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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II Beta 2!

Dr. Spielmann // Feb 7, 2008 // 21 comments

We generally don't do this, but the amount of work and dedication put on Pirates, Vikings and Knights II deserves all our attention and support.

PVKII is reaching Beta 2.0 today. This is a much expected release!
If you want to check it out, head to their official website or to Fileplanet, where the new beta files should appear later today. We think that PVKII is one of the best mods based on the Source engine out there, so we wanted to let you know about it... Hey, not everything can be Modern Infantry Combat, huh? Yarrr!

Evolution: The Story of Insurgency

Dr. Spielmann // Feb 4, 2008 // 51 comments

The Insurgency Team released the following exclusive video for the ModDB MOTY awards:

This is an extract from the full text available at ModDB:

With this video we've tried to give a small insight of the creation process of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, from the first design documents and sketches to our latest release. [...] There are many small details included: scenes from previous trailers, internal jokes, images of the coverage we've received from the press during this time, etc. It's difficult to summarize 5 years of development into a video documentary, and we thought it was too long already, so we had to leave a lot of very interesting parts of our story out. Think about it as a tribute to former developers, without whose work INS would have never been made, our player community, our friends from other teams, and all the people that have made this achievement possible.

We're now busy working on Insurgency Beta 2.1, a release focused on bug-fixes and stability. We still cannot give you any indication of when it's going to be ready, but we can already give you a bit of information about some of the main issues we're looking at. Think about it as a todo list that is still pretty much a work in progress.

Insurgency Beta 2.1
  • Includes all the patches and hotfixes from 2.0 onwards (2.0b, 2.0d, 2.0e).
  • Major improvements on Server stability and performance.
  • Improved movement system.
  • Improved animation code.
  • Knives / Bayonets will be removed from the game.
  • Improvements and fixes to all maps: fixes for reported exploits, performance optimizations.
  • Better spawn protection / spawn areas.
  • All weapons adjusted (recoil, damage, ranges, etc) with suggestions from the community and real-world data.
  • Improved Al-Kadesiah scope / animations (black scope bug fixed).
  • New USMC voices.
  • Improved sounds throughout the game.
  • Ironsigts adjusted.
  • Improved objective indicators.

This changelog is not yet locked. There will be further news updates about 2.1 as soon as we have a release date estimate with the final list of features.

In the meantime, we wanted to show you these screenshots from the updated version of ins_almaden:

Notice the building where there used to be an alley. We were a bit sad to see the alley go, but it was needed to increase performance.

Inside the new building, facing towards the USMC respawn.

Different perspective, from the USMC respawn towards the new building.

Redesigned USMC spawn area. Now Marines have an alternative exit route through that hole.

I hope you'll agree with us that INS is looking better day after day. Don't forget to take a look at our developer logs for additional information and media!

Insurgency: Mod of The Year 2007

Dr. Spielmann // Jan 29, 2008 // 40 comments

That's right, folks. Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat has won the Player's Choice Mod of The Year award from MODDB for Released Mods. We'll be updating this information shortly, but first of all, we'd like to thank you, the Insurgency players, that have made this achievement possible. Thanks, also, to everybody that has contributed and worked in this mod during all this time. The best, though, is that we are working hard to bring you new updates, new content, new theatres of war, and lots of improvements. We're not stopping here, and we sincerely hope neither will you.

Thanks. Now let's rock!


             Read the Insurgency Manual!

About Insurgency...

Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion mod for Valve Software's Half-Life 2, powered by the Source Engine. INS immerses the player in an intense online combat experience. Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates infantry combat that encourages the use of teamwork and tactics to close with and destroy the enemy.

Basic Features...

free total conversion, only Half-Life 2 and Steam required
chain of command
commanders assign objectives and give waypoints
morale scoring system to set high value on teamplay
customizable gameplay
"insurgency map configuration" system for server-side map customization
reinforcement waves
unique reinforcement wave system
depth of realism
iron sights, free aim, ricochet, bullet penetration, weapon weights, and more
no bullsh*t hud
only see what's important, when it's important
weapon caches
used for rearming on the battlefield, destroyable by the other team
global stats
a simple forum signup keeps track of your stats forever
a comprehensive "" will cover all your insurgency needs
Join us on IRC @ #insurgency on GameSurge