House Prices Fall by 30% Worldwide? | US Homeowners Confound Predictions | The Real Scandal | Risk of (commercial) property defaults growing | Lenders freeze equity lines in response to tumbling property values | Media Meltdown: Unreporting the Housing Bubble | Reverse Mortgage A Growing Concern | Credit-Card Crunch Crimps Home-Equity Loans | VIDEO: Shiller Says Historic Housing Bust, Possible Severe Recession | These Loans Were Made for Walking: The End of the Subprime Crisis | Higher loan limits will lead to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac bailout

(02/03-06) A Northern Rock style crisis is threatening Iceland's entire banking system

(02/01-02) How Your 401(k) Is Ripping You Off
(02/01-02) Investing in Foreign Currencies: Recession Proof Investing
(02/01-02) Jim Rogers - it's going to be much worse than a recession, the Fed is out of control
(02/01-02) Financial firms sweat out the earnings season

(02/01-02) Banks Find Few Takers for Loans Funding Deals | S&P; sees more than $265bn in losses for banks[Standard & Poors] | Citigroup's Strange New Definition Of "High Risk" | Bankers Gone Bonkers:Global Finance and the Insanity Defense | Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony | Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent

(02/01-02) Qatar considers dropping dollar peg | US's triple-A credit rating 'under threat'

(02/01-02) Who says bipartisanship is dead? - The Politics of Foreclosure (predatory borrowers) | Subprime Lenders Get Big Accounting Break at SEC | Owing your lender more than your home is worth | (Mortgage) Broker gets prison term Banks May Write Down *another* $70 Billion | The Money Party (4) Money Party to Citizens: Drop Dead! | Florida investigates Countrywide over mortgage practices | Why home prices could drop 25% more on average | The SubPrime Crisis Prompts Lawsuit Deluge As Losses Mount | New $20B subprime bailout on the table | Can't Pay Your Mortgage? Trash Your House and Leave | Fair Game: Lenders Who Sold and Left | Greenspan defends subprime role to Swedish bankers | Borrowers Predatory Too | UBS facing subprime banking investigations

(02/01-02) Jobless Claims Spike, Spending Slows, More Rate Cuts Coming | Why The Job Market Is Worse Than You Think
(02/01-02) Economic Fear Taking Hold | Global stocks knocked by credit fears
(02/01-02) At Davos Davos-City-Guide Jan-08, trying to change an incomprehensible world | Mountain meltdown--Davos 2008: Sing, drink and be gloomy | Davos’s Great Failure

(02/01-02) The Double Whammy | Chapman Snippet on Current Conditions America's Teetering Banking System: "Where did all our deposits go?" | Bush to unveil a $3 trillion-plus budget request for his final year

(02/01-02) Stagflation is Here | The Hidden Costs of Recession
(02/01-02) MBIA, Ambac Rise After Report Banks Will Form a Rescue Group | Banks link to solve bond insurers crisis (bailout?)
(02/01-02) Wall Street Embraces Big Government to Stave Off U.S. Recession
(02/01-02) Keynesian quackery | Bernanke hits the joy button
(02/01-02) How oil burst the American bubble
(02/01-02) Out-of-control predatory capitalists have perpetrated a worldwide economic depression

(02/01-02) Economic stimulus package: macabre waltz into the abyss | Why Is Bernanke Trying to Fight the Bear? | Religion and economic freedom | Economic stimulus Is A Major Scam

(02/01-02) Talk on debt and financial instability | VIDEO: The merciless exponential debt explosion
(02/01-02) UK - Council gives £16,000 to first home buyers
(02/01-02) Merrill Charged With Fraud by Massachusetts on CDO Sale to City
(02/01-02) Bank Chief [Societe General] May Face Questions
(02/01-02) The Dollar’s Long Fade | Poisoning the economy
(02/01-02) Headlines Of The Great Stock Market Crash Of 1929
(02/01-02) 300,000 Australians risk losing their homes this year /a>
(02/01-02) US no longer world's only economic giant
(02/01-02) Why China is rooting for a US slowdown
(02/01-02) For Japan, a long, slow slide
(02/01-02) Banana Republic, Without the Bananas…or the Republic
(02/01-02) AUDIO: The Next Great Depression - Part 3
(02/01-02) Russia's billionaires join next big gold rush | Peak Cheap Oil, Peak Dollar, but no Peak Gold

(02/01-02) [GATA] Wall Street Journal's lead story: Investors rush to gold | Mining Interactive interviews GATA Chairman Bill Murphy

(02/01-02) For Just a Few Dollars, a Big TV and Years of Debt - 71% interest
(02/01-02) China's largest bank to set up branch in Qatar
(02/01-02) Bush Wants $200 Billion In Medicare Cuts
(02/01-02) Bush asks for $6 billion to fight the terrorists online
(02/01-02) Universal earnings fall to £3.6bn
(02/01-02) US economy comes to virtual standstill | America’s middle classes are no longer coping
(02/01-02) The Crisis Management Stage

(01/28-31) Davos, Debt & Systemic Failure - When West Meets East | Worse to come for economy, warns Brown
(01/28-31) Socialism for Wall Street. Banks buy cheap Treasuries to recapitalize Debt

(01/28-31) The Crash of the Bank of United States | The U.S. Economy Faces the Guillotine | Government Rescue Too Late | Brace Yourselves | The dollar’s reserve currency role is drawing to an end | Greenspan doubts Fed's ability to prevent recession | The unsettling zeitgeist of state capitalism

(01/28-31) SocGen's Kerviel Charged, Released From Custody, Threatens to 'name names' | SocGen in disarray as judges throw out fraud charge against trader L’Affaire Société Générale | Master fraud or fall guy? | Will the banks never wise up? | Rogue trader: I did it - but I only wanted a bonus T | Bank's board member sold shares before the scandal - timeline | French find new hero in rogue trader who nearly broke the bank | FSA warns SocGen scandal could happen in UK | Sarkozy tries to block foreign bid for SocGen | French rogue trader says his bosses knew

(01/28-31) The Great Fiscal Stimulus Package... Of 1929 | VIDEO: Your household owes about $400,000 to everyone
(01/28-31) IMF head in shock fiscal warning | A global shock to the system | IMF calls: More government spending please
(01/28-31) Finance system "out of its mind": France's Sarkozy

(01/28-31) Financial crisis to hit 20,000 London jobs: report | (01/28-31) Britain faces recession, India, China can't help: Deloitte | Warning over one million UK homes at risk | Needs to raise taxes by £8bn to keep public finances in order | FSA could play lead role in preventing bank collapses | Secret bank rescues to be allowed

(01/28-31) Continuing turbulence on Australian share markets
(01/28-31) World markets on a roller-coaster ride
(01/28-31) BoF's Noyer says US sub-prime crisis to slow European economy | No risk of major French recession -government
(01/28-31) What Happened to the Promised S&P; & Moody's Review of MBIA & Ambac?

(01/28-31) CBS VIDEO: House Of Cards | Mortgage Refinancing: Don't Trust the Data | Countrywide lawsuit names Canadian banks | US blacks see 'financial apartheid' in subprime crisis | Credit where credit is due: Who caused the Mortgage Crisis? | 50-80% of $1Trillion in sub-prime is non-compliant" | Media Coverage of the Mortgage Crisis | Home Ownership In Record Plunge | Countrywide Financial Posts $422 Million Loss on Overdue Mortgage Payments | US mortgage crisis creates ghost town | Tent city in suburbs is cost of home crisis (VIDEO) | What Median Home Prices Would Look Like If the Bubble Never Happened | FBI investigates sub-prime crisis, including some of the world's largest banks | Broke homeowners linked to arsons | Mortgage Apps Near 4-Year High on Refi Surge

(01/28-31) Long history of Dutch house reveals that bubbles always burst
(01/28-31) The Great Credit Unwind of 2008 | Central bankers are fiddling as Rome burns | Bank Reserves Go Negative
(01/28-31) 'Credit orgy' is over and recession looms, says Jabre
(01/28-31) Japan's Long-Awaited Inflation Saps Spending, Growth
(01/28-31) Europe leaders warned against 'artificial' cures | European leaders call for financial market transparency | East Europe: Crisis is heading towards us
(01/28-31) UBS Reports Record Loss After $14 Billion Writedown
(01/28-31) The $1.4 Trillion Question
(01/28-31) ECB aid to Spanish banks matches Rock rescue

(01/28-31) [GATA] ECB secretly rescues Spanish banking system | Is gold ready for a 'rocket shot'? | Half of gold in central banks gone? | Trading imaginary gold gets easier in gold-savvy Vietnam | Emergency rate cut revives talk of 'Bernanke put | South African miners in desperate talks over power crisis | GATA's full-page color ad in The Wall Street Journal | Gold could soon pass the US$1,000 level | Recession won't slow silver down

(01/28-31) Ron Paul's Competing Currencies | Gold going to a new place altogether

(01/28-31) Time To Move On to the Next Bubble: Clean Energy | In America, land of the bubbles, the next pop will be the biggest
(01/28-31) High anxiety for 401(k) investors
(01/28-31) Bond insurers out of cash, need $130Bn taxpayer bailout
(01/28-31) French consumer confidence plunges (lowest since '87)
(01/28-31) The Keynesian corner
(01/28-31) A creditors' protection bill

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(02/03-06) U.S. Sees Russia, China and OPEC Financial Threat | The Chaos in America's Vast Security Budget
(02/03-06) Carbon Trap: the Perfect Storm
(02/03-06) Voters Americans are dumb
(02/03-06) USG Funding of UN Environment Program & UNCLOS

(02/03-06) Here's what Ron Paul is all about | Ron Paul Ads Are Wonderful! | Ron Paul second only to McCain in AZ fundraising in fourth quarter 2007 | Paving Paradise

(02/03-06) Unconstitutional Acts of Aggression | Libertarian Party sends condolences to the Republican National Committee

(02/03-06) VDIEOs: Prothink confronts congressman | A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash | How they bleep you

(02/03-06) Israel to build border fence with Egypt
(02/03-06) No Debate by Ralph Nader
(02/03-06) Iraq's tragic future
(02/03-06) Americans don't care much about freedom
(02/03-06) The rise and fall of a scientific genius: the forgotten story of Royal Raymond Rife | The fall of Royal Rife | Rife Documentary Trailer

(02/01-02) Japanese and Chinese relations are deteriorating sharply
(02/01-02) Bill Clinton says U.S. must make sacrifices and slow down economy to save the planet | Forget about global warming. What about global pollution? | Global warming solution hurts people more than warming

(02/01-02) Israel set to emerge India's biggest defence supplier
(02/01-02) VIDEO: Gary Null - Evidence that AIDS is a disease created by prescription drugs and malnutrition | A cure is more profitable than a treatment
(02/01-02) My Master’s Voice

(02/01-02) Ron Paul wins CA Republican Debate | Statement of Ron Paul on H.R. 5104 | The American Conservative Magazine Endorses Ron Paul for President

(02/01-02) Political Stimulus
(02/01-02) Regulation or Deregulation
(02/01-02) Population growth is a threat. But it pales against greed | Tax avoidance by UK's super-rich 'worth £13bn'
(02/01-02) The Military Police offically arrive in the USA next month
(02/01-02) More than one million Iraqis dead since 2003 invasion: study | Reflections of the bombing of the Baghdad pet market
(02/01-02) Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system"
(02/01-02) Ralph Nader: The Great Clinton-Obama Debate: Questions They Weren't Asked
(02/01-02) Total Resistance - the official Swiss manual for civilian resistance to occupation
(02/01-02) Clinton suggests tapping wages (Mandatory Health Insurance)
(02/01-02) The "Great Mystery" of Iraq's WMDs? - CBS ignores evidence from its own show | Blackwater and Blood
(02/01-02) Iraq Vets for Congress Denounces George Soros' Attacks
(02/01-02) French rejection of EU Constitution signals decline of entire European Union project
(02/01-02) In Report, Officers Call for Major Overhaul of NATO

(02/01-02) Huckabee Scandal | Coulter: I'll campaign for Hillary if McCain is the nominee | Liberal Fascism? | Hillary Clinton: A Bilderberg Presidency |

(02/01-02) Arming the Middle East, $20 billion package | Israelis told to prepare 'rocket rooms' for war

(02/01-02) Vietman Veterans against McCain
(02/01-02) Clinton, Obama, JFK, and the Next Terrorist Attack
(02/01-02) China: The Perfect Storm
(02/01-02) Mexican farmers protest NAFTA
(02/01-02) Why We Fight (exposing the Military Industrial Complex)
(02/01-02) NATO Genocide in Afghanistan
(02/01-02) Ralph Nader Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee
(02/01-02) The Geopolitics of Dope
(02/01-02) Why Starbucks' sales have gone cold
(02/01-02) Google approaching world domination
(02/01-02) MPAA Actually Admits That Some Of Its Piracy Stats Are Bogus
(02/01-02) Chinese and Japanese making plans to establish moon bases | Researchers Demonstrate Quantum Teleportation and Memory in Tandem
(02/01-02) Towards a new 'Suez crisis'
(02/01-02) Starbucks profits down 40%
(02/01-02) VIDEO: History Channel's Gangland
(02/01-02) Shell's 'obscene' £13.9billion profit is biggest ever by British company
(02/01-02) Predatory lending and Canadian seniors

(01/28-31) How Free is the "Free Market"? | The Goal Is Freedom: An Unstimulating Idea
(01/28-31) Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors - UK hospitals battling debt
(01/28-31) UK ID cards may be issued by coercion, says leaked memo
(01/28-31) Geopolitical implications of the current economic downturn
(01/28-31) Europe’s Shaky Leadership
(01/28-31) Turkey Warns EU Against Becoming “Club of Christians”
(01/28-31) Working poor more pinched as rich cut back: Low-income workers depend on rich for their business and fat tips
(01/28-31) McCain win would mean war with Iran | McCain Warns: "There Will Be Other Wars" | video

(01/28-31) UN Warns of Biofuels' Environmental Risk | Ethanol's corn-fed famine | A Global Temperature History of the Past Two Millennia

(01/28-31) Ron Paul News Net | Rise of the Ron Paul Republicans | Big Media Ignores Ron Paul Surge | Dennis Kucinich asked about Ron Paul on Free Minds TV

(01/28-31) Illegal immigration and the total cost
(01/28-31) House Pets the Biggest Victims of US Economic Woes
(01/28-31) Class Warfare In AmeriKKKa Is Real - part 1 | Primary states lost 1.5 million manufacturing jobs under Bush
(01/28-31) Albert Pike and the architects of the New World Order
(01/28-31) Anarchy in action
(01/28-31) U.S. Homeland Security chief Chertoff on Internet security at Davos
(01/28-31) Economic turmoil and class struggle
(01/28-31) Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

(01/28-31) VIDEO: There You Go Again: Orwell Comes to America - Deceiving Images

(01/28-31) DOD wants $70 billion more for wars
(01/28-31) Presidential pantomime
(01/28-31) Drugs, sex & rock 'n roll: Cops across the land seduced by drug war

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