Royal Air Force Northolt 
Convair Feature
Several United States Air Force Convairs were based at Northolt during the 1950's, 60's and early 70's in support of the Headquarters of the 3rd Air Force, which was located at South Ruislip Air Station.  The aircraft were under command of units at other bases.

T29A 50-0190

VT29D 53-3542 in 1970

C131D 54-2819 in October 1965

C131A 52-5790 around 1964

C131A 52-5803 in June 1965

C131A 52-5805

C131D 54-2822, taken around 1970

US Navy  C131F 140999

US Navy C131F 141011

Also regular visitors were the Mildenhall based C131's 140997, 141009 and 141023, which were replaced by UC12's in the 1980's. 141023 is currently in storage at AMARC, Tucson, Arizona and is pictured there behind me in March 2000.


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