Nemesis 3 Intro Screen Shot Gradius 2 Episode II Intro Screen Shot

Game Introduction

Not much to say no? The continuation of the "Nemesis (Gradius)" saga. In my opinion, Konami made a good work with the 3 shoote'm up games and in MY opionion the best is the third part (then the second one and next the first one).

Thanks to Claudio Massao Kawata for explainig to me the title of this "Nemesis 3" in Japan.

Well, seems that in Japan "Nemesis 2" was called "Gradius 2: Gofer no Yaboo" (in english "Gradius 2: Gofer's Ambitions") and later when "Nemesis 3" was released in Japan was the continuation of the "Gradius 2" a cause of that "Nemesis 3" in Japan is called "Gradius 2: Gofer no Yaboo - Episode II" (in english "Gradius 2: Gofer's Ambitions - Episode II".

Take a look to the differences between the English and the Japanese version Intro.


Press F1 to enter in pause mode and then type:

FIND [return] to know the places where the secret weapons are and the secret maps (will appear a little square blinking).
GOOD [return] to make easier the game.
HARD [return] to make harder the game.

Thanks to ·S·C·C· (this time I'm not referring the Konami Soundchip!) for supply to me the passwords.