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Krakow - Czestochowa Upland



Jura Krakowsko – Czestochowska is a hilly Upland with Jurassic limestone rocks, stretching from Krakow to Czestochowa. This amazing area is situated in South – central part of Poland. It is famous for its clifs and valleys. You will find here Ojcowski National Park which is visited by thousands of nature lovers. What is special here is large bautiful rocks and caves inside them.

Jura Krakowsko – Czestochowska is very greenfull. Completely oposite plants coexist in the same time and place. That makes this area so special. Flora and fauna is very rich here. The whole upland is surrounded by huge forrest. Apart from green you may find here also different sorts of animals.

This upland is a unique cultural landscape. There are relicts of former inhabitants, monuments and art. Apart from flora and fauna there are lots of objects prepared for visitors like castles which represent different styles of epochs.


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If you would like to visit beautiful Krakow – Czestochowa Upland then just let us know. We can organise a tour for you with  professional travel guides.


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ul. Kochanowskiego 3/1, Krakow, Poland


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Castle in Pieskowa Skala (XIVth century) is an interesting object with a large yard and a high tower. On the way to the castle you need to cross the castle gate. The yard is surrounded by renaissance galleries. Today you can find a museum inside the castle. In front of the castle there is a beautiful park with monumental views.





Castle in Ogrodzieniec is the most interesting building of the Krakow – Czestochowa Upland and it was built in the XIVth century. It does not stick to any geometrical order bacause the builders had to make use of the place on and among the rocks, which was essential for the sake of defence and now is an irreplacable factor of the beauty of the countryside. There is also a restaurant and halls where weddings and other special events are organised.

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Castle in Ojcow comes from the XIVth century. At the time of „flood” the castle was invaded by Swedish. The building was reorganised and changed into store – place for food and weapon. In the XXth century the castle was renovated and now it provides an exhibitiom of Ojcow fortness.


Ojcowski National Park

It is the smallest national park in Poland and it assumes the most valuable part of upland. What is characteristic in this area is bold clifs and various rock figures which have fantastic shapes, for example the Hercules Cudgel or Krakow Gate. There are many caves which are available for visiting – Lokietek Cave, Dark Cave, Bat Cave.

From the green side this park belongs to the most beautiful parks in Poland. There are also 6 types of animals. The most famous are bats!


King Lokietek Cave


Bat Cave                                                                      Dark Cave



Bledowska Desert

The Bledowska Desert which is also known as „Polish Sahara” belongs to one of the biggest in Poland and Europe teretory of flying sands. The desert assumes about 32 sq km. It is devided into two parts by a forrest. The average depth of sands is 17 – 20 m. You can find different elements in the sand like shells, minerals, mollusks ect. There are many types of green and animals – mainly birds and insects but also fish.

Maybe you prefer active holidays. Why not?! We can organise different types of events in this countryside like parties, picnics, bike tours, climing and other extreme sports.





July 2007


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