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Susan Threadgill As High Lady XavendraSusan Threadgill, BK Triad Point of Contact (POC)
since March, 2006

Susan is a native Texan who has been gaming since her college years. She joined the RPGA back before the concept of a “Living” campaign was developed. In real life, she serves as production and stage manager for several arts organizations in Austin, Texas, so while she is rarely seen onstage, “role playing” is all part of her job.

In the times when she is not devising new ways for Old Wicked to make life interesting in the BK, she enjoys reading, writing, computer games, sudoku and paintball.

Casey Brown in Chain MailCasey Brown, BK Triad - Meta
Meta since sometime in 2005 (it’s all a blur)

Casey is not a native Texan, having been born a Yankee (not his fault he was born in Cincinnati). However, after several detours (Chicago, London), Casey found himself in Houston in the late 80’s and has been a Texan ever since. And yes, he’s an Aggie.

During a stint as a manager of a bookstore, Casey was introduced to D&D; 3.0 by some customers. Having played D&D; since it came in box sets labeled “Basic”, “Expert”, etc., he was intrigued. After reading the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer during his lunch breaks, he found LGers in Bryan/College Station just in time for Protocon ’02, where he helped out as a gopher when not cramming in rounds.

Within a few months, Casey’s enthusiasm for the Fanlareshen Elves meta-org led to his being named their coordinator. He later served as an assistant to his BK Triad – Meta predecessor, Tom Brister, before being given the post after Tom retired from the position.

When not statting out Morganstaler’s children, designing mercenaries, or working on new editions of the BKMG, Casey enjoys watching Battlestar Galactica (the new version), sleeping, spending time with his girlfriend, writing, and reading . . . not necessarily in that order. Casey recently completed a Creative Writing degree at the University of Houston (because two Liberal Arts degrees are better than one!) and he is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories while looking for gainful employment in the publishing sector.

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