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Welcome to PlanetAllegiance

PlanetAllegiance is the ultimate resource for Allegiance, the highly regarded space sim / RPG from Microsoft. PlanetAllegiance offers everything you need to know about the game: strategies, files, info and more.

Allegiance Info

What is Allegiance?

Allegiance is the online-only space combat game from the MSN Gaming Zone that offers the action of ship-to-ship combat combined with the strategy and management needed in real-time strategy games. Set in the future following the destruction of Earth from a runaway asteroid, the remnants of humanity find themselves broken down into three wrestling factions set amongst the stars. >> more


Allegiance Files

Allegiance Patch

The Allegiance Patch allows free multiplayer gaming on the MSN Gaming Zone. If you have never played Allegiance before, you'll need to get a patch to get properly connected. You may have to auto-update twice if you've never played Allegiance before.

Allegiance Patch (39K)

DataNet Story Collection

DataNet Story Collection 1.0 -- The DataNet is the only unbiased news outlet available to survivors since Earth's destruction. Here are the first articles posted on the elusive DataNet boards.

DataNet Story Collection 2.0 -- From Five Faction Battle Royale, on the brutalities of faction warfare, to False Start, on the subtleties of Belter tricks.

DataNet Story Collection 3.0 -- From Rixians Pressed for Space, on the subtleties of alien propaganda, to Return to Power, on the machinations within the system's megacorporation.

DataNet Story Collection 4.0 -- Fourth in the ongoing series, this collection chronicles all system events up to DataNet posting 150! Strangely enough that in this time attention has shifted from the outer reaches to the innermost planet, Mercury -- all in the quest for He3. A quest which has seen the fall of iron prisons, the assembling of dire assassins, and the discovery of alien relics.

DataNet Story Collection 1.0 (568 KB)
DataNet Story Collection 2.0 (61 KB)
DataNet Story Collection 3.0 (244 KB)
DataNet Story Collection 4.0 (264 KB)


The ShadowSwitcher is for playing the latest release on our back-end server, called the Shadow Server. When you start ShadowSwitcher, it will create a second directory of Allegiance. This tool allows you to switch between the release on the production servers and the Shadow server. You only need to click on which version of Allegiance you wish to play.

ShadowSwitcher (55K)
Allegiance Stand Alone Server

The Allegiance Stand Alone Server allows you to host an Allegiance game universe on your computer and manage the connection of multiple Allegiance players into that game universe.

Allegiance Stand Alone Server 1.0 (2.3 MB)

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