T. P. Uschanov's Icy Frigid Aire

Hello. Thanks for visiting my scanty niche on the World Wide Web.

I am a philosopher currently pursuing both formal and informal studies at the University of Helsinki. Before this I was at the University of Joensuu, a city in or on the outskirts of which I lived all my life before coming here. I am of Finnish and Russian descent, and although I'm not longing to move back there, I am very fond of my native North Karelia.

My main academic interest is in the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and various philosophers influenced by him; clicking his name will take you to a small set of pages I have devoted to him. My 1999 master's thesis dealt mainly with the reception history of Wittgenstein's writings from the 1920s to the 1990s, tying this to larger issues in the historiography of philosophy, as well as various metaphilosophical issues such as the recent rise of post-analytic philosophy. I have expanded some chapters of my thesis into English-language papers: "On Ladder Withdrawal Symptoms and One Way of Dealing with Them" discusses Wittgenstein's similarities to the literary genre of magic realism, while "The Strange Death of Ordinary Language Philosophy" deals with Ernest Gellner's criticisms of Wittgenstein and British philosophy of the 1950s.

For many years I've also been working on a big book on the place of rock music in the history of mentalities. When finished, it will hopefully consolidate viewpoints from aesthetics, philosophy and social history, and from diverse figures such as Simon Frith, Greil Marcus, and Arthur Marwick. A little bit of it is perhaps illuminated by an eight-year-old paper about the Beatles' "Not a Second Time".

I am the author of Wittgenstein in Finland: A Bibliography, 1928–2002 (2003) and the Finnish translator of Guy Debord's La société du spectacle (2005).

Fortunately my spare time often coincides with my work, but these are what I call my spare-time interests. Click them to go to the corresponding section on my link page:

  • Philosophy -- Wittgenstein, ordinary language philosophy, Debord and the Situationists, Spinoza, the "French Nietzsches" (Foucault, Deleuze, etc.)
  • Films -- see here for my 70 favourites
  • Literature -- anything antihumanist, e.g. Borges, Calvino, Céline, Flaubert, Perec/Oulipo, English essayists
  • Music -- '50s rock 'n' blues, '60s beat 'n' soul, '70s power pop 'n' new wave, etc.
  • Politics -- cynical meliorism
  • The Internet -- natch

Two of my more particular (perhaps even eccentric) interests are psychogeography, for the practice of which Helsinki is heaven, and capital punishment, the pointlessness of which I have long thought evident.

As Goethe put it, collectors are happy people, and I like to think that I've made some of them happier with my world-famous Record Collecting Resources page. If you in turn want to make me happy, or just benefit from my addiction, see my Record Want List or its equivalents for articles and books.

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