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basic Tip #827: XTerm and 256 Colors

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created:   December 2, 2004 22:03      complexity:   basic
author:   Ryan Phillips      as of Vim:   6.0

XTerm supports 256 colors when compiled with the --enable-256-color configure option.  To actually enable the colors set the TERM enviroment variable to TERM=xterm-256color

Some of the colorschemes support the 256 color format.

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Additional Notes

kakui26316525@yahoo.com, December 4, 2004 20:06
Anonymous, December 7, 2004 8:03
hello I think comps are takeing over the world
Anonymous, December 7, 2004 8:04
your mom is a cow
Anonymous, December 9, 2004 15:45
Great tip, thanks.. a simple compile away from this nice stuff, and no need for the GUI.
xterm really is a great effort.. latest versions deal nicely with utf-8 too.. good work indeed.
nospamthanks@alpha.net.au, December 13, 2004 1:27
Any way to remove the first 3 additional 'notes' ?

thanks for the tip :)
any chance you might mention some of the colour schemes that do support them? (although I guess I could look at the color definition files to find out... but I get sidetracked enough as it is by this wonderful editor from that which I'm editing ;)
vim@artificialidea.com, December 17, 2004 2:27
A way to add xterm with 256 colors in Debian:

*   To know how many colors xterm has:
    strings /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm | grep ^color[0-9] | sort -tr +1 -n

*   Create a directory e.g. "build"
*   cd build
*   apt-get source xterm
*   apt-get build-dep xterm
*   untar sources
*   for i in debian/patches/* ; do patch -p0 < "$i" ; done
*   cd xc/programs/xterm
*   chmod +x configure
*   ./configure --with-x --enable-256-color --enable-wide-chars --disable-freetype
*   make
*   make install
*   install debian package ncurses-term (which contains the file
*   set TERM=xterm-256color
*   Use perl script to check colors:
    perl 256colors2.pl
    (google it if it isn't in your system)

-- Ivan F. Villanueva B. --
Anonymous, December 21, 2004 17:51
Great tip! Thanks, Ivan! :)
trolocsis@gmail.com, January 7, 2005 11:04
inkpot is one of the colorschemes that supports 256 color.
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