MOTY: Give This Man a Pulitzer

With Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall—along with his obsessive band of political reporters—is building the prototype of what an Internet-based news-gathering organization might one day look like. Don’t believe us? Just ask Alberto Gonzales.

The resignation of Alberto Gonzales was one of the brighter moments of the past seven years, a fleeting reprieve for the rule of law and democracy and all that. Still, there was a downside. “As you can imagine, we’re in something of a state of mourning here at TPM,” Josh Marshall deadpanned in a short video produced by TPM Media, the company he started seven years ago in his D.C. apartment and that now employs nine people headquartered in a cramped New York City walk-up above a flower shop. “We’ve grown used to a steady diet of lies and bamboozlement and ridiculousness from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. And we’re not gonna have that anymore.” Fortunately, there’s a record for posterity, a library of statements and testimony preserved on digital video. “So in honor of the day,” Marshall went on, “and in honor of Al, we’ve put together the ten best moments of Alberto Gonzales in the period of time over which all these different scandals engulfed him and he eventually had to throw in the towel and get out of town.”

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Photo: Photographs by Phillip Toledano