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January 11, 1999

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Hey Jammers! We're cruisin' into our fifth year here at the Rumor Pit and we'd like to begin 1999 by wishing you a happy new year and thanking you for being a part of this jammy trip! This newsletter was created as a direct link to the fans. If you would like to ask a question about Pearl Jam, the Vitalogy Health Club asks that you please direct your questions to DigitalKat or OfTheSea. Now...what's in store for '99?

First, a Look Back...

pearl jam Last year was an amazing year to be a Pearl Jam fan. We began the year with Monkey Wrench II, Yield, Maui, New Zealand, Oz, and the Not In Our Name Benefit. Fulfilling some wishes on our wishlist, PJ appeared on David Letterman, at the Tibetan Freedom Concert and finally released the Single Video Theory home video! The U.S./Canada Tour was in progress and so was the Do The Evolution music video, Chicago Cab soundtrack, Place/Date photo-book, the fan club Xmas single (deep breath) and then we all ended the year with a terrific tour memory with Live On Two Legs! Could you stand it? There's always something going on with the guys, whether it's Pearl Jam or side projects and as the year goes on, the picture will become clearer. Things are still in the planning stages but here are some hints for the year to come.

Now, a Look Into The Future...

Pearl Jam hope to create a new album in '99, possibly make an appearance in South America and/or do a festival or two somewhere in the world and possibly make some appearances in the U.S. Nothing is definite yet but they still hope to make that European tour in the fall. Then there's Jeff on the new Three Fish album, Mike on The Rockfords album and Ed on the Supersuckers' X tribute album. There are even hopes to do another Monkey Wrench.

Scratch these off your rumors list: Pearl Jam don't have plans to play in Madrid, Spain in April 1999, or at Woodstock Europe, or appear with the Rolling Stones on their next tour, and there are no plans for a small end of the year tour in North America. Also, there are no plans for a music video for Live On Two Legs or doing a Storytellers for VH1...and don't look for Ed to appear on talk shows to promote that movie he's involved in with Sean Penn.


This year began with some of Pearl Jam's past efforts being recognized and nominated for awards. The American Music Awards have nominated them for Favorite Alternative Group. That show will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on Monday, January 11th on WABC. They are not planning to attend. (Update: Yes, they did win the award.)

Their wonderful work has also been nominated for three Grammys in the following categories. Best Hard Rock Performance for Do The Evolution, Best Short Form Music Video for Do The Evolution and Best Record Packaging for Yield. The Grammys will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 24th on WCBS. Right now it's not sure on the guys attending the Grammys.

Rumors, Rumours, Rumors...

PEARL Rumor: Pearl Jam are getting together in January to start getting material together for a new album.
    JAM Fact: No, too soon.

PEARL Rumor: Kerrang reports that there will be a film made about Andy Wood, called something like "Malfunkshun: the Andy Wood Story" with appearances by Stone, Jeff and Chris Cornell as well as footage of Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun! T/F?
    JAM Fact: True.

PEARL Rumor: Barley Arts, the promoter of the last Pearl Jam tour in Italy, announced here in Italy: "Pearl Jam will come to play here on September 1999." Is it true?
    JAM Fact: Hope so.

PEARL Rumor: Michael Jackson will be selling future royalties of Pearl Jam's music to investors because he owns the rights to them. T/F?
    JAM Fact: False.

Q: Does PJ own their publishing rights?
    A: Yes.


Q: How are the rehearsals/jams with Matt Cameron going?
    A: They're not. [They haven't happened yet. - RP]

Q: My friend and I think that the front cover of Live On Two Legs is a picture of Mike w/ his guitar behind his head...any thoughts? If not, what is it?
    A: It's Mike with a guitar and a little of Ed's face.

Q: In the "Live on Two Legs" version of "Red Mosquito", does Stone or Mike do the slide part at the beginning? Who plays the solo?
    A: Mike McCready baby, allllll the way.

Q: I heard that the title for Live On Two Legs was a joke among the band members. If so, can you share it?
    A: Leg refers to sections of the '98 tour, meaning it was in two parts (legs). Get it? [what's so funny about that? :P - RP]

Q: Is Last Kiss on the fan club single, a studio recording, from a soundcheck, or what?
    A: Soundcheck.

Q: Any chance PJ would make an enhanced CD (includes videos, bios etc....)?
    A: Not yet.

Q: Will Pearl Jam ever release a home video of a single show? (a performance video) It would be great if they did.
    A: Sure.

Q: Did Eddie release a solo album in Europe, US, Oz, or somewhere? Any plans to?
    A: No.

Q: Was Matt Chamberlain ever a full member of Pearl Jam?
    A: Yes.

Q: How does the band feel about Pearl Jam concert memorabilia being sold at online auctions?
    A: Not much.

Q: Who is "Ray" the dedication on the Xmas single? Matt Cameron's new baby?
    A: Yes. [congratulations to Matt and family! - RP]

Q: Mike is learning to play piano. T/F?
    A: True.

Q: Are any band members learning other instruments?
    A: Oh sure.

Q: I've noticed in the Yield lyric sheets included with the CD that there are "hidden" yield signs in some of the pictures. Is this something Jeff Ament thought of?
    A: Sure.

Q: How is Jack doing?
    A: Good.

Q: How is Ed's hand healing? Getting better?
    A: Yes. [Ed injured his hand surfing. - RP]


G1. I have a question about Stone's apparently new Tele. I saw him playing a Reddish-Brown Telecaster in a couple of pictures a little while back. Anyway, I noticed that it had a vintage looking Tremelo system on it.....And, I guess I was just wondering if he bought it that way or did he get it custom built?
    A: It's a late 60's Tele with factory Bigsby tremelo. It's all stock.

G2. Ok, I've been playing guitar for about 3 years now, and do a halfway decent job. I always noticed a difference in the sound I get, and the sound you hear when you listen to an album. The other day, for the first time, in my three years, I played a tube amp. I noticed, that for once it really sounded good (currently I have a solid state Marshall stack, with two 4 by 10's) So despite the fact that McCready is a great player and has great hands (in reference to Rumor Pit #32, question G7) will the tube amp make the difference between getting a similar sound to the "Pearl Jam Sound"? I just always figured that tube amps were a way for the companies to get more money out of you. Help... I want that "Pearl Jam Sound" that we all love.
    A: Marshalls and Fenders baby!

G3. I was wondering what type of effects Stone used on the solo in Wishlist (2nd) and did he just use his volume knob at the end of the solo or a pedal? I really liked the sound of the guitar and wanted to get a similar effects pedal.
    A: The second solo is Mike. The effect is delay with him doing swells on the volume knob.

G4. I would like to know if you could divulge who made the guitar effects pedal-boards that Stone and Mike put their stompboxes in. I'm an amateur musician who has been trying to get some expert direction on how to get one.
    A: Their techs made the boxes.

G5. Just a short question to the Tech Guru... What is the order of Stone's and Mike's effects and amps?
    A: The effects go first then the amps.

Ten Club News...

The Ten Club would like you to know: They're still taking orders for the hard cover version of Place/Date, the Pearl Jam photo-book. There is no second printing planned for this hard cover version and once they run out, it becomes rock history. It will be out in a soft-cover version in April. If you're not already a fan club member, you can join now, and place your order at the same time. Hurry and you'll still be eligible to receive the fan club only Xmas single 45rpm while they have a supply. [Update: The Ten Club has run out of extra fan club singles now.]

For more info on Place/Date, check our book review and interview with Lance Mercer at the links on the sidebar.

Heard Rumors? Have Questions? Ask, We're An Ear.

When you send them in, just put **PJ Rumor Pit** in the Subject line of your question message and please remember that personal questions, requests for autographs, lyrics, and bootleg information won't be answered.

Reminder: If you have any questions about the fan club or membership, please check the Ten/Vitalogy Health Club area first for the answers before sending additional questions to the fan club at tenclub1@aol.com.

Lots of love,
OfTheSea and DigitalKat

Updates to #35

2/19/99 - A few timely answers to some recent mail:
Pearl Jam are nominated for three Grammy awards but the rumor that they will perform at this year's awards show is false. There are also no plans to attend the awards show. Other no-go rumors are: Pearl Jam will not be performing at Woodstock USA '99 (or Woodstock Europe, see below) and there are no plans for Ed to do the induction for the "boss," Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band, into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

As far as members of Pearl Jam playing with Neil Young at the March 5th and 6th shows in Seattle, the sassy and ever elusive answer of "you never know, baby" is what we're passin' along...ha! That's all for now.

2/3/99 - Someone's pulling someone's leg...the current rumor going around about Pearl Jam's American Music Award is false. The winners are notified ahead of time and cannot be altered during the show.

1/27/99 - Mike remembers Baker in a personal eulogy printed in Seattle's Rocket.

1/19/99 - We would like to express our sincere condolences to the friends and family of John Baker Saunders, who recently passed away. John was bass player for Mad Season and dear friend of Mike McCready. Peace, Kat and Sea

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