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Welcome! We (Bob Stout and Amber Richey) are Image Magicians. Our specialties are photographic restorations as well as the custom retouching and optimization of images to be published on client's web pages. Both of these are things that can be done economically with readily available digital image manipulation tools. However, for many people, it simply doesn't make economic sense to invest either the money to buy those tools or the time to learn to use them well.

This is especially true of web sites. Quickly browsing personal and small business sites on the web, you can see many examples of bloated or poor quality images. Examples of harsh or uneven lighting, poor composition and/or cropping, and color inaccuracy abound. To make matters worse, many images fail to take optimal advantage of standard compressed file formats which can slash the user's viewing and/or download time. Many times, full-sized images are used where clickable thumbnail images would better serve the user.

Our goal at Image Magicians is to provide an economical alternative. Offering attractive hourly rates and convenient electronic delivery and billing (scanning of originals - prints and 35 mm film or slides - is also available), we can handle most of your image processing needs, leaving you free to do what you do best. Our web image services also deliver an optimal quality image in the smallest possible file size, consistent with maintaining image quality. All web images are available in a variety of customer-specified sizes, ranging from fast-loading thumbnails to full-screen and beyond. Similarly, our "digital darkroom" photo processing can generate any size print (up to standard 8 x 10 in. - ask about other sizes) from any supplied image.

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What can we do?

Almost anything is possible, given enough time. However, complex time-consuming jobs do cost more. We much prefer to use the simplest, fastest approach possible. It makes life easy for us, and saves you money. This is where experience comes into play. The application of a number of semi-automated tools can produce 90+% of the results of laborious hand work at a fraction of the cost. We invite you to browse the samples below to get an idea of what can be done in what length of time.

What can't we do?

We can only work with what's in the image. If it's seriously out of focus, we can't really correct that. If critical pieces are missing, we can't replace them. We can only correct physical flaws by using hand artwork, typically copying a best guess from what remains on the image.

Also, be aware that we cannot make copies of copyrighted studio photographs - it's against the law! We examine all prints received for copyright notices or the names of studios such as Olan Mills or Glamor Shots. By placing an order with Image Magicians, you are certifying that you have the legal right to make or commission copies of the image you provide.


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