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Gaining Visibility 
Into Applications Gaining Visibility
Into Applications

by Lana Gates

Application Portfolio Management provides a way for CIOs to get a better view into their existing applications and better predict and manage their operations/maintenance budgets
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The 2007 Software 500 is now live

The 2007 Software 500 is now live.

Thank you to those who answered the 2007 Software 500 survey. Results are now online, available to registrants on To obtain a free registration, click here. For those already registered, click here to login. Thank you for your interest in the Software 500.

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  Updated: Feb 09, 2008  
Implementing an Enterprise 
Information Management Initiative Implementing an Enterprise
Information Management Initiative

by Harikrishna S. Aravapalli

The EIM framework offers a more holistic view of business information — one that can be used in a variety of situations
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Applications Go Worldwide Applications Go Worldwide
by John P. Desmond

Outsourcing a prevalent trend as systems integrators surge in 2007 Software 500
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Testing and Management 
Lock Security Doors Testing and Management
Lock Security Doors

by Rudolph Araujo

Proper security testing requires the right mindset; Knowledge management, though often overlooked, Can lead to great gain
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CMDB Aims To Be <br />
Single Source of Truth CMDB Aims To Be
Single Source of Truth

by Jasmine Noel

A CMDB must achieve specific goals to be successful; Advice: prioritize the issues, map IT processes to those issues; Then determine data each person needs to get the job done
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Banks Cashing in on 
Service-Oriented Architecture Banks Cashing in on
Service-Oriented Architecture

by Lana Gates

As financial organizations become more global, SOA offers a feasible way to make that happen. However, a change of mindset is required
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Security Requirements Engineering: 
A Road Map Security Requirements Engineering:
A Road Map

by Rudolph Araujo

A lack of security requirements leads to insecure software; proper planning, however, can enhance the security of a software development lifecycle
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Software Journal
Application Development
Michael GuttmanMDA Goes Mainstream
With the Eclipse Modeling Framework

by Michael Guttman

When IBM went open-source with Eclipse, MDA got a boost into the limelight
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Business Intelligence
David KellyManaging Ad Hoc Business Processes
by David Kelly

Business process management captures and harnesses the power of ad hoc business processes
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Business of IT
Cindy LafranceThe Leadership Vaccination
by Cindy Lafrance

It’s your best shot at protecting your team from the turmoil above
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Software Journal
Application Development
ASG-becubic Automates IT Application Mapping

Application Development
Progress Software Brings Automation to SOA Deployments

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  Ruby on Rails
Everyone’s talking about it. Are you?
  By Dietrich Kappe, CTO, Pathfinder  
Ruby on Rails 2.0 is creating buzz among software developers; here is how Ruby can help you achieve business goals
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  Considerations When Transforming Your Software Into a Service  
  By OpSource  
This white paper highlights many of the key issues associated with moving to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, including: the potential need for fundamental changes to your business model, software architecture, operational structure, using Web service, the SOAP protocol and WSDL for data transfer and integration
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  Flash Demo: Enterprise Content Integration Services  
  By EMC  
The average knowledge worker wastes 9.5 hours/week searching for information, for an annual cost of $14,000 per employee. This demo shows you how EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Integration Services helps organizations improve accessibility, productivity and efficiency by connecting knowledge workers with the information they need from a single user interface.
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  Self-Service Pays Off  
  By TechSmith  
Digital media maven Roxio used Camtasia Studios to move 60 percent of their support inquiries to the Web, and saved a bundle in the process.
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