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February 9, 2008:
Interested in a portfolio review?
To register, send the following information to the MegaCon e-mail
Address info@megaconvention.com.

IMPORTANT: Put "PORTFOLIO REVIEW" in the subject line.
Your message should include:

Your name
Which days/times will you be attending MegaCon?
What kind of portfolio you want reviewed:

We will get back to you with an appointment time.
Deadline to register - March 1, 2008

Thank you!

MegaCon Portfolio Review Team

February 4, 2008:

Jaran Studios will be at MegaCon with a sneak peek at Dawn of the Dread Force!

Scheduled for a late fall 2008 release, the Dawn of the Dread Force comic book mini-series will feature the amazing artwork of Gerardo Sandoval, as well as James Raiz and Rob Armstrong of Transformers fame, Danimation and Simon Bork, and will be written by outstanding veteran Kurt Hathaway. MegaCon is proud to be offering the exclusive first look at Dawn of the Dread Force, so don't miss it!

January 14, 2008:
Lady Death: ICON #1 Megacon Edition. Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. Signed by creator Brian Pulido. This is not simply a variant cover, this is an ALL-New, MEGACON PREMIERE featuring astounding images by classic Lady Death illustrator, Ivan Reis. The images, all presented in this format for the first time, are sensual, brutal and awe inspiring – they are the very height of Lady death illustration.

This is the first official comic published by Coffin Comics -- Pulido's all new publishing venture.

Come on down and grab a few of these babies.

Brian Pulido will be @ at booth #625
Copies #1-#10 cost $30.00
Copies #11-#25 cost $25.00
Copies #26-#100 cost $20.00 per copy.
All 100 will be available for sale at the show.

January 14, 2008:

Don't miss the "Ninja Babes from Space"
autograph opportunities available at booth 117

January 9, 2008:
MEGACON 2008 – Comic Book, Science Fiction, Anime, Gaming and Multi-Media Convention

Come join us March 7th – 9th, 2008 in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center and meet some of the biggest and best names in the Comic Book Industry:

Just Added!
Darwyn Cooke, Brandon Peterson, Phil Noto, Tim Townsend & Barbara Kesel

Joe Quesada, Adam Kubert, John Romita Jr., David Finch, Joseph Michael Linsner, Mark Waid, Tone Rodriguez, Herb Trimpe, Rudy Nebres, Gary Friedrich, Steve MicNiven, Steve Scott, Michael Golden, Mark Texeira, Daniel Way, Dave Johnson, Arthur Suydam, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Cheung, Dick Giordano, Paul Pelletier, Mike Perkins, Satn Sakai, Brian Pulido, Andy Runton, Christian Slade, Robert Venditti, Ethan Van Sciver, Greg Horn and many more!!!

Also meet some of your favorite TV and film personalities including

Just Added!
Marc Singer - Beastmaster, Steve Bacic - Andromeda, Jack O’Halloran – Superman Movie, Leah Cairns – Battlestar Galactica & Adrienne Wilkenson - Xena

Adrian Pasdar from Heroes

Kristy Swanson from The Phantom andBuffy the Vampire Slayer

Dylan Neal, Kyle Schmid & Author Tanya Huff from Blood Ties

Jennifer Rhodes from Charmed

Mark Sheppard from Bionic Woman, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica

Wm. Morgan Sheppard from Star Trek

Noel Neill from Superman TV series

Erin Gray & Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers

June Lockhart & Mark Goddard from Lost in Space

Matthew Atherton, Jarrett Crippen, Nell Wilson from Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

Anime Voice Actors:

Vic Mignogna, Caitlin Glass, Cynthia Martinez, & Neil Kaplan

Autograph, Photo and Panel opportunities with Japanese Rock Band VIDOLL!!!

Autograph and Photo opportunities with NARUTO!!!

Participate in 3 costume contests, Saturday Ciberia dance, Indy Film Festival, dozens of panels as well as a variety of other after hour’s events!

Show hours:
Friday, March 7th from 1pm* – 7pm?
Saturday, March 8th from 10am – 6pm?
Sunday, March 9th from 10am – 5pm?

After Hour event times
Friday, March 7th from 7pm – 11:30pm
Saturday, March 8th from 6pm – 11:30pm

*People who purchase three-day or Friday tickets in advance can obtain admission into the showroom hall at 12 noon on Friday, March 7th

Check out www.megaconvention.com for more details or call 727-796-5725

January 7, 2008:

Megacon presents Vidoll
Vidoll is an Indies visual kei band that started its activities back in
February 2002. Their music is a good mix of melody and groove, sometimes
mellow, sometimes deranged, but always very contagious. They have become increasingly popular and are still going strong both in the Japanese
Indies circuit and abroad - Current members Jui, Rame, Tero, Shun and Giru
had their US premiere at the J-rock Revolution in Los Angeles, Cal on
Memorial Day weekend 2007.

Megacon will be the first trip to the east coast. Members will host a
variety of events throughout the weekend so please check the convention
schedule. They will also appear at the jpophouse booth located in the
exhibit hall.

Friday: 4pm – 6pm autograph and photo opportunities
Saturday: 11:40am – 12:30pm Question and answer panel – Room TBA
Sunday: 12:00pm – 2pm autograph and photo opportunities
For more info: CLICK HERE

Neil Kaplan
Voice actor
Transformers: Robots in Disguise - "Optimus Prime"

January 3, 2008:
New this year at MegaCon!
Tribal Bellydancing - Panels and Lessons

Come and see how this unique style of belly dancing has evolved into the
diverse art form it is today. You can even try out some of the moves
yourself. Beginners welcome so come prepared to laugh, sweat and have a
great time!

January 2, 2008:
Wiz Kids events
(Please note that this schedule may be subject to change)

Mar. 7, Friday:
Event one - 300 points unrestricted - bring the best team you have ever played - prizes TBD
Event two - 500 pts - floor 50%/50% - prizes TBD
Event three - 800 pts – constructed - keyword theme - prizes TBD

Event one - 300 pts - cabal teams - prizes TBD
Event two - 400 pts - women rule - all figs must be female

Event one - 600 pts - prizes TBD
Event two - 900 pts - prizes TBD

Event one - 70 pts - anything goes
Event two - sealed (if possible) if not 80 pts - one fleet

If players sign up - at least one event

Mar. 8, Saturday:
Event one - 300 pt - floor 50%/50%
Event two – sealed - 500 pts (if possible) if not, constructed - 600 pts no range - all figs must have a "0" range value
Event three – unrestricted - 1000 pts - no fig under 180 pts - max 5 feats per team - starro, spectre and galactus are not allowed

Event one - sealed (if possible) if not, 300 pts – zombies - all figs must be zombies
Event two - 300 pts - drawing the line - all figs must be either guardians or monsters - no mixing it up

Event one - 450 pts - no mercs all one faction
Event two - 600 pts - one mech per force max

Event one - 100 pts - max 5 ships
Event two - 50 pts - or sealed (if possible)

If players sign up - at least one event TBD

Mar. 9, Sunday:
Event one – sealed - 300 pts (If possible) if not, unrestricted 800 pts keyword theme
Event two – constructed - 500 pts - bizarro all figs start on their last click and go backwards - madness will be in play - no other bfc's allowed
Event three - Unrestricted - 600 pts - girl’s night out - all figs must be female

Event one - 200 pts anything goes
Event two - 400 pts anything goes

Event one - 600 pts - no vehicles
Event two - 900 pts - anything goes

Event one - 100 pts - anything goes
Event two - 60 pt - anything goes

At least one event not yet scheduled

December 19, 2007:

Naruto is coming to MegaCon
on March 7-9 2008!
Come to MegaCon to meet Naruto live!

Please check out the link below for detailed information:

You will find this opportunity at Booth 1129 in the main hall Hall SB

Signing Sessions will be available on the following days and times:

Friday 1 photo 12:30-1:30
Friday 2 photo 3:00-4:00
Friday 3 photo 5:30- 6:30
Saturday 1 photo 11:30-12:30
Saturday 2 photo 2:00- 3:00
Saturday 3 photo 4:30- 5:30
Sunday 1 photo 10:30-11:30
Sunday 2 photo 1:00- 2:00
Sunday 3 photo 3:30- 4:30

December 12, 2007:
MegaCon is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 8th annual Web
Cartoonist Awards. After eight years of growing, world-wide popularity, the
WCCAs will, for the first time ever, be presenting the 2008 winners at a
live ceremony. If you would like more information please contact Mark Mekkes at zortic@yahoo.com or visit the website at www.ccawards.com

October 12, 2007:
Press release: It's all about movies at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival!(October 9th, 2007--- Melbourne, FL)

The 9th annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival is November 2nd and 3rd at the Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10. Great movies and celebrity guests will make this celebration of independent film and charity fund-raiser, the most memorable ever. Each year funds are raised for Unconditional Love, Inc., a local HIV clinic, and the American Lung Association. Advance tickets will be on-sale online at www.oaks10.com or at the Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10 box office.

Events begin on Friday November 2 with a cutting edge Comedy Fest Program at 7:00 pm which includes many festival winners like the Irish Film Board's "Mebollix", "Love Hath No Measure" featuring Andy Dick, Todd Thompson's "Mr. Bubbs", and the infamous musical "Zombie Prom" featuring RuPaul. The Horror Program begins at 9:30 pm and includes the Florida Today "90 Seconds to Fame" award-winning film "The Orb" and the world premiere of "Last Call Before Sunset" directed by MIFF alumnus Michael Baumgarten.

Saturday morning at 10:30 begins the matinee and features in theater #1 the Florida Filmmakers Expo and in Theater #2 Dynamic Documentaries. The matinee will include Melbourne native J Coll Metcalfe's awarding documentary about the Rwandan genocide "In the Tall Grass" as well as the Florida premiere of Anthony Gilmore's documentary "Behind Forgotten Eyes" which chronicles the abuse of Korean women by the Japanese army during World War II. The fan favorite Ninjas Vs Pirates directed by John Theissen and the winners of the Florida Today "90 Seconds to Fame Contest" will also be featured.

There will be an opportunity for the audience to meet the filmmakers and the guest celebrities.

Saturday night features a special VIP screening of the new coming-of-age adventure film "Eye of the Dolphin" which was produced by Melbourne local John Remark. The director and producer will be in attendance as well as some of the stars! The short comedy and Cannes selection by Florida filmmaker Katharine Leis, Foobie Jesus, and the winner of the Films Under Five contest and the Florida Today's "90 Seconds to Fame Contest" winner "The I-clone Device" will also be shown.

The red carpet event begins that evening with seatings at 6:00 pm and will feature interviews by John Harper from WMEL. Stars and filmmakers expected to come include MIFF 2007 Guest of Honor Michael Bailey Smith (The Hills Have Eyes, My Name is Earl), Karyn Dwyer(Better Than Chocolate, Superstar, Last Call Before Sunset), Michael Winslow(Police Academy, Ninjas Vs, Pirates, Robodoc), director Michael D. Sellers(Eye of the Dolphin, Vlad), director Michael Baumgarten(Last Call Before Sunset, Wild Roomies), film distributor Michael S. Broder, and Orlando filmmaker John Theisen(Ninjas Vs. Pirates).

The MIFF continues with a gala reception and award ceremony in the Oaks courtyard at 9:00 pm featuring food from the best restaurants, chefs, and eateries in Florida including Austin's, Ben & Jerry's, Chart House, Don-Made Catering, Florida Beer, Ichabod's Beachside and Dockside, Island's Pasta, La Placita, Meg O'Malley's, Miyako's, Mustard's Last Stand, Scott's on Fifth, Skewer's, Taste of India, and Van Gogh's Creative Cafe.

And of course live entertainment by recording artists Robin & Eddy! Accommodations are still available at the host hotel Crowne Plaza Oceanfront.

For more info:



October 1, 2007:
TerrorWerks 2008: Incident at Bernelli's World?

TerrorWerks is an immersive live-action simulation in the
science-fiction/horror genre. A team of up to fifteen players, representing US Space Marines, accompanied by MineraTek executives and engineers, will enter a 45-minute timed simulation. Players wind their way through a massive, simulated space station, racing against the clock to prevent their doom. Along the way they find clues to what happened to the crew, accomplish skill-based tasks and combat a swarm of alien horrors.

How does the game work?
Players will select one of several basic character types (US Space Marines, engineers, doctors, executives and synthetics), each with their own sets of skills and assets. A balanced team is critical to mission success!

After rules, safety briefings and time for the players to outfit themselves with equipment appropriate to their character, the players enter the simulation accompanied by a gamemaster in the role of the marine platoon sergeant.

Players typically have 2-3 skills, associated with their character type. Some skill-tests are resolved automatically by the players themselves through the performance of specific tasks or use of equipment only they possess. Other skills are randomly by the game master.

During the simulation, players will be threatened by a swarm of mysterious alien horrors. Marines will be equipped with full-automatic weapons to defend themselves and their team mates. Other character types may have limited firearms or may have to resort to boffer weapons or their own reflexes and wits to keep them alive. Teamwork is paramount to survival and success in TerrorWerks.

When does this happen?
TerrorWerks will be run daily at MegaCon 2008 from Friday to Sunday. Check the MegaCon website and convention book for specific time slots and how to reserve your space in the simulation.

I can't wait! I want a piece of the action now!
Want to be prepared and ready to rock & roll? Then you need your field manual, marine! That's right; pick up your official USSMC FM 7-22, United States Space Marine Field Manual for Space Boarding Operations today at your local quartermaster, www.terrorwerks.com now!

Full of tactics every Space Marine should know and the back-story to TerrorWerks: Incident at Bernelli's World. Bone up on your history Marine, or you will be doomed to repeat it!

There will be an additional $15 cost for anyone wanting to participate in this game.

OooRah! Semper-Fi!

September 12, 2007:

Michael Golden
Batman, Captain America
Tone Rodriguez
Snake Plissken Chronicles, Treehouse of Horror
Arthur Suydam
Marvel Zombies
Mark Texeira
Ghost Rider

June 12, 2007:
Voltaire will be at MegaCon 2008
Voltaire musical performance, Friday, March 7th from 9pm - 10pm
Voltaire autograph opportunities, Friday, March 7th from 10pm - 11pm
Voltaire panel, Saturday, March 8th, from 4pm - 5pm

April 21, 2007:

February 23 , 2007:
Thank you to everyone who came and participated in MegaCon '07!

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