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9/18/2006 9:09:00 AM
Unforgiven Report
Last Call...
by Myke Hinkley

Trish is in Seventh Heaven as She Makes Her Final Rounds in Her Own Backyard at Unforgiven!

Well, this is it.

Seven seemed to be the theme as Trish took to the ring for the final time, and could there have been a more fitting final foe for Trish than her archrival and the current WWE Women’s Champion, Lita. Seven years, Trish toiled to become the most decorated Diva in WWE history and with a win on this night, the Women's gold would find a home around Trish's waist for a record-breaking seventh time...


TRISH STRATUS def. WWE Women’s Champion LITA to become the WWE Women's Champion

"Thank You, Trish" chants rang out through the Air Canada Centre as the match began with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Trish and Lita exchanged shoves at midring and then after a clothesline, Trish scored with the MaTrish Revolutions headscissor. Lita took a tumble out to the arena floor where Trish promptly followed with Air Canada and although Lita briefly stopped the momentum, Trish connected with the StratusFear from the steps, sending Lita crashing to the arena floor!

Trish rolled back in the ring but after getting a reprieve thanks to the official, Lita quickly turned things back in her favor, punishing Trish on the canvas with a double axehandle blow after she ran Trish face first into the mat. Lita bounced Trish’s face off of the canvas once again before she choked Trish out across the second rope and drilling the former six-time WWE Women’s Champion with a knee to the back of the head. Lita then snapmared Trish over before she cinched in a rear chinlock in the middle of the ring and although Trish battles her way back to her feet, Lita yanked Trish back down to earth by means of a couple of handfuls of hair.

Lita pummeled Trish in the corner with forearms and kicks but Trish returned the favor with kicks of her own before choking Lita out with a boot across the throat. Trish measured Lita with a series of chops before rattling Lita's teeth with a forearm shiver and bottling her in the corner with the Stratus Splash. Trish charged in at Lita again in the corner but Lita realigned Trish's facial features with a hard back elbow.

Lita went to the top turnbuckle but the fiery redhead was caught up top and Trish looked for the StratusFear again but Lita had it scouted well and she muscled Trish onto the top strand as well. The ladies traded hard, stiff right hands in the corner before each lady tumbled over the top rope and hurdled down to the arena floor.

Trish and Lita each pulled themselves back to the feet and battled in the corner once again and Trish got the better of the exchange from the top ropes but Lita battled back and slammed Trish from the top, sending the sultry blonde to the canvas in hostile fashion. Lita looked to end the affair in a hurry as she ascended the ropes but her moonsault attempt came up dry and the Atlanta, GA native ate a faceful of canvas for her efforts!

Trish rolled into the cover and got a nearfall as a result of Lita’s miscue but although Trish fought back and seemed ready to finish Lita off with a little Stratusfaction, Lita sensed Trish’s vaunted finisher was coming and countered by dumping Trish over the top rope and out to the floor. Lita mocked the crowd before she rolled out to the floor and quickly escorted Trish back into the ring looking for a pin but Trish showed her resolve and kicked out at two.

An incensed Lita proceeded to bludgeon Trish on the canvas with piston-like right hands then Lita delivered a vile kick to the beautiful visage of her challenger. Lita then focused her assault on Trish’s back with a double axehandle blow then Lita scored with a knee to the gut and a hard forearm shot that sent Trish crumpling to the canvas.

A textbook vertical suplex by Lita had the Women’s Champion firmly in the driver's seat then after connecting with a fifty yard field goal of a kick to Trish's ribs, Lita punished Trish with a series of vile kneedrops as Trish leaned against the ropes. Lita put the badmouth of Trish as the RAW Diva of the Decade struggled to bring herself to her feet and Lita's brazen behavior enabled Trish to fight back once again from the mat. However, Lita cut the momentum short once again, this time with a side Russian legsweep before floating over and beginning to rain down on Trish with right hands. Lita then applied a rear chinlock after running Trish face first into the mat and earning a nearfall but Trish fought back to a vertical base and countered a clothesline with a neckbreaker out of nowhere!

Lita and Trish exchanged right hands in midring once again, Trish eventually getting the better of the exchange and although Lita caught Trish running in with a back elbow from out of the corner, Trish again caught Lita on the top rope and the third time was the charm as the StratusFear found its mark. Trish then lined up Lita and the Chick Kick leveled her nemesis but Lita's grit went on display as she kicked out at the count of two.

Lita scored with a rake of the eyes which primed Trish for the Lita-T but Trish countered and looked ready to deliver some Stratusfaction for the last time. However, Trish instead opted to spring over Lita into a Sunset Flip and after rolling through, Trish scooped up Lita’s legs and looked for... the SharpShooter?!?

The Air Canada Centre erupted as their fellow Toronto native clamped on the finishing maneuver of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and although Lita tried to battle her way to the ropes, she eventually succumbed to the pain of the SharpShooter, making Trish a record-setting seven-time WWE Women’s Champion! The tears began to well up in Trish's eyes as she clutched the gold, and certainly hers were not the only dry eyes in the place on this night. Trish took her bows at midring, thanking her legions of fans one last time, but the truth of the matter is this… the thanks belong to you, Trish.

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