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JDK 1.1 Offers Substantial AWT Improvements, Internationalization and Enterprise Features

February 19, 1997 - The JDK 1.1 with major quality, performance and feature enhancements is now available for download from This release of the JDK includes:

  • JavaBeans[tm] APIs to enable developers to write re-usable components once and then run them anywhere

  • Dramatically improved AWT, with a revised graphical user interface (GUI) foundation that enables developers to create high-performance sophisticated GUI applications and applets that perform especially well in popular PC environments

  • Robust new features including JDBC[tm] for database connectivity, RMI for remote object access, and additional Java Security APIs

  • Global language support based on Unicode 2.0 standards
A few words on AWT and AFC:

There has been an enormous amount of discussion in the media in the last few weeks regarding Microsoft's AFC. A few key points have been buried in the dialogue, and we'd like to resurface them.

First, Microsoft's AFC might have been a good improvement on the AWT in Sun's JDK 1.0.2, but the new JDK 1.1 AWT -- which ships today -- is an even more dramatic step forward in Java foundation classes. If Microsoft would like to compete against our last generation product, they're welcome to. We're moving on, and we suggest our developers do too.

Second, Microsoft's AFCs won't ship until May. JDK 1.1 with the new AWT is available today. Now. Download it at and see how much stronger it is.

Third, Of course we're happy to see Microsoft becoming converted to cross platform technology. We invite Microsoft to submit them to the 100% Pure Java test at that time.

Developers can look to JavaSoft for the technologies they need to create any and all groundbreaking Java applications.

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