About Virginia Performs

Virginia's Performance Leadership and Accountability System

The Commonwealth of Virginia has earned a strong reputation as a great place to live, get an education, work and raise a family. As with other states, Virginia faces the challenge of how to preserve an excellent quality of life amid changing opportunities and shifting economic & demographic landscapes.

Sustaining and improving our quality of life requires the collective effort of individuals, organizations and leaders in both the public and private sectors. Virginia's state government contributes to these efforts by creating policies that aim to transform Virginia, and by ensuring that the programs and services for which we are directly responsible meet their objectives and are efficiently managed.

Virginia Performs, a signature initiative of the Council on Virginia's Future, is a performance leadership and accountability system within state government. It begins with a vision for Virginia’s future:  Responsible economic growth, an enviable quality of life, good government, and a well-educated citizenry prepared to lead successful lives and to be engaged in shaping the future of the Commonwealth. Seven long-term goals further define this vision by outlining specific outcomes we wish to achieve:

The graphic model below illustrates how the system works.  Selected societal indicators for each goal area answer the question, "How is Virginia doing?" and are used to monitor Virginia’s progress -- recognizing, of course, that state government sometimes has only limited influence on certain societal outcomes. These indicators, shown in the Scorecard at a Glance and throughout this site, are measured over time, and, where possible, by region and in comparison to other states.

As with any performance system, priorities must be set to make improvements in the quality of life for Virginians, including how state government is managed. Making progress toward high-priority results is not the job of any single state agency; it is an enterprise-wide activity and sometimes includes entities outside of state government.

Beginning with the 2006-2008 biennium budget, state agencies established objectives and measures for programs and services as part of their strategic planning process. These strategic plans form the foundation for the Virginia Performs system. Agencies regularly report their performance results on this site and to the General Assembly. You can monitor state agency progress on measures that interest you by going to State Agency Measures.

We welcome your feedback about Virginia Performs and this site; please e-mail our webmaster with any questions or comments.

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