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Random Play with Yuu Watase
submitted by Akadot News
Bombarded by the media at Anime Expo 2000, Yuu Watase, the good sport that she is, puts up with the randomness of our Q and A long enough to reveal her secret code name.
Topic: Q & A

Can we start with birthday and blood type?

YW: I don't want to specify the year. March 2nd. Blood type B.

And now these are the 10 silly questions. So what was the easiest subject for you in school?

YW: Art, of course.

What's the biggest advantage of anime over the real world? Like, everyone's cute and has purple hair, or in anime you can fly.

YW: Well, they are human like. But they can do whatever they want. They have all the power they can't have in the real life.

What's your favorite black and white movie?

YW: Black and white? I never really watched them, but I guess Chaplin.

What was your favorite childhood toy?

YW: Do you know Rika-chan?

What's that?

Translator: It's kind of similar to Barbie. Something like a figure and the style.

If you were a secret agent, what would your code name be?

YW: I need time for that. So why don't we move on.

Do you have any lucky charms? Any lucky color or number? Anything that you carry with you?

YW: I don't have any.

What can you not live without when you have to travel? What do you bring with you?

YW: Ah! Shampoo.

Any special kind?

YW: Not really.

What kind did you bring this time?

YW: Merit. That's a Japanese kind.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

YW: I've never seen one before. But I think they exist all around.

What's the biggest difference you notice between American people and Japanese people?

YW: Is it especially fans or does it have to be...?

Doesn't have to be.

YW: Americans are lively. Japanese people are sullen and introverted. Japanese people are very closed and quiet. Americans are very easy going and open. Japanese images might be gray. The Americans...something like a warm color, like a yellow or orange.

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