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DiBiase Boys Make Successful Debut in WLW

by Brant Wilkins, photos by Brad Umbarger

          Ted Jr. and Mike DiBiase have been training at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy since this past Spring. They have been learning their craft under the tutelage of Trevor Murdoch, Ace Steel, Superstar Steve, and of course, eight time World Champion, Harley Race. Former GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kenta as well as their father, Ted DiBiase Sr. also stopped into the Academy to instruct the brothers before their professional debut. After three months of intense training, the two brothers made an impressive debut, knocking off the current WLW Tag Team Champions, Ty Dalton and Angelo, in a non-title match on July 8th ,with their father looking on.

          Dalton slapped Mike following the bell. Dalton worked him to the ropes and shot him in for a back drop. Mike picked up Dalton and hit him with an atomic drop. Angelo fed in for the same move and both men were met by a double clothesline from Ted Jr. The Tag Champs wound up on opposite sides of the ring, hanging on the ropes as they were clothes lined over the top by the brothers. Dalton came storming back into the ring and was met by a drop toehold from the legal DiBiase, Mike. The brothers made some quick tags and some double team maneuvers to stay on top. Dalton managed to slip away from Mike and tag in his partner but Angelo was met by a hip toss from Mike. Ted was tagged into the match, and finally Angelo and Ty seemed to be getting the better of the DiBiase brothers by double teaming on Ted Jr. The Champs choked Teddy in the corner as well as pummeling him behind the refs back. Ted fired back and clothes lined Dalton and followed up with a tag to his brother. Mike came into the ring and knocked down Dalton with a few clothes lines and dropkicks. Dalton tagged in Angelo and Angelo soon changed the tide of the match when he was able to cut off the DiBiase's momentum by raking the eyes of Mike. Angelo nailed Mike with number of different moves, including a snap leg drop, but wasn’t able to keep Mike down for the three count. Angelo tagged in Ty who went to work on the head of Mike, punishing him with a succession of Harley Race like knee drops. The oldest DiBiase was able to get in a few wild punches but was soon taken back down to the mat by Dalton. Finally, Mike landed some solid hits to the abdomen which got Mike up to a knee. He then connected with a few shots to the head. Dalton threw Mike into the ropes, Mike ducked the clothes line, then ducked the back elbow, and both men hit each other with a double clothes line. At the refs count of eight both men tagged in their partners. Angelo was met by a clothes lines and elbows from Teddy. Ted Jr. shot Angelo into the buckle and followed up with a back body drop which got a two count by the ref. Angelo took over and shot Ted Jr. into the ropes. Ted ducked the clothes line from Angelo and hit him with a thunderous kick to the back of the head, but the pin was broken up by Dalton. Mike came back into the mix, taking Dalton to the corner. The Champs reverse the brothers and shot looked to shoot them into each other but the brothers reversed and the Champs bumped heads. The DiBiase's then placed both men in the "Million Dollar Dream." Dalton was able to break the hold by ramming Mike into the buckle, he then nailed Ted Jr. which broke the hold on Angelo. Dalton shot Teddy into the ropes and went for the back drop but was kicked up and away. Ted then ducked a clothes line from Angelo and with Mike holding Dalton at bay on the outside of the ring, Ted Jr. was able to school boy Angelo for the pin and the win.

dbfamsign.jpg (31169 bytes) match11.jpg (39767 bytes) match12.jpg (34956 bytes)
Ted DiBiase, Ted Jr. and Mike signing for fans before the show Ted tosses Ty Dalton head over heels in the opening match Ted works on Ty's shoulder
match13.jpg (21333 bytes) match14.jpg (34671 bytes) match15.jpg (30501 bytes)
Dalton choking Ted on the middle rope Ted has the abdominal stretch on Dalton Ty cries out
match16.jpg (35695 bytes) match17.jpg (33258 bytes) match21.jpg (36673 bytes)
Angelo blind sides Ted after the match Ted and Mike standing proud Daniel Cross comes off the top rope, only to take a boot in the face
match22.jpg (36914 bytes) match23.jpg (39890 bytes) match24.jpg (30803 bytes)
Jason Bates flies off the top rope Dan Cross attempts an F5 Cross got the victory
match31.jpg (36135 bytes) match32.jpg (43390 bytes) match33.jpg (37194 bytes)
Ace Steel comfortable in the corner Adam Evans works on Ace's wrist Steel tossing Evans out of the ring
match34.jpg (32963 bytes) match41.jpg (38596 bytes) match42.jpg (38512 bytes)
Ace Steel wins Ty Dalton and Mike DiBiase face off to start the match Both DiBiase's clothesline their opponents out of the ring
match43.jpg (39355 bytes) match44.jpg (33654 bytes) match45.jpg (40029 bytes)
Angelo with a leg drop on Ted Ted tosses Ty overhead DiBiase Boys with a double hip toss on Angelo
match46.jpg (23533 bytes) match47.jpg (32495 bytes) match48.jpg (38660 bytes)
Ty Dalton with a chin lock on Mike DiBiase Ty is greeted by a boot to the face Ty and Mike double clothes line each other
match49.jpg (28553 bytes) harleyted.jpg (34060 bytes) mattm.jpg (30142 bytes)
The DiBiase's debut as  winners Harley and Ted DiBiase Sr. speak prior to the main event Matt Murphy, first graduate of the Harley Race Wrestling Academy, takes in the action
match51.jpg (46596 bytes) match52.jpg (39865 bytes) match53.jpg (35080 bytes)
Lumberjacks tossing Wild Wade Chism back into the ring Chism knee dropping Keith Walker Walker and Chism trading shots on the ring apron
match54.jpg (44310 bytes) match55.jpg (40862 bytes) match56.jpg (38468 bytes)
Lumberjacks fell like bowling pins after Chism dove outside the ring Superstar Steve feeling for loose teeth after taking a shot from Chism Lumberjacks returning Walker to the ring
wc5xchamp.jpg (36845 bytes)
Wild Wade Chism, the first 5-time WLW World Heavyweight Champion
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Photos provided by Bob Geigel and Harley Race
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