Welcome to Florida Championship Wrestling!

Florida Championship Wrestling has been in existence for over four decades. Officially sanctioned and recently reorganized by the WWE (NYSE:WWE), Florida Championship Wrestling will be the proving grounds for future WWE Superstars. The talent wrestling today will soon join the ranks of previous developmental talents like John Cena and Dave Batista.
FCW is charged by Florida wrestling legend Steve Keirn. Wrestling, promoting and entertaining Floridians for nearly a half century, Steve Keirn and his family ties to the sunshine state run deep.
Florida Championship Wrestling is bringing back family entertainment outside the little black box. Our singular goal is to give the fans a product that leaves the entire family with smiles on their faces.


Beyond the strength of our management and corporate backing, FCW is at heart an organization that is local and charitable. Already, Florida Championship Wrestling has done Fundraisers with the Pasco Police athletic league (PAL) and the Youth of Pasco Football league (Soccer).  Our very first show was a huge success that raised $12,000 for the Angelus fund. This month, we are scheduled to work with the SPCA Humane Society. All references are forthcoming.
We are proud of our work with local causes and will continue to work with them.

Our Mission.....

Our goals at Florida Championship Wrestling are to train the next generation of professional wrestling superstars. Being recognized by the NYSE, WWE as one of only two developmental schools in the U.S. We take special pride to join hands with fund raising organizations and others to present our stars in live shows all over the south east. We also promote try outs at our Tampa location to show case young men and women interested in a career as a Professional Wrestler or Diva. Florida Championship Wrestling will have its own one hour television show. Also we will start a beginners program to teach basic skills and an advanced program to enhance experienced talent. We here at Florida Championship Wrestling look forward to our future, and encourage anyone who ever had the "Dream" take the first step and contact us.

As president of Florida Championship Wresting, I will do my best with the help of many others to bring Wrestling as a family entertainment back to its home grounds of Tampa Fla. To relive the 60's, 70's, and so on of a sport that has touched so many lives. Come and bring the whole family to witness the building of young superstars for their future. As a student of the late Eddie Graham who started the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch, we were taught to give back to the community. Please contact us if we can help you with a fund raiser.

Thank you sincerely, Steve Keirn

Contact Us for more info:

4535 South Dale Mabry, Tampa Fla. 33611

(813) 805-SLAM