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Post Bop

Description of Post Bop

Post Bop refers to a diverse set of jazz innovations which expanded the harmonic and rhythmic language of Bebop and Hard Bop while retaining the swinging pulse and basic small-combo format. In the early 1960s, great changes in jazz took place. Pianist Bill Evans's inventive trio crafted an impressionistic approach to swing which made the trio appear almost telepathic. John Coltrane's famed quartet built towering edifices of harmonic invention over two-chord vamps and classic Bop chord changes. Miles Davis formed a new quintet which combined the rhythmic ideas from Evans with the influences of Free Jazz. In the 1970s, saxophonist Joe Henderson and trumpeter Woody Shaw created innovative music which bridged Hard Bop and Avant-Garde Jazz. Post Bop continues to develop today, with the work of such luminaries as Kenny Garrett, Mulgrew Miller, Wallace Roney, Bill Stewart, Geri Allen, and many other modern masters.

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Listen to Track: Dolphin Dance
1. Dolphin Dance
Listen to Track: Re: Person I Knew
2. Re: Person I Knew
Listen to Track: Blues On The Corner
3. Blues On The Corn...
Listen to Track: Blue In Green
4. Blue In Green
Listen to Track: Black Codes
5. Black Codes
Listen to Track: The Gentle Rain
6. The Gentle Rain
Listen to Track: Centerpiece
7. Centerpiece
Listen to Track: Chill
8. Chill
Listen to Track: Young At Heart
9. Young At Heart

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Key Artists

Art Pepper

Art Pepper
This troubled Cool Jazz
saxophone force of the
1950s reemerged as a
blistering Post Bop maverick
in the 1970s. Pepper's biti...
Bill Evans

Bill Evans
Evans' lyrical, distilled,
often boldly impressionistic
piano playing is as popular
today as during his lifetime.
Evans played a key role in...
Bobby Hutcherson

Bobby Hutcherson
This vibraphonist has played
with lyrical beauty and
passion since the 1960s. A
Post Bop giant on the level
of McCoy Tyner, Hutcher...
Brad Mehldau

Brad Mehldau
Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau is
revered for his finely-toned
chops and exceptional
ballad work. While a junior
in high school, Mehldau w...
Branford Marsalis

Branford Marsalis
The saxophone-playing
member of the Marsalis jazz
dynasty is justly praised for
his passionate Post Bop
abilities. The tart, often bi...
Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus
A free-thinking bassist and
masterful composer, Mingus
amassed a body of work
that was as deep as it was
(often) playful. Mingus co...
Charlie Haden

Charlie Haden
This amazingly gifted jazz
bassist helped spearhead
the avant garde and free
jazz movements and now
specialized in noirish bo
Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock
One of the few geniuses of
modern jazz, Hancock has
had a hand in avant-garde
Post Bop, Hard Bop, Jazz
Funk and more. Hancock...
Jacky Terrasson

Jacky Terrasson
Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano
Steeped in Swing, Bop and
Avant-Garde, this tenor sax
musician finally reached
international stardom in
middle age.
John Coltrane

John Coltrane
A gentle revolutionary,
Coltrane's alternately
blistering & blissful sax still
astounds. Coltrane became
a star sideman playing wit...
Joshua Redman

Joshua Redman
A technical saxophone
marvel, the young Redman
is constantly expanding his
musical vocabulary.
Kenny Drew Jr.

Kenny Drew Jr.
Kenny Garrett

Kenny Garrett
A protege of Miles Davis, this
alto saxophonist is a
Post-Bop heavyweight who
takes straight-ahead jazz to
new levels. Not to be con...
McCoy Tyner

McCoy Tyner
One of the jazz world's
pre-eminent pianists, Tyner
was part of Coltrane's
classic quartet and has a
huge catalog of work.
Miles Davis

Miles Davis
Miles Davis helped define
five decades of jazz and
became a superstar in the
process. Davis dropped out
of Juilliard to play jazz. Mi...
Ron Carter

Ron Carter
With the exception of
Charles Mingus, Ron Carter
is arguably the best-known
bass player in the world of
Russell Malone

Russell Malone
Malone brings fresh,
modern ideas to the Wes
Benson jazz guitar tradition.
This jazz guitarist is funky...
Terence Blanchard

Terence Blanchard
Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter
Once a young sax wiz with
both Miles Davis and
Weather Report, Shorter
still jumps from Post Bop to
Funk and back. Shorter f...
Woody Shaw

Woody Shaw
A wondrous Hard Bop
trumpeter, Shaw's style can
flirt between lyrical ballads
to experimental
barnstormers and back ag...
Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis
The keeper of the torch for
modern acoustic jazz,
Marsalis is a recording
virtuoso, esteemed
composer and ardent edu...


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