THEN: 214 Neely Street 
             Dallas, Texas
 NOW: 214 Neely Street 
             and Yours Truly 

             No Tricks--This is the spot, folks!
     Except for Alfred E. Neuman's head on my body, this truly is I.
(Color and black & white photo: David W. Reese 2005)



 Come with me as I follow Lee Harvey Oswald's movements 
 and see the sights over 40 years later.

Here are a few previews:(scroll down)

 My Trip to Dallas:  Then and Now
ThenGrassy Knoll seconds
after shots were fired. 
(Bond photo)
Now: The Grassy Knoll behind me is peaceful today---
unless those two back there have other plans in mind.
"Get away from there, youse kids!"   (David W. Reese 2003)

Then: 10th and Patton from where Helen
Markham saw Oswald murder Officer Tippit.
Now10th & Patton 
(David W. Reese 2003) 

Now here it is: Click and enjoy the feature... 
Reese's Dallas  Then & Now
Page 1 - The Neely Street apartment and Ruth Paine's house in Irving
Page 2 - Dealy Plaza and witness Lee Bowers
Page 3 - Some witnesses and the Zapruder film
Page 4 - The Grassy Knoll
Page 5 - Oswald returns to his boarding house.
Page 6 - The murder of  Officer J.D. Tippit
Page 7 - Oswald's arrest at the Texas Theatre
Page 8 - Jack Ruby murders Oswald.
Page 9 - Bizarre images related to the assassination
Page 10 - Epilogue (the various and sundried)


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"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." ---Mark Twain

        "Truth will come to sight; murder cannot be hid long."  --Shakespeare

        "Facts are stubborn things." ---John Adams

(The Louisville Herald)
This gentleman was my barber back in
1963. He was trimming my "Butch" at 
the West End Barbershop in Louisville,
Ohio, when it was announced on TV
that President Kennedy was shot.
Mr. Lynch went out to my mother 
who was in the parking lot (Cool guys
don't have their mothers come in with
them!) and told her to turn on the car
radio---that President Kennedy had 
just been shot. Art was 29 at the time. 
This picture is a recent photo of him.

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