EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration

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Be an EAA AirVenture Volunteer

2008 information will be posted as it becomes available.

VOLUNTEERS are at the heart of EAA’s success through the years. During EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, these EAA members and other aviation enthusiasts help create the unique atmosphere that makes The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration possible. These volunteers do not devote their time and energy for compensation or personal gain, but to truly lend a hand and create an unmatched community of flight.

You’re welcome to join us as an AirVenture volunteer! All interests, experience levels and skills are helpful and encouraged to be a part of the event. We'll have a list of available areas in early 2008.

When you volunteer, be sure to sign the sign-up sheet at the area where you provide your services, so you can receive proper recognition after the event. Thank you!


Volunteer Drawing - 7/22/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Charles Keuler Protect Our Planes
2. Sara Johns Showplane Camping
3. Barbara Mittlestadt Main Admissions
4. James Casper Flight Line Operations
5. Bryan Engstrom Main Membership
6. Allen Borgwardt Main Membership
7. Hugh Mcteague Flight Line Operations
8. Frank Trofimchuck Young Eagles

Volunteer Drawing - 7/23/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Richard Schlinsog Departure Briefing
2. Butch Prillwitz Tiedowns
3. Matthew Spencer Communications Center
4. Stephanie Kraus Protect Our Planes
5. Nick Florell Protect Our Planes
6. Jason Clark Trams
7. Bert Elam Departure Briefing
8. John Sickafoose Volunteer Kitchen

Volunteer Drawing - 7/24/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Diane Churchill Warbird Sales
2. Thomas Thomson Protect Our Planes
3. Mark Odegard Young Eagles
4. Ronald Natalie Vintage
5. Walter Yankanskas Vintage
6. Jordan Tromp Registration North 40
7. Lynn Larkin Vintage
8. Brad Pugh Registration North 40

Volunteer Drawing - 7/25/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Jeff Anderson Vintage
2. David Gilbert KidVenture
3. Corey Kroll KidVenture
4. Bennet Sloan H/B Custom Parking
5. Steve Beert Emergency Aircraft Repair
6. Wayne Peach Emergency Aircraft Repair
7. Paulfisher Emergency Aircraft Repair
8. Marcos Valdez Vintage

Volunteer Drawing - 7/26/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Greg Ruder Admissions Main Gate
2. John M. Sheehy Main Gate Security
3. Kathy Zaddack Volunteer Kitchen
4. Craig Cram Program Sales
5. Robby Hatfield H/B Custom Built Parking
6. Dennis Soukup Air Show Performers Tent
7. John Eid Main Gate Security
8. John Goodloe Vintage

Volunteer Drawing - 7/27/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Jerry Lauby Sweepstakes
2. John Zorn F/line Ops - Fond Du Lac
3. Heather Richardson Flight Line Safety
4. Lauren O'Donnell Vintage
5. Michelle Jennen Admissions Gate 346
6. Russell Kent Vintage
7. Sean Oulton F/line Ops - Fond Du Lac
8. Judy Sorton Emergency Aircraft Repair

Volunteer Drawing - 7/28/07
($25.00 Gift Certificate)

1. Marv Hoppenworth KidVenture
2. Eric Rasmussen Seaplane Base
3. Renee O'Brien Operation Thirst
4. Gwen Bushby Sweepstakes
5. Marie Reece Admissions - Gate 346
6. Jim Nicola Communications Center
7. Jack (Rick) Jacobsen Ultralights
8. Georgette/Joe Jankowski Trams



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